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Directory Listings Free offers free listings in our directory and search engine for businesses, not-for-profits, owner operators, and personal services providers. Listings include a description of up to 750 words, a screenshot of your website, Map to your location, Your phone number, Link to your site, and up to 6 photos or logos. You must supply the description in plain text and any graphics you would like to use. To receive your free listing please send us your complete information.

Web Page Free

The directory is a listing of local websites. If you don't have a website we can provide one for you free! A single web page profile of your business can contain an unlimited number of words and/or images. click here for an example business profile. Contact us to receive your business profile today.

Paid Advertising offers three types of paid advertising, Site Wide Banners, Content Sponsorships, and Featured Listings

Banner Ads Banner ads are displayed on the left hand side of every page of the site to maximize exposure. The verticle position of the ads are randomized each day. Banner ads link to the URL of your choice, such as your website or Business Profile.

Content Sponsorships Many content or feature areas of the site can be sponsored. Sponsorship ads are displayed across the top of every page in that feature. For example if you sponsor the "classfieds" feature, your ad will appear at the top of all classified ad pages. If you have an idea for a feature, we can build it for you, so that you may sponsor it.
Current content areas available to sponsorship:

Directory Categories are also available for sponsorship.

Example categories:

Featured Sites Sites in the directory are displayed in alphabetical order, companies that opt to be a Featured Site, will be displayed at the top of the list. For example you can see a featured site in the Accomodations Directory. The featured site is displayed before the regular alphabetically listings. Featured site status is available for $50/year.

NO SETUP OR ANNUAL FEES for Listings and Profiles!

Compare Listing & Profile Types
Directory Listings Web Page
Contact Information Yes Yes
Phone & Web Link Yes Yes
Included in SunshineCoast Search Engine
(searches ALL websites on the coast, that are in the directory)
Yes Yes
Inclusion in Search
(searches only)
Yes Yes
Description 750 Words unlimited
Photos or logos 6 unlimited
Map Free Free
On Demand Editing $25/incident $25/incident
Price Free Free

Banner Advertising
Site Wide Banner
Size 234x60
Location Right side of page site wide,
Vertical location randomized each day.
Links to Your web site.
Editing Free*
Equivalent CPM
(cost per thousand impressions) based on average of previous 12 months
* If you send us a new banner we will swap it for your current one. Does not cover banner creation or editing.

Featured Listing
Featured site status $50/year

To receive your Free listing please send us your contact information and web site URL

For all other services please call Dave at 604.886.9044

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