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Bulletin Board LocationsBulletin Board Locations


This page lists known community bulletin boards where you can post flyers. Many locations are for non-commercial flyers only, however the definition of non-commercial is variable. For example, a poster for an upcoming concert with ticket and CD sales seems to not qualify as commercial.

If you know of a bulletin board that is not on this list, please let us know.

  1. Gibsons Yacht Club
  2. Public Board
  3. Gibsons Library
  4. AC Electronics
  5. Gaia's Fair Trade Gifts
  6. Mike's Place Gelato
  7. Grandma's Beer and Wine Store
  8. Public Board
  9. Bus Stop Shelter
  10. Just a Cuppa
  11. Laundry Mat Inside
  12. Wild Bistro
  13. Take 5 Media
  14. Seaweeds
  15. Gibsons Copy Shop
  16. Laundry Mat
  17. Sunny Crest
  18. Budget Video
  19. Roberts Creek General Store
  20. Gumboot Cafe
  21. Jeans Organics
  22. Wilson Creek Gas Station
  23. Pepper Creek Pizza
  24. Straight Coffee
  25. Pharmacy
  26. Wilson Creek IGA
  27. Davis Bay Community Centre
  28. Pier 17
  29. Trial Bay Mall
  30. Laundry Mat
  31. Cap College
  32. Copy Centre
  33. Wind Song
  34. Mason Place Store
  35. Sechelt Public Library
  36. Roberts Creek Health Food Store
  37. Redroofs General Store
  38. Coopers Green
  39. Halfmoon Bay General Store
  40. Gibsons Recreation Centre
  41. Roberts Creek Pier
  42. Sports Traders Gibsons

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