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Chamberlin FarmChamberlin Farm

  Chamberlin Farm

Our Bison are raised at the Tate Ranch which is located in the beautiful Peace River Country of northern British Columbia. Our ranchland is a mixture of tame and native grassland, trees, swamps, cropland and even a couple of lakes!

Our bison are raised in a natural, humane and sustainable way. In the summer, the cows, calves and yearling freely feed and roam on over 1000 acres of native grass pastureland. With plenty of treed areas for shelter and an abundant supply of clean drinking water, the herd is very content indeed.

In the winter, the herd is brought into a winter pasture of hundreds of acres to be fed hay and silage. Once a year only, usually in January, the cows are "worked" to be treated for parasites. Their calves are also weaned at this time, to allow the cows to rest in anticipation of giving birth again in the spring.

Our calves are usually born in late April/May, after the cold, snowy winter has hopefully eased. The newborns are born in the pasture, unassisted. In just a few minutes they are on their feet and ready to move with their moms.

The "finishing" of the market animals is done at our feedlot. They are fed hay, silage and grain to ensure tender, flavourful, quality meat. Be assured that no growth hormones or antibiotics are given to any of our bison.

Our ranch is family operated by Burnem and Gertrud Grant. Son Shaun and daughter-in-law Kim cut/wrap the meat in their certified meat cutting facility. Daughter Lisa Houle and her family market the meat in Gibsonís, B. C.

We have operated Tate Creek Ranch since 1993 and we are truly excited to finally be able to market our own animals. We strive to provide Natural, Nutritious and Delicious meat. Thank you for purchasing our meat.

If you want further information about our bison or ranch, please call (250) 786-5566.

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