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Issued Canada Groups introduces free services for Sunshine Coast Groups.


  • Online Showcase
  • Online Calendar
  • Online Photo Gallery
  • Newsletter Manager

To sign up for " Groups" a group member must be designated as the "Group Moderator". The group moderator will be provided with a password that can be used to access administrative services for their "Group Site". It is up to each group to decide if the password will be shared with other members or not. Group passwords can be changed at any time by having the group moderator contact

Group services are provided free of charge with the following conditions.

  • All content (events, photos,newsletter, mailing list) will be public
  • Content must not be offensive or illegal
  • The group moderator must indemnify from liability regarding any and all content (eg. Copyright, defamation, etc)


Group Profile
The group profile page introduces and describes the group. It provides contact information and how to join the group.

Group Calendar
The group will by provided with their own dedicated online calendar. Adding events will require the group password.

Group Photo Gallery
The group will be provided with an online photo gallery. Uploading photo's will require the group password.

Member News
Members can post mailing list messages using the group password. Anyone can subscriber to the news list and will receive notification of any new messages via email.

Newsletter Manager
Newsletters can be authored online. The newsletter will be published to the groups site on and subscribers will receive a notification via email. Authoring newsletters requires the group password, the group moderator must approve newsletters before they are published.

Public Content
All calendar events, photo's, newsletter, and mailing list content will be publically available from the club profile page. does NOT provide private club services.

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