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 Westcoast Phoneman
Westcoast Phoneman
From Start to Finish let our Professional Staff at Westcoast Phoneman
* untangle you from your phone or computer wiring
* add-a-jack - install a phone or internet right where you need it.
* add-a-line to your home or office
* extend current phone or internet lines to out buildings
* wire your renovation, new home, or office for fast and secure phone and internet
* replace your aging jack covers to make your jacks as fresh as your renovation
* move or add phone lines - we deal with telus for you
* add a phone system- install or upgrade office phones
* re-programme phone system menu options, display names, and "mystery" buttons
* supply and service Panasonic, Nortel and Meridian phone systems
* *AMP NETCONNECT Systems (Tyco Electronics certified) fiber optic installer

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