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Party Ponies & Farm VenturesParty Ponies & Farm Ventures

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Party Ponies & Farm Ventures
Party Ponies & Farm Ventures
For a fun-filled educational activity, have the whole family go on a 1 1/4 hour farm adventure. Interact, feed and hold the animals in the petting farm, go on a pony trail ride, collect your own chicken egg, feed the birds from your animal goodie bag, say hello to the backscratching,
talking horse, dancing cockatoo and goats who walk on their hind legs. A great day for all!

For a Birthday to treasure, packages available on our farm, or have the mobile petting farm and pony attend your party or event.

By appointment, for further info go to our website or call 604 886-9600

Party Ponies & Farm Ventures
713 Sullivan Rd
Roberts Creek BC
V0N 2W6
604 886-9600

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