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Tet park
Sunday, January 24, 2016

Please promise to post trail, road, snow, and weather conditions after your trips pics would be nice helps other want to go up. I have plowed that road for some 20 odd years and only been to cabins once in summer for a work party. Nice to hear and see info from trips. Also the Tet club pays for my fuel to plow the road so do not feel offended when I turn down your generous tips etc. You can always donate more when you pay cabin fees etc. No govt money pays for plowing the road it is all the Tet club and me. Reward me by sharing info and pics etc. If you feel your awesome trip was worth more the. $10 a night the help the Tet club all money is used to keep the cabins going and upgrades etc. Firewood airlifts costs thousands of dollars only use fire would when needed. Wood are not for cooking on. Don't overload them and have to have door open to cool
Down. Have fun stay safe. Pay cabin fees and more if you can and wish.

Posted by: Snowman

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