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A mix of sun and cloud
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Snowmobile club having a family club ride
Saturday, January 14, 2017

If you know anyone that owns a snowmobile encourage them to join our local club. Sunshine Coast Sledders. Help keep our local trails going

The club is having a family ride and hotdogs up behind halfmoon bay. Jan 21st 11am. Check out Sunshine Coast Sledders on Facebook. Warm up cabin and great friends. Get to know other sledders. If we join together we have more clout to keeps areas open to sled. Get on the phone list incase sleds are needed to help search or rescue people trapped in the bush. All sleds on the coast should join to help trails going and help each other. Club has connections with great mechanic and parts etc. Together we are strong. Don't sled alone join a good gang.

Posted by: Plow guy

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