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Help needed to work on trails etc
Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The TOC is now actively working on revitalizing the old and overgrown Batchelor-Mayne-Edwards Lake Loop Hiking Trail and the brushing will need several work parties to get it done. Is anyone available this weekend, next, or the one after that? What about mid-week in the next three weeks? If you are available, please respond to this email so we can coordinate some work parties. The temps are cooler and the work is not hard, just soft brush. This is an excellent and easy route and the plan would be to get the job done early and get back to Sechelt in good time for a beer and nachos at The Lighthouse or home in plenty of time to enjoy the end of the afternoon and a leisurely dinner.

It would also help our organizing if those of you who are interested could call or email George (at 604-886-3136 and, or Natasha at this email address or 604-740-1822, and we will then contact you to see if you wish to join any specific work party. And by the way, the blue and mountain huckleberries are fantastic right now.

Posted by: Cavin

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