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No info from SCRD as for end of octNo info from SCRD as for end of oct
Thursday, November 01, 2007

Guess it will be end of November before we know anything new.

Posted by: Sue

No Snow on Dakota ridgeNo Snow on Dakota ridge
Current Conditions Sunday, November 04, 2007

Although a bunch of people went up with skis and tobogons thinking there would be snow. It was a great day for a hike up on the ridge. Hoping snow will start coming and staying soon.
Temps are higher then normal so who knows.

Posted by: Snowman

Just heard Cap Hwys might be plowing roadJust heard Cap Hwys might be plowing road
Alert / Warning Monday, November 05, 2007

Apparently Cap Hwys is going to be plowing the road to Dakota but only to lot B, still leaves long hike up to top. Saw ad in Paper looking for someone to provide transport to top. Guess we should all get dog sleds.

Posted by: Sue

Still to warm for snow up topStill to warm for snow up top
Alert / Warning Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Even Whistler is to warm up top. Seems to be warm air moved in and temps are above normal. Maybe there won't be snow for opening days.

Posted by: Snowman

Freezing level falling sat and sun to 1000 metersFreezing level falling sat and sun to 1000 meters
Alert / Warning Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The freezing level will drop on weekend and slight chance some snow at higher levels. Quanset area of Dakota ridge is at 1000 meters. Wait and see. Do the snow dance. Hopefully our ski hills get enough snow to open on time.

Posted by: Snowman

Local mountains are all getting rainLocal mountains are all getting rain
Alert / Warning Thursday, November 08, 2007

Temps are still to warm for snow up top. Whistler is still just at 0

Posted by: Snowman

Banf Mountain film Fest Nov  16thBanf Mountain film Fest Nov 16th
Alert / Warning Thursday, November 08, 2007

Tet outdoor club is got the Banf film fest at Elphinstone school on Nov 16th at 7pm tickets $12. Get them quick as they sell out fast. Tickets at various locations. Tailwind Books, Alpha adventures, Roberts Creek store, Spin cycles. Funds raised help with airlifts of wood and repairs etc. Have fun.

Posted by: Sue

Ride Share CalendarRide Share Calendar
Alert / Warning Thursday, November 08, 2007

I have added a Ride Share Calendar to

You can use it to announce rides anywhere on the coast including Dakota Ridge.

Please help me beta test it and let me know what I should add to better accommodate announcements for rides up the mountain.

I am already planning to add the ability to post ride requests as well

Posted by: Dave

Ride Share CalendarRide Share Calendar
Alert / Warning Friday, November 09, 2007

Great idea! What about a category for off-Coast for those looking for a ride to Cypress/Seymour/Garibaldi/Whistler?

Posted by: Natasha

Ride Share for mountainsRide Share for mountains
Alert / Warning Friday, November 09, 2007

Roger dodger. I'll work on the new destinations and adding 'ride requests'.


Posted by: Dave

Alpine temps droppingAlpine temps dropping
Alert / Warning Saturday, November 10, 2007

Whistler daytime at 8000 ft is now -7'c Grouse daytime down to 0'c. Alpine temps will be bounceing up and down but mat be some snow falls at alpine levels. There is a very unstable front moving through which may cause some snow at elavations. Condition may change fast.
Check out Whistler site for web cams and live temps.

Posted by: Snowman

Dakota RidgeDakota Ridge
Current Conditions Sunday, November 11, 2007

Was snowing this morning about 2 inches fell but pretty wet. Was trying to snow heavy but then changed to rain and wind.
It looked so great this morning all white. Bunch of us worked on cleaning up trails and fixing water problems caused by 4x4s driving on trails.
Temp is around 0'c

Posted by: Snowman

Dakota RidgeDakota Ridge
Current Conditions Monday, November 12, 2007

4 inches snow at Quanset area. Road looks like war zone lots of trees came down blocking road. Temp just around 0'c so sometimes snow and some rain. Hoping temps drop soon and snow sticks good.

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Posted by: Snowman

80 cms snow on top of Whistler 8000 ft80 cms snow on top of Whistler 8000 ft
Current Conditions Monday, November 12, 2007

Wish it was Dakota Ridge.

Posted by: Snowman

Dakota RidgeDakota Ridge
Current Conditions Tuesday, November 13, 2007

around 6 inches snow up top -4'c at 8am froze hard. Unfortunatly some quads went and ruted up the trails and water causing problems. Please do not drive quads or 4x4s on soft trails. It does alot of damage, people could have skied on trails if not for quad tracks making mud.
Thanks to logging trucks all trees are cleared from road. May be some debre on edges of road around 5km up.
Take care have fun.

Posted by: Snowman

SCRD Meeting Thursday 1:30pm about TetSCRD Meeting Thursday 1:30pm about Tet
Alert / Warning Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Please if you can spread the word that there is a meeting and the more people that show up the better. Need to show RD that there is a large group of users of the Tet. We need the RD to get going with what they promissed.

Posted by: Sue

Temps are going up so Snow meltingTemps are going up so Snow melting
Current Conditions Thursday, November 15, 2007

Freezing level has gone up again. Temp around 5'c up top

Posted by: Snowman

Chance of Snow for mountainsChance of Snow for mountains
Alert / Warning Thursday, November 15, 2007

Good chance some snow friday night sat,sun and monday. Freezing levels to be 1000mts and less and some moisture too. Can expect warming and cooling trends for next few weeks then winter should settle in for the mountains.

Posted by: Snowman

We could be at risk of lossing Tet roadWe could be at risk of lossing Tet road
Alert / Warning Friday, November 16, 2007

Things are still not worked out to secure the road to Mt Richardson and Tet parks.
Dave at Suncoast Central is working on a ride Share page. This should help people who do not have 4x4s connect with people having space. And if you need some company too.
Also check out archives of reports from last year you can compare snow levels and temps etc.
RD still not updated info for Dakota as to operations for this season.

Posted by: Snowman

Dakota trying to snowDakota trying to snow
Current Conditions Saturday, November 17, 2007

Big thanks to the guy from CNI that was loading that old couch into his Van. He was taking it to the dunp. Guess the scrd trucks could not be botherd to stop.

Posted by: bruce

Dakota Ridge November 18Dakota Ridge November 18
Current Conditions Sunday, November 18, 2007

8 degrees at 12 noon, no new snow

Posted by: Dave

Dakota RidgeDakota Ridge
Current Conditions Sunday, November 18, 2007

Was just around 0'c all day and has been down to -5'c at night there was a trace of new snow but only light dusting. Was -2'c at 4pm. Some 4x4s had chewed up some trails in last few days. Snow is frozen with a crust.
There is a picnic table in the freezer.
About 1 foot of snow up top at 4000 ft level. Lots of water and puddles etc.
Have fun and do the snow dance. Sounds like cold and dry for next 4-5 days.

Posted by: Snowman

The snow is flyingThe snow is flying
Current Conditions Monday, November 19, 2007

too bad it happened on Monday am for us working types!!! Question to ask again though...are there fully loaded trucks still hauling down the FSR? And if so, who could I contact for how much longer?
Looking forward to reaching the snow, just want to do it in a manner safe to the kids.

Posted by: chris Allen

Yes SNOW is flyingYes SNOW is flying
Current Conditions Monday, November 19, 2007

Just got down from Tet road snow started to stick just past the bridge and was about 3 inches and snow heavy when I left. Was just around -1'c at11am.
Logging trucks are not hauling today there is to much snow on road for them. Trucks are all parked over by porpoise Bay boat ramp. They stay at the hotel there.
They maybe plowing the road for logging trucks to haul tomorow.
Temps are to start dropping tonight and get dry.

Take care have fun.

Posted by: Snowman

Dakota Ridge RoadDakota Ridge Road
Current Conditions Monday, November 19, 2007

Most of the logging trucks are shut down today but should be hauling tuesday. About 5-7 days more hauling for this season. Think there might be 1 hauling today.

Posted by: Snowman

Dakota RidgeDakota Ridge
Current Conditions Tuesday, November 20, 2007

4 inches new snow last 24 hours -6'c overnight. Almost 1 foot snow at Quanset hut.

Posted by: snowman

Road to Dakota ridgeRoad to Dakota ridge
Current Conditions Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Well it was great up there this morning. Road was compact snow bit slippery but good shape to where those metal buildings are. There was 2 inches at Parking lot b and 4 new fresh powder on top of around 6 inches hard pack snow from last week.
Guess we will be getting snow tires. Slippery on all seasons. Hope they keep the road open to the top area this year sure saved a huge walk.

Posted by: Sue

Ride Share up and runningRide Share up and running
Alert / Warning Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It is in the yellow section just above Classifides. So i am a poor speeler.
If you are going up a mountain and want to share a ride try it out. Even Vancouver mtns or Whistler. Maybe you want someone to ski with in mid week.

Posted by: Snowman

Feb 17th should be the date for a snow festFeb 17th should be the date for a snow fest
Alert / Warning Wednesday, November 21, 2007

They are trying to plan a snow fest carnival up on Dakota Ridge for Feb 17th. Just working on details and and Planning. This will be a family snow fest get the word out more details soon but it should be a fun day in a great place.

Posted by: Snowman

Good Chance of Snow for Dakota and Tet on SatGood Chance of Snow for Dakota and Tet on Sat
Alert / Warning Thursday, November 22, 2007

Saturday and Sunday look good for some larger snowfalls. Start doing the snow dance it all helps. better get those winter tires and snow chains if you are going up the mountains.

Posted by: Snowman

Road to dakotaRoad to dakota
Current Conditions Friday, November 23, 2007

Gee some of the road around 5km looks like a war zone with trees down from wind damage. Talk about narrow road just enough room to get through. Will anybody clean up all the limbs and logs on road. The road is far wider up to Quanset hut. Almost looks like someone plowed it. The road is packed hard snow. What a bonus to drive to the top and not have to walk all that way up. Are they going to keep the road open to the top.
I heard there is some ride share on here does it work any body tried it. Such a great idea to cut down on imprint on the wilderness. What about get the bus to run up there twice a day on weekends.

Posted by: Sue

Logging trucks should be finished soonLogging trucks should be finished soon
Alert / Warning Friday, November 23, 2007

They thought they would be finished be hauling in a week or so if snow does not slow them down.
They are hoping for 1 week from now to be finished but only a guess.
Will post info when we know for sure.
Also a inversion layer happening warmer up top then down below. +2 at 8000 ft and -2 at 2000ft.

Posted by: Snowman

Great article in Coast reporter today about DakotaGreat article in Coast reporter today about Dakota
Alert / Warning Friday, November 23, 2007

Sunshine Coast Life mag in middle with flyers. Article written by Neville Judd is worth a good read.
Do not throw it out with the flyers you will miss a good read.
Still no update from SCRD on website. They have been busy putting up new sign posts and doors on buildings. Many of the trail signs are now buried in snow or missing.
Do the snow dance it might work in next few days.

Posted by: Cavin

Dakota -2Dakota -2'c and great skiing
Current Conditions Saturday, November 24, 2007

Road is compact snow and ice from 7km up. Carry chains and winter tires. 4x4s still only have 4 brakes just like a car. Logging trucks still hauling from 5am till 5 or 6pm. Several vehicles have been in ditch maybe from playing on road.
Somebody has been stealing the couches on the side of the road. Where are the Bears going to hybernate on. No couch they will have to sleep on the ground. Think the loggers have been trying to clean up the mess. They don't like bears sleeping on the road.
Please do not litter unless it is $20 or $100 bills.
No new snow but some should be happening soon. Do the snow dance!!!!

Posted by: Snowman

First visit to DakotaFirst visit to Dakota
Current Conditions Saturday, November 24, 2007

Muddy, rough and icy! Beautiful drive. Need more snow. So do like Snowman guy says and dance!

Posted by: snowman devil

Dakota  7am -4Dakota 7am -4'c no new snow
Current Conditions Sunday, November 25, 2007

Logging trucks hauling today. Road icey above 7km. Compact snow and ice. Snow expected later today. Have fun do the snow dance.

Posted by: Snowman

B&K and Elphie TrailB&K and Elphie Trail
Current Conditions Sunday, November 25, 2007

B&K Road clear to 8kms. Road/trail to lookouts in good shape: reditched to quarry and alders beaten back for majority of route. Many many thanks to the party who has worked on bridging the cross-ditches for skiing! And to the West Ridge Trail people! Hope to meet you this season.

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Posted by: Natasha

Dakota RidgeDakota Ridge
Current Conditions Monday, November 26, 2007

Was trying to snow lightly -5'c very frozen and slipery.
Road over to B&K had some trees down but clear other then a small one you have to drive over. The B&K road has been brushed out from the hairpin corner all way to hwy. They have done a great job. With they could do the TET road. and 5-7km on dakota road. The crossover road is well over grown and narrow now. Lots of BIG potholes.
New woodstove being installed in Quanset hut. Kind`of like putting a woodstove in a freezer.
Take care
Logging trucks have a few days left then will be gone.

Posted by: Snowman

Good traction all the wayGood traction all the way
Current Conditions Monday, November 26, 2007

Drove up to the quanset hut after lunch Nov 26th - good traction all the way in 2-3' of new white fluffy stuff. RD still working at the top and others driving the road help pack it down. Beautiful skiing in fresh snow - only 2 sets of tracks ahead of us, maybe this mornings. Stay off the brakes on the way down - logging trucks still active and assertive.

Posted by: Sue Duxbury

Dakota RidgeDakota Ridge
Current Conditions Tuesday, November 27, 2007

4 am was 8 inches new snow at lot B. 4x4 with winter tires and chains a must very icey under snow. Not sure if logging trucks will be hauling today. Assume they are.
Road not plowed at all and unsure if and when it might happen. SCRD was to have hired a contractor for plowing. Maybe RD will have a update 1 day.

Posted by: Snowman

Dakota RidgeDakota Ridge
Current Conditions Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Grader from Western Forrest pro has plowed from 5km -7km he may plow more down to pavement but hard to tell. Logging trucks were not hauling but may start anytime. 8 inches powder from lot B to top. No plowing at lot B and no Grooming yet.

Posted by: Snowman

Dakota RidgeDakota Ridge
Alert / Warning Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Logging trucks are hauling today so use caution if going up to Dakota Ridge today. Please make sure you drive with your headlights on. This gives vehicles coming the other way better chance of seeing you sooner. Use headlight not just the day time lights. Slow down so you have better chance of stopping. Please DO NOT stop in the middle of the road to put chains on. Another vehicle can be coming down the hill and will not be able to stop. Always pull well off the road to take break or what ever. Road is narrow it needs some extra respect to use it.
Last year a young lady almost got killed because of stopping in middle of the road. Always assume there is another vehicle coming around the next corner driving fast.
Have fun stay safe. For those people doing the snow dance down here maybe we should all go to Parking lot B and dance there. They can not handle snow down here. Snow on mountain not on crazy drivers.

Posted by: Snowman

B&K RoadB&K Road
Current Conditions Wednesday, November 28, 2007

4-8inches of snow on B&K Rd above Branch 2 (4.5kms) yesterday. Vehicles were still able to get all the way around back to Wilson Creek but probably not the other way because of the big corner hill around 9kms. Tire tracks probably iced up overnight and most vehicles will need chains above 6.5kms. For those looking for somewhere to ski (backcountry setup with skins) without worrying about logging trucks - B&K Rd was great yesterday.

Posted by: Natasha

dakota backcountrydakota backcountry
Current Conditions Wednesday, November 28, 2007

went for a sled ride with joel gerry and kelly. we had a great day sunny cold 3ft base 1ft fresh the season has started :)

Sunshine Coast Snow Seekers.

Posted by: snowtracker scss pres.

DonDon't Forget about Ride Share
Current Conditions Wednesday, November 28, 2007

It is on the main page of Suncoast central. It can help people up the hill that do not have 4x4s or maybe you just want some company to go up and ski or snow shoe. Don't forget the Chains and snow shovel maybe even some sand bags. The road and parking area can be iced up bad. Maybe even convoy up for safety. Please use your headlights all the time on logging roads. Makes it faster to spot you coming the other way. Road is NOT SANDED use at own risk.
Logging trucks still trying to haul. Grader might be working up to 7km expect anything to be coming around the corner. Watch for tree limbs as they are loaded heavy with snow and can break at anytime.

Have fun and only do the snow dance above lot B. Got to stop doing snow dance down here, only snow on top.

If you have been up the Tet road please let us know how it is.

Some people just can not take a joke or handle snow. Wife said if I go skiing 1 more time she will leave. To Bad she was a good cook, There is always Abby's.( Golden City)Guess I will have to learn to cook.

Posted by: Snowman

Dakota RidgeDakota Ridge
Current Conditions Thursday, November 29, 2007

Winter wonderland up there. I wonder how those cars with all season tires got up there. Braver then I, Lows around -6'c and 0'c during day. Dry powder snow around 10 inches up top in last few days.This is on top of frozen layer of about 8-10 inches. Those old guys were up there again making tracks for the younger skiers. Who needs groomer with Tracksetter just send those guys up to set tracks. Quanset hut is locked. Guess the hill is still not open. Anyone heard any updates from RD. Hopefully they can start grooming soon. Lots of ruts from 4x4s on some trails, deep in mud.
Logging trucks still hauling snow has slowed them down so hard to tell when they will be finished.
Road is plowed to 8km thanks to WFP. Please make sure your headlights are on while driving on logging roads. It might save a life. Yours!

Posted by: snowman

Colder temps coming for mountain areasColder temps coming for mountain areas
Alert / Warning Friday, November 30, 2007

You might want to pack some warmer clothes as the Artic air is moving down. Whistler Village was -8'c and -15'c up top. Overnight temps at Tet and Dakota could be around -10'c or lower. This mostly affects overnight stays like the Tet Cabins. Since temps have been up and down Lakes may not be safe for crozzing. To early in season for me to cross deep water. Don't forget deep water lakes take longer to freeze as there is lots of warm water down below. Just because you see tracks going across do not assume it is safe. You are on your own up there be extra carefull.

Posted by: Snowman

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