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Beautiful day on the ridgeBeautiful day on the ridge
Current Conditions Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My wife and I skied today and had an awesome afternoon. Lots of snow and blue skies. Trails are groomed by the plow guy with his sled, great job. Road is clear about half way up then compact snow up to lot B. 4x4 and good winter tires a must. Play safe.

Posted by: Bill Roeleveld

Snow mobile club  how do we get in touch with themSnow mobile club how do we get in touch with them
Current Conditions Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Just wanted to call them and thank them for packing down some tracks for us. My wife and I feel safer knowing there are some skidoos out there when we are up playing just in case something happens. Don't back up to quik we might be behind you on our skies. Up on dakota that is.

Posted by: Jason

Looking for source of cheap or less Sand for Dakota roadLooking for source of cheap or less Sand for Dakota road
Alert / Warning Wednesday, February 28, 2007

If anyone can give some sand for use on dakota road when icey please contact me at 604-628-7729.

Posted by: Plow Guy

Looking for contact info for local snowmobile club?Looking for contact info for local snowmobile club?
Alert / Warning Thursday, March 01, 2007

Those interested in finding out about our new club can contact Bruce Lanskail (V.P.) @ or Scott Patton (Pres.) @ We would be happy to help out up the mountain for safty or otherwise...

Posted by: Bruce Lanskail AKA Daily Roast, V.P.snowseekers

Tetrahedron  RoadTetrahedron Road
Current Conditions Thursday, March 01, 2007

Road was plowed a little but due to Plow getting stuck and could barely make it up all chained up the lot is not plowed.
Chains are needed on wheels please spread your tracks out and then it would not be so icey and rutted. NO 2 WHEEL DRIVES. Winter tires only All seasons are not for up there.
If the road is rutted that bad and that iced again, Plow will turn around at Bridge. Help keep the road open by using Chains and spread your tracks.
I volunteer my truck to plow and can not afford the damage to it.
Please post conditions of road and snow here.
Temp -10'c daytime and -15'c at night at parking lot.

Posted by: p

dakota backcountrydakota backcountry
Current Conditions Thursday, March 01, 2007

had a great day in the bottomless powder went back to Mcnair valley veiw point. On the way out ran into Rick his son and Marcel heading out for a night ride, nice to see them using the new trail we put in that goes around the ski trails, also saw the plowguy grooming the trails with his snowmobile
and the scrd towable groomer the guy puts in alot of volunteer time up there. I saw no sign of avalanches will probably show up with the warmer temps coming this weekend. The snowseekers use channel 2 on radio if you get lost or need help. Will report on Mt Curcil this weekend. Let it snow.

Posted by: Snow tracker Pres. SCSS

Dakota RidgeDakota Ridge
Current Conditions Thursday, March 01, 2007

Road plowed but very icey. Not sanded 4x4 and winter tires are required above lot A.
Was -6'c during day and -15'c at night.
Some trails have been groomed but no tracks set. Snow shoers should use caution and not cross the large ditches. These large ditches can break through with little presure.
Thanks to some of the snow seekers club packing down trails was able to groom. May get more done friday.
Watch for logging trucks upto 3.5 kms. As road is very icey slow down and use headlights to make you seen farther away.
It should be a great weekend to have a snow day.

Posted by: Plow Guy

vp sunshinecoast snowseekersvp sunshinecoast snowseekers
Current Conditions Thursday, March 01, 2007

Carin Range,Via Trout Lake Rd. We unloaded at 5km and had a great day. Again sounds like a broken record. but,
awesome.... Seems the

Posted by: Bruce Lanskail AKA Daily Roast

Keep the great reports coming in on our local mountainsKeep the great reports coming in on our local mountains
Alert / Warning Friday, March 02, 2007

Tips for winter driving on our back country roads.
Use WINTER tires not all seasons. Carry chains and use them.
Always Drive with headlightd on full( Not just automatic daytime lights.
Carry a shovel, tow rope, Blanket, extra water and munchies.
Always keep speed down and expect another vehicle coming around the next corner.
Stay off the brakes as much as possible and keep to the right. DO NOT STOP in the middle of road for ANY reason. Always find a pullout or pull right as far as possible. There have been people hurt because people are not pulling over safely when stopping to clear wipers or chain up.
Cell phones may not always work where you are going, or cell batteries may drain faster as you travel farther from cell sites.
Spread your track do not travel in the same ruts as the last 101 people have driven in. Carry extra warm clothes and socks, gloves, etc. Carry flashlights even if you think you will be back by dark.
Let people know where and when you are going and coming back.
If you have any tips to add please do so.
Do not let your kids slide or tobogan on hills on logging roads. Other cars may cme up or down fast. Plus sledding on hills will make road extremely slippery to the point where even with chains others won't be able to drive up or down safely. Not to mention your child could get run over.
Have safe winter back road fun.

Posted by: Plow Guy

Dakota back contryDakota back contry
Alert / Warning Friday, March 02, 2007

Went out last night saw Scott and his partner. Rick, his son Steve and myself had a great ride. Great night riding. Marcel

Posted by: Marcel Falardeau

Safety #2Safety #2
Alert / Warning Friday, March 02, 2007

To add to Plow Guys great list -- carry sand or cat litter. I also carry a little bow saw, great for cutting blow down, especially if it happens on your way down :)

Posted by: JAGM

Dakota RidgeDakota Ridge
Alert / Warning Saturday, March 03, 2007

Will try to get up and plow this morning and send a report in. Love the tip about sand. If you put sand in a cut in half old innertube and tie the ends it akes god ballast for weight. Then if you spin you can open it and spread sand for traction Tube keeps sand from making mess of your car and keeps sand dry if it was to start.

Posted by: Plow Guy

Dakota Ridge  7amDakota Ridge 7am
Current Conditions Saturday, March 03, 2007

Road is plowed but slushy and icey from 6km up. Logging trucks are hauling use headlights and slow down. Speed limit is 30 kmph due to narrow road and lots of traffic. 6 inches new snow overnight at lot B road plowed. temp around 0'c and melting. Expect over A foot new snow up top and a little colder maybe -2 or so. Some Trails have been groomed. Use chains as they will save a tow bill of 200 dollars and the life they save will be yours. Road is NOT SANDED USE AT OWN RISK. Be prepared for winter off road driving. Still lots of snow over 14 feet. Have a safe snow day.

Posted by: plow guy

Caren RangeCaren Range
Current Conditions Saturday, March 03, 2007

March 02/07
I was at the Caren from about 03:00pm until 06:30pm and made to the power line 3 times. I would not go further because it was snowing hard and could not see to well.The weekend track were just about all gone and mine are not going to be there by now. To bad I am working this weekend. Good riding. Marcel

Posted by: Marcel Falardeau

Dakota RidgeDakota Ridge
Current Conditions Saturday, March 03, 2007

Good day on mountain. light rain and warmer weather. The road is starting to thaw out almost all the way to Lot B. Snow is startig to pack as the fresh snow was fairly wet. The ditches at the sides of trails are starting to get more water in them and start melting form bottom up. This makes them very dangerous. Stay on trails tkae the high ground and do not take a chance nd cross any low ground that may gather water.
The snow is great for making snow balls and snow men. Dress for rain as you may get wet but it is so much fun.

Road will be mushy and slippery use caution, be carefull where you park. Sand and a shovel are a good idea.

Plow may be up at 6am to scrape parking lots.

Will try to send update by 8am sunday

Posted by: Plow Guy

Dakota Ridge and TetDakota Ridge and Tet
Alert / Warning Saturday, March 03, 2007

____ Freezing Level rising to 1500-1800 meters next few days then on wed morning in will fall sharply to 750 meters and mountain top temps will fall fast. Winds are expected to rise and blowing snow will change trails.

_If you are going out in back country areas prone to avalnches check before you go. I felt the snow was fairly unstable and might be in high risk of slides.

_Watch and read the snow if your gut gives you a feling listen to it. Any water crossings may be getting risky as weather patterns change fast. If in doubt take another path.
Play it safe. Just because you are following someone elses tracks does not make it safe.

Posted by: snow tracker

Plow Line phone # is 885-7047Plow Line phone # is 885-7047
Alert / Warning Sunday, March 04, 2007

Have set up a answer machine to give road info on Road to Dakota. I will call in from Dakota before 8 am to update on days I plow. This is only for the next month or so.
call 885-7047 Please do not leave any messages. Post any info you have about snow or roa here. Just click add a report.
__ The road is plowed by a Volunteer. And is not Sanded as I can not afford the sand. Please use the road wisely and Have fun in the snow.__
If you wish to help with Fuel costs Contact support and contact the Dakota Ridge Winter rec society.
If you see a rock or tree limb on road help out and move it. ____ Thanks

Posted by: Plow Guy

Dakota RidgeDakota Ridge
Current Conditions Sunday, March 04, 2007

Great day on ridge not alot of people up about 12 cars total. Was -2'c this morning then around 9am it started to warm up and snow in trees was melting. Trails softened up and where packed down.
__ Unfortunately some one is dtermined to drive there Quads up and ruin the Grooming that was down. There were 2 Quads seen driveing up to the gate before turning around. 1 blue and 1 Green. Please do not drive tired vehicles on trail above Lot B. The ruts were 6 inches deep before they were fixed.
__ Road has thawed out and is driveable in most cars. Muddy and wet, use headlights as trucks are hauling. 30km speed limit

Posted by: Plow Guy

March 4th 2007March 4th 2007
Current Conditions Sunday, March 04, 2007

We arrived at the B parking lot around 10am with no problem as Caven had already been out ploughing. The snow was wet and heavy but skiable as Caven had already been up grooming the road and the trails. Doesn't this guy ever sleep? N0 - he gave us flagging to mark the trails he couldn't find so he could then go back and groom them. One of the pretty trail signs has no red dot on the 'you are here' spot. Two of us skied about 7km to the West of the quanset with no problems. Others in our party snowshoed to the East. It was overcast and started to drizzle during our descent at 3pm. THANK YOU CAVEN - I DON'T KNOW WHAT WE'D DO WITHOUT YOU.

Posted by: Sue Duxbury and Steve Sleep and clan

Dakota RidgeDakota Ridge
Alert / Warning Monday, March 05, 2007

Freezing Level has risen and is currentlyraining but stil lots of snow for a base. Wed freezing level is to come down to 3300ft.
__ Snow Cat should be going up tuesday or wed to hopefully fill in the trails and LEVEL them and groom. Some trails are leaning and have moguls.
__ Please pooper scoop after your dogs as lots of poop showing up as the snow starts to settle.
__ Logging trucks are hauling all week along with Gravel trucks and heavy equiment may be on roadway. Slow down use headlights and expect troube arond the corner. 30kmph speed limit is n the road Please slow down. Road has been graded to 5kms thanks to CNI. Remember this is a multi use road share the road.
*** Still lots of good snow days left Snow should be around till early May.
Road is almost clear of snow all way to Lot B may be muddy with soft spots.
** Have a great snow day

Posted by: PlowGuy

Dakota RidgeDakota Ridge
Current Conditions Thursday, March 08, 2007

Road is bare all way to parking lot. Lots of snow and Gromed trails. Groomer is up there now working on the trails. It should be a great weekend.
Logging trucks are hauling 6am-6pm seven days a week.

Posted by: snow tracker

Snowing on Grouse and CypressSnowing on Grouse and Cypress
Alert / Warning Thursday, March 08, 2007

That is around the same height at the Quanset hut area on Dakota. Temps have dropped and freezing levels are down to 3000 ft. Still lots of winter fun up on our local mountains.

Posted by: Snowman

Snow Mobile Club meeting Tonight at 7pm at Daily roastSnow Mobile Club meeting Tonight at 7pm at Daily roast
Alert / Warning Thursday, March 08, 2007

Come and join the fun and meet more people to sled with. Share trip stories and places to sled. Help keep snow mobiling accesible in our local areas. Together we can work on trails for better access and marking. Share tips and fun.
Meet sled Ed( Bruce)

Posted by: Mike J

Dakota RidgeDakota Ridge
Current Conditions Saturday, March 10, 2007

+1'c at Quanset hut 9am light rain and wind. Trails are groomed and snow is sinking slowy. Still lots of good snow and trails to ski.
__ Road is clear and little muddy and soft but driveabe. Watch for soft spots and rocks growing in middle of road.
Have a great snow day.

Posted by: Plow Guy

Tetrahedron  RoadTetrahedron Road
Current Conditions Saturday, March 10, 2007

Road was lighty plowed but due to melt and road soft was not able to do much. Please try to spread your tracks out as water will follow RUTS spreading out your tracks will protect the road from erossion. If you see a water problem try to get it off the road. Always good to carry a shovel.
Temp should be around +2'c at parking lot.
___ Please add a report if you have more current info.

Posted by: Plow Guy

Dakota RidgeDakota Ridge
Current Conditions Saturday, March 10, 2007

Saturday March 10 - 3:00 pm. With the higher freezing level rain has been falling- even above the Quanset hut.

Road is clear but muddy all the way to Lot B. Please do not attempt to drive farther up than lot B (another vehicle stuck again today). Still lots of snow up top.

Posted by: Alpha Adventures- Outdoor Adventure Store

Dakota Ridge  +4Dakota Ridge +4'c and raining still lots of snow
Current Conditions Sunday, March 11, 2007

Road is bare and muddy sections to Parking lot B. Trails were groomed and not bad day skiing except for liquid sunshine. Some trails are getting narrow as snow melts and ditches open. Watche for soft spots around cross ditches. Off trail is still very soft and wet. Take extra socks and gloves and good rain gear. Low cload and misty so no veiws today. Have fun.

Posted by: Plow Guy

Tetrahedron  RoadTetrahedron Road
Alert / Warning Sunday, March 11, 2007

As warming trend and Heavy rain has hit the mountains snow is melting. Please carry a steel shoval and if you see water running down the road try to stop it. All it takes is a small water bar to direct water to ditch. If cross ditches ar blocked by snow or silt Please try to help get water moving off the road.
___Please use 4 wheel drive as it will help stop making ruts. As road is soft please spread your tracks and limit wheel spin. Do not follow the same tracks 100 others have made ruts in. Water will wash out the road.
__ Please help by pitching in. If you see a major ploblem with the road email me at Thanks

Posted by: Plow Guy

Tetrahedron  RoadTetrahedron Road
Alert / Warning Sunday, March 11, 2007

If you were up the Tet this weekend Please let us know how the road and snow, trails etc where. Please share your info here.

Posted by: Plow Guy

Great cross country skiing off Mine road Halfmoon bayGreat cross country skiing off Mine road Halfmoon bay
Alert / Warning Monday, March 12, 2007

You can drive right upto great snow. Level No steep hills to walk up before skiing. Go up 5.5 km from lower trout lake road. turn right onto Mine road drive till you hit snow and ski. Gate is now left open as no work is going on. Please don't litter and respect any equipment you might see. There is lots of trails and Virgin snow to ski on. Elavations upto 2800 ft. Some veiws of sechelt inlet Watch for cross ditches etc.
__ Best area for easy access and small rolling hills. Way better then Dakota.

Posted by: Snowman

Freezing coming down again maybe some fresh snow soonFreezing coming down again maybe some fresh snow soon
Alert / Warning Monday, March 12, 2007

If you see any fresh snow please tell us. Let us all know how the roads and snow are in our mountains.

Posted by: Snowman

Colder Temps are here for mountainsColder Temps are here for mountains
Alert / Warning Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Freezing Levels have dropped for next few days so get out and play in the snow. Possibility of fresh snow up top later in week. Winter is not over Yet don't put those skis away yet. Roads are good and snow is deep.

Posted by: Snowman

Dakota  8amDakota 8am
Current Conditions Tuesday, March 13, 2007

-6'c and snowing powder snow just a trace. Trails frozen hard.Daytime temps +5'c why go to the gym go cross country skiing instead. Best cardio workout plus a view too. Road is in good shape watch for rocks growing in road. Logging trucks hauling to 5km. $ave a snow day.

Posted by: snowman

Tuesday at Dakota RidgeTuesday at Dakota Ridge
Current Conditions Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Took my class snowshoeing at Dakota Ridge. A good dump of snow for most of our time up there. trails have been rejuvenated with a fresh dump of snow. Another great day on the Ridge

Posted by: chris

Dakota RidgeDakota Ridge
Alert / Warning Wednesday, March 14, 2007

So how much is a Fresh dump of snow. Anyone know.

Posted by: Snowman

Please tell us how deep the snow is and wherePlease tell us how deep the snow is and where
Alert / Warning Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Let us know how many inches of fresh snow and where. Is there snow on the road. Does it start halfway up the trail or just on top. Was it sunny or wet.
The snow plow is waiting to here if the road needs to be plowed or not.

Posted by: Snowman

Possible 5 inches New snowin last 48 hoursPossible 5 inches New snowin last 48 hours
Alert / Warning Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Reports are scarce but maybe as mch as 5 inches fresh snow at 3000ft and above. If you have current info please post it. Will be very cold over night up top so snow maybe frozen and loosen up threw the day.
have fun and be safe,

Posted by: Snowman

Dakota RidgeDakota Ridge
Alert / Warning Friday, March 16, 2007

No further grooming is planned by SCRD. We still have great snow and is very unfortunate that there is no Drive to have Grooming on the ridge. Guess we will have to go to Cypress instead. I heard there was fresh snow at dakota. Guess dakota is reverting back to a snow shoe area and skiiers are not important.
__ Spring Break and we will be taking our kids to Cypress and then go to Walmart, if we are down there anyways.

Posted by: Gary

That sucks no grooming on Dakota for spring breakThat sucks no grooming on Dakota for spring break
Alert / Warning Friday, March 16, 2007

What is that big sign about with all that money that was raised for skiing about . When do we get to ski more then twice year. Guess it will just be a hiking area and turn that big machine they bought for Grooming into a flower planter. I bought cross country skis to ski not snow shoe. Great the road is driveable but no Groomer. Maybe we should just go 4x4ing on the so called trails instead. Or maybe we all buy skidoos and pack down trails our selves.

Posted by: Mary

Get Involved SCRD!Get Involved SCRD!
Alert / Warning Friday, March 16, 2007

I just heard that grooming is out for the season up at Dakota.

Posted by: Scott Copeland

Get Involved SCRD!Get Involved SCRD!
Alert / Warning Friday, March 16, 2007

My messages keep getting cut off!! So I'll cut my message to the point. We have a valuable resource (Dakota Ridge) not being used to it's full economical capabilities, and a regional government making false promises. So write a letter or call and speak out to get this World Class Ski Area together for 2010!!

Posted by: Scott Copeland

Dakota Ridge Fresh snow 4-6inches at parking lotDakota Ridge Fresh snow 4-6inches at parking lot
Current Conditions Friday, March 16, 2007

Nice crunchy snow that packs well for snow ball fights. And sking. To bad great snow and no Groomer. Maybe someone can drag a pallet with some 2x4s nailed to it to make tracks. for us skinny skiers.
Road was driveable to parking lot with snow tires.

Posted by: Mary

Dakota ridgeDakota ridge
Current Conditions Saturday, March 17, 2007

looks like someone set some tracks for a 3 legged skier. Or maybe it is a april fools joke. Nice up there looks like no one has been up for couple of days. Fresh snow and little rain. was trying to drive quads up but there is a sign there saying no quads.

Posted by: James

Current Conditions Saturday, March 17, 2007

March 17th - 3pm.
Raining at Parking Lot B.
Raining at the 'gate' halfway up the ridge.
Raining at the quanset hut.
Didn't bother going any further.

Posted by: Sue Duxbury

Current Conditions Sunday, March 18, 2007

great condition in tetraheron. After some sunshine, the clouds rolled in and we take advantage of that to carve it all up!!
Road is in great shape. slush and dirt all the way to the parking lot. Thanks cavin for a great job!

Posted by: michel frenette

Dakota Ridge ViewDakota Ridge View
Current Conditions Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Clouds are just beginning to break over Mount Elphinstone, revealing a fresh dusting of snow over a majority of the mountain(branch 3 clearcut upwards). heading up Dakota today. Will report snow conditions.

Posted by: chris

Freezing level has dropped to 2300 ft  snow maybe up topFreezing level has dropped to 2300 ft snow maybe up top
Alert / Warning Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Fresh snow for mountains may be on the way if our temp down here stays cool. And it rains down here will be snowing above 2000 ft.

Posted by: Plow Guy

Our Mountains Still have LOTS of SNOWOur Mountains Still have LOTS of SNOW
Alert / Warning Thursday, March 22, 2007

Has been snowing all night on Grouse and Cypress so fresh snow on dakota and Tet is highly Probable. Freezing levels havae rsen slighty.
__ Go and try our spring snow while it lasts. Please let us all know how it was. Post a report here. Be a snow scout for us all.
__ Don't just thnk about DO IT go cross country skiing or snow shoeing.

Posted by: Snowman

DakotaRidge  reports from  my scouts says awesome skiingDakotaRidge reports from my scouts says awesome skiing
Current Conditions Thursday, March 22, 2007

Yesterday was fantastic with a nice frozen layer with fresh snow on top. The Skiers said you can ski anywhere off trail and it is great, they went way up top and around and down the cut It had snowed couple of inches in few hours they had been there.
__ Lots more great skiing and more fresh snow since yesterday. Have fun and let us know how it was.

Posted by: Snowman

More then 1 fot fresh snow in last 48 hrs on Cypress and GrouseMore then 1 fot fresh snow in last 48 hrs on Cypress and Grouse
Alert / Warning Friday, March 23, 2007

We can expect close to the same on Dakota and Tet Please let us know what you find for snow and road conditions. Please let us know snow depths fresh and base. If it was raining, snowing or sunny. If it was god or fantastic skiing etc.
_ still lots of great snow for skiing and snow shoeing. Awesome snow mobiling, don't forget to share the trails.

Posted by: Snowman

Dakota Ridge 5pm  FridayDakota Ridge 5pm Friday
Current Conditions Friday, March 23, 2007

Was some fresh snow about 500 ft before Lot B. still lots of snow road is bare and soft. Was great skiing upto the Gate and had to pole almost all way down in fresh snow. Dress for wet weather as it changes fast, but can be sunny up there and wet down here. If you have not beenup because afraid to drive in snow. You can drive all way to parking lot B and ski or snow she up. Snow level is just about the parking lot B. Still more then 4 feet of snow at Gate level.
__ Come up and enjoy as it is great skiing and fantastic conditions.
Around +3'c high and down to -4'c at night. at lot B.

Posted by: Plow Guy

Dakota  8amDakota 8am
Current Conditions Saturday, March 24, 2007

light drizzle great skiing still lots of snow and was some fresh snow in last few days. You can ski anywhere as snow supports weight well. Temp around 3'c road clear but muddy from lot A to lot B

Posted by: snowranger

Dakota RidgeDakota Ridge
Alert / Warning Saturday, March 24, 2007

Weather should be good on ridge till sunday afternoon. So go up and play.

Posted by: Plow Guy

Dakota RidgeDakota Ridge
Current Conditions Saturday, March 24, 2007

Was awesome up there today snow was great and stopped raining around noon. Lots of snow road was oay to parking lot. Some jerk in a susuki tried driveing up the trail and got stuck. Guess there is not enough places for 4x4s and there crazy owners to go get stuck.

Posted by: Mark

Dakota Ridge  2pm  was great dayDakota Ridge 2pm was great day
Current Conditions Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunny and warm snow was icey this morning but got softer through the day. Another Crazy 4x4 tried driveing up the first part of the trail guess there are just not enough areas for them to play in.
__Was around 10-12 people up skiing and snow shoeing and about 8 or so Snow mobiling. Was light snow flurries on way down the hill. have some fun go and have a snow day soon, before it all goes.

Posted by: Snowman

Mt. CrucilMt. Crucil
Current Conditions Sunday, March 25, 2007

The road going up towards Mt. Crucil is in good shape. The cross ditches are holding out well and there are no washouts. The cross ditches are deep, but easy to navigate.

Posted by: JAGM

Dakota and TetDakota and Tet
Current Conditions Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Should be around -3 to -6'c overnight and around +6'c during day.It should be great spring like conditions. Although snow will be icey till sun gets on it. Don't miss out on th great conditions. Freezing level is down around 2600 ft.
__ Make it a snow day and let us know how it was.

Posted by: Snowman

Dakota RidgeDakota Ridge
Alert / Warning Thursday, March 29, 2007

Overnight temps have been below freezing and it should be a great day on the hills. Lots of snow for a base. Highs will be around +5'c on the hill. Have a great day and let us all know how conditions are.

Posted by: Snowman

If you have been up in our Mountains let us know how it wasIf you have been up in our Mountains let us know how it was
Alert / Warning Friday, March 30, 2007

It is easy to make a report and let others know how things are. After you come down just add a report. Tel us how the snow was, raining sunny temp etc, how was the road was there many others. It helps others plan there next trip.
PLEASE let us all know how it was and is.

Posted by: Snowman

Local mountainsLocal mountains
Alert / Warning Friday, March 30, 2007

Mountain Forecast


Posted by: Snowman

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Other sites for the Sunshine Coast Alpine areas:
Alpha Adventures
The Tetrahedron Outdoor Club
SCRD Dakota Ridge Page

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