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Monday Dec 31Monday Dec 31
Current Conditions Monday, December 31, 2007

Awesome conditions. Road and trails all plowed and groomed. Thanks SCRD and others who make it happen. Happy trails for 2008!

Posted by: Joan Fox

B&K RoadB&K Road
Current Conditions Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The road has been plowed and is fairly drivable with mid-clearance and 2 cable chains to km6.5. It looks good beyond that too, but don't get sucked in...beyond that, the deep tire ruts that formed before the plowing have been filled in by both the plow and recent dry snow, and that all LOOKS good and flat and like a nice wide compacted drivable track but it's not (at least not for my 4Runner with no locking differential and only 2 cable chains - yes you're right Cavin, they give you a false sense of security). Those old ruts are full of dry, rotten snow that hasn't consolidated and if your wheels fall into them, it's a helluva lot of work to get out and back on to solid ground: 3 hours worth of digging, cutting branches for traction, swearing, pushing, swearing, enlisting the help of kind snowmobilers, and enlisting the help of other kind backcountry drivers with useful things like a rope, locking differential, and proper chains on all 4 BIG tires. Thank you, thank you to all who assisted (but no thanks to that first snowmobiler who passed us - all with shovels in hand - saying 'That's not a good place to park - you're not leaving much room for people to get around!' Ya think?).

Elphie trail is in really great condition and all ditches are skiable. More thanks to those who have built and/or improved them.

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Posted by: Natasha

Tet road  plowed litle betterTet road plowed litle better
Current Conditions Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Still lots of snow you are driving on and if you break through you are stuck good. -5'c this morning. I think there is still 1-2 feet snow on road. Please spread you tracks out it makes the road better and we won't have ruts. Some Volks Golf car parked on road almost went in ditch trying to get around it. 2 wheel drive cars should not be up there. I sure would not want to be the 1 driving that thing down hills.
6 vehicles in lot mostly large group people been at cabins for few days. First vehicle up the hill was around 10am, those 2 old guys going skiing again. F&E they should be in Dakota breaking trail for skidoos.

Take care have fun.

Posted by: Snow Eater

Temps going up might be another melting cycleTemps going up might be another melting cycle
Alert / Warning Tuesday, January 01, 2008

10'c in sechelt tonight that mean around + 4 up top just hope we do not get rain with warming trend.
Great day up top. Lots of people did not see anyone in ditch. Lots of people using chains. Better safe then sorry.

Take care.

Posted by: Snowman

Tet Road  as temps go up road may get unstableTet Road as temps go up road may get unstable
Alert / Warning Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Most of the road to Tet above gravel pit has got 1 -2 feet of compact snow. As temps rise your wheels may sink and not able to support weight of vehicle.
Take care have fun.

Posted by: Snow Eater

Dakota ski areaDakota ski area
Current Conditions Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Went up to try to cross country ski but no grooming done. Hard to see where trails are and ditches are hard to find. Just about fell into a deep one. Guess I won't go up there again. Maybe they should have a schedule for grooming days so we don't waste our time and gas to go up there. It seems to be hit and miss for grooming. We will spend the bucks and go to Cypress. Atleast there it is groomed all the time and we can hit Walmart and Save on too.
So much for trying to stay on the coast. Until they have a schedule what is the point on going up there. The shuttle thing only ran a few days and only 2 more days in Jan. What is the point on spending money on a ski area and it does not operate during xmas break.
Get the thing running or shut it down.

Posted by: Rick D

Raining at lot B DakotaRaining at lot B Dakota
Current Conditions Thursday, January 03, 2008

use chains rain on snow making ice

Posted by: Snowman

icy roads/snowing up topicy roads/snowing up top
Current Conditions Thursday, January 03, 2008

Just came down from Dakota at 2:00. Roads are very icy,esp. around k6-k8.5. Heavy slush remainder to lot B with light rain.Rain turns to Snow .5k up trail and is snowing moderately at the trail head with -2 outside and a cozy fire in the hut. Grooming crew was out today in full force. Recommend chains or studded snowies with 4x4.

Posted by: john and Tracy

Tet Road very bad shapeTet Road very bad shape
Current Conditions Thursday, January 03, 2008

With warmer weather it has gone to slush, slop and ice. Very hard going to get up in Mog with chains. Raining very hard at lot but looks like snow line was just about 500 higher up, Take care.

Posted by: Snow Eater

Wanted info on Tet etcWanted info on Tet etc
Current Conditions Friday, January 04, 2008

I know there were alot of people up at cabins over new years. Could someone that was up there share info like snow conditions etc. Lots of people ask what is going on up there.
And do not forget you can post pictures to your report too.

Posted by: Snowman

Warming weatherWarming weather
Alert / Warning Friday, January 04, 2008

+11'c at Sechelt and Cypress is reporting +2'c If SE wind continues warming trend maybe here for few days. Use extra caution in bush many ditches that were safe to cross last week may break through now. Stop and check carry a ski pole to probe snow to see if it it safe.
Carry change of socks etc as may be alot wetter then before.

Stay safe have fun.

Posted by: Snowman

Lot B dakota  0Lot B dakota 0'c
Current Conditions Saturday, January 05, 2008

Snow mixed with rain lots of wind. Snow that wa packed hard now soft and slushy. May be trees down across road at any time. Bring a saw and rope etc if coming up. you do not want to have trees trap you up here. take care very windy.

Posted by: Snow eater

Current Conditions Saturday, January 05, 2008

Snowing at Quanset -2'c very windy

Posted by: Snow man

The RoadThe Road
Current Conditions Saturday, January 05, 2008

Cavin,what is the condition of the road up to lot B,is it still a chain up show on all 4? Thanks.

Posted by: PatN

Dakota RoadDakota Road
Current Conditions Saturday, January 05, 2008

Still has icey sections along with slush that may freeze overnight. I would atleast have chains on drive wheeels or front on 4x4. Rain and compact snow turned to ice and ruts can cause sudden lose of control unexpectedly. Try hitting the brakes and check to see if you have good traction. 5 min to put chains on can prevent hours stuck in a ditch or worse. You have to use your own judgement on road conditons and when to chain up. Take care be safe.
many people do go up with out chains but they do not have full control.
Stay safe use good judgement.

Posted by: Snowman

Road reportRoad report
Current Conditions Saturday, January 05, 2008

There were 2 windfalls blocking the road at 10am but I cleared them. Light ice starts at parking lot A. The road is clear to that point. I went up and came down with no chains and had no problem. Lot B is soft ice and slushy.

No problem for your abominable snow van Pat N.

Dave A

Posted by: Dave A

Freezing level has come downto around 500mtsFreezing level has come downto around 500mts
Current Conditions Sunday, January 06, 2008

It should be snowing halfway up the mountains. The slush on roads should be freezing now. So roads maybe rough with ruts and frozen ice. Daytime temps go up a little but expect snow above 2500 ft from parking lots up. Lots of rain called for at sea level meaning lots of new white stuff up top.
Have a safe day in the snow.
Best to use Chains then be in ditch. Smart people use Chains instead of a tow truck.

Posted by: Snowman

Tet road SnowingTet road Snowing
Current Conditions Sunday, January 06, 2008

Snow starts about 1 km up the road. Suggest use chains. Heavy wet snow. 7am

Posted by: snowman

The Tet  OffensiveThe Tet Offensive
Current Conditions Sunday, January 06, 2008

A return to Tetrahedron Outdoor Club Sunday outings. Pre- meeting today at Sechelt's Daily Roast, left at 9:00AM. Snowing right down at sea level at Tuwanek, heavy recent accumulation made the road ascent quite challenging. About 20 inches of fresh powder kept all but the hardiest from getting too much beyond the branch 400 intersection. Only 4X4s with chains got anywhere today.
Several vehicles parked up along the road, most made some attempt to get out of the way, however, one was left right where they couln't get any higher. Makes it real hard for any plowing effort or for anyone more capable to get by. Hey! Share the planet! You're not alone!! Dig yourself a parking spot and get out of the way.
There were several parties(mostly snow shoers)descending from overnighting(again, mostly at Batchelor) so there was a fine uptrack for the intrepid skiers who showed today. One day party went on a tour to Edwards, breaking trail from the Batchelor intersection, while some others were easily distracted by the powder at Victor's Derriere (just around the ridge at the beginning of the old Edwards Lake cut block road). There, a delicious couple of feet of sublime dryish powder couldn't be resisted. The weather opened up a bit too, and the sun shone brightly, re-charging our solar cells! It was so deep that only the steeper stuff was turnable. Too bad! Sheer indulgence! You could hardly do any wrong, although I gave it my best go with a spectacular back flip wipe out and was buried alive! Tough job digging out, others not much help as they were killing themslves...bastards!
The ski out was fast in the track, so occaisional big air could be had if one was so inclined. You could steer off piste into the deep to get some braking.
The drive down was almost as challenging as the trip up. Although Cavin was plowing, and having a bit of a field day with the sheer volume, there were still nasty tracks and changeable snow textures that would take you for a pin ball ride even though taking it real easy- 1st gear, low range.
It's imperitive to try staying near the centre of the road because you're driving on a compact layer about 2 feet thick. Once you put a wheel off of that edge, you're getting really, really stuck. The reason that we have to drive on such a surface is because of the frequent water bars. These don't allow the use of the blower attachment on the big Mog because it can't be lifted high enough to clear though the bars. Were the water bars not there, then the road could be blown right down to road surface and the road would become accessible to many more users.
We simply must overcome this unacceptable road situation. Please gripe, whine and wheedle to your SCRD area rep! Only squeaky wheels get greased!
All in all, a tough access, however, one of those incredibly fabulous days, for the few, if you're a serious powder addict!

Posted by: Phlyin'philbert

Dakota Ridge RoadDakota Ridge Road
Current Conditions Monday, January 07, 2008

Thank god I listened to the Snow Guy I bought some chains but did not think I would need them. Untill I tried the brakes on a flat piece of road on the flats. I just about went in the ditch. I then put the new Alpine chains on took about 10 minutes to figure them out and get them on. But what a differance. Now my SUV will go anywhere. Now I know how they go on it will only take 5 minutes to chain up. 30 seconds to take them off. Now I will get another set for the back.
Road is hard compact ice all the way from 4 kms. looks like 6 inches fresh snow and around -4'c on car thermometer. at lot B.
Some trees across the road about 8feet up. So if you have a high vehicle watch out. Some crazy kids were snow boarding down the road. Glad my kids are not stupid.

Posted by: Gary

Alert / Warning Monday, January 07, 2008

Yep,that tree is around 8 feet up, my 4x4 van is around 9 feet high,was going to try to cut it outa the way but forgot that I took the Swede Saw outa the van this summer to use at the house,turned around & went up B&K,sure glad I hadnt chained up yet.Thanks for the plowing on B&K,Cavin!

Posted by: PatN

Dakota Ridge and AreaDakota Ridge and Area
Alert / Warning Monday, January 07, 2008

Pat would love to talk to you about road conditions, you can email me at Like to know how skiing has been etc.
Think someone else has been over plowing B&K road last time I was able to make it trough it was real bad conditions.
I still advise people to use chains as Dakota road is so icey and 10 minutes to chain up gives you so much more control and Safety. Ask the many people I have pulled out of ditch. They have changed there minds and will use chains. Real chains not cable chains.
Have a safe snow day.

Posted by: Cavin

Trees over dakota road  are goneTrees over dakota road are gone
Current Conditions Tuesday, January 08, 2008

snowing heavy 2 feet new in last 48 $

Posted by: Cavin

Dakota Road 8amDakota Road 8am
Current Conditions Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Trees over road blocking access to high vehicles have been removed thanks to Members of the local Snow mobile club. They did this at 6am before there real jobs to make it safe for everyone to access the Ridge.
The Plow Guy has been working hard since 2 am plowing the road. He is doing a great job but most people never see him he works in the dark mostly.
Tried to ski but the fresh snow was just sticking to bottom of skis. Like dragging a snow man under your feet.
Watch for the big pothole around 7.5 km it is growing and might swallow a car for desert. Maybe someone from The RD will fill it in.
Was -3'c and snowing seems like almost 2 feet new snow in last 48 hours 8 inches in last 24 hrs.
Use caution around ditches they will be soft and unstable for crossing. Have fun and stay safe.

Posted by: Snow Eater

Found this post about Tet tripFound this post about Tet trip
Current Conditions Tuesday, January 08, 2008

3 days spend there before NewYears.

We pushed onward on the way up the logging road..alot of snow and I needed all four sets of chains..My little car made it almost to the parking lot. Than I got took us over an hour to get loose again..and at that point I was feeling scared to head back down to the parking lot decided to leave my car off the road on the side...(Plow truck wasn't happy about that I later learned)

Posted by: Snow man

Please post any info you might have on the TETPlease post any info you might have on the TET
Current Conditions Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I know lots of people go up to the Tet but not many ever post any reports. You can help by posting info on road, snow, trail and cabin conditions.
The best way to help out is to keep info flowing. If there are no reports from Tet I will assume nobody goes up there and not even try to plow the road.
If you want to help join the Tet out door club, the more people in the club the more power there is to keep access.
We have to work on getting the road back to what it was 2 years ago, Meaning no big cross Ditches so we can plow properly.
If you see a tree down partly blocking the Road and do not have a saw to fix let us know so it will be done.
Get involved help take care of the road. Please shovel snow off the outhouse if you see it building up. Only plastic roof.
Real chains no Cable chains for best traction.

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Posted by: Snowman

Dakota 11 amDakota 11 am
Current Conditions Wednesday, January 09, 2008

tons new snow.-5'c Grooming crew just started. Great day. Use chains compact ice under snow on road. Spread your tracks out do not follow everyones tracks just makes ice. Use headlights to be seen faster Slow down 30 km is fast enough on ice and narrow road.

Posted by: Cavin

Dakota RidgeDakota Ridge
Current Conditions Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The road to Dakota Ridge is in really great shape. The winding steep bit between km6 and km7 looks like it could get hairy if it got icier or if it got a big dump after the plow had been through, but today it was good. I wouldn't want to negotiate it without chains, up or down, especially if I met an oncoming vehicle. This section of the road is still very narrow and there's not alot of room to manoeuvre.

The snow is dry and slippery and in perfect condition for good glides. Trails were being groomed today and it was easy to cover lots of ground. Off-piste, mid-fat touring skis floated OK, but the unconsolidated new snow is pretty deep and a bit heavy. But if you're 2nd or 3rd in line behind the trailbreaker - heaven!

Nice fire in the hut for drying out during lunch.

The road between the parking area and the Quonset hut is wide and nicely groomed and was a really fun 10 minute ski down. OK, it's like the bunny hill, but you can make some turns!! And next year (if all goes according to plan) we won't have that 3km groomed trail 'cause it'll be plowed for driving. We gain this, we lose that...

This is a great winter backcountry recreation area.
Get up there while it's still free.

Posted by: Natasha

For people who donFor people who don't use Chains
Current Conditions Wednesday, January 09, 2008

There is a listing in work wanted classifieds on this website that has my phone # and email when you need a pull out. I can always use $350 more. Don't buy chains just give me the money to pull you out. Looking at buying a Porche.

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Posted by: Snow Eater

Snowing heavyly on Cypress all nightSnowing heavyly on Cypress all night
Current Conditions Thursday, January 10, 2008

25 cms new snow on cypress and with rain we had down here all night I expect atleast that much new snow up on Dakota and Tet. Seems we often get more then Cypress.
If you have any current info on road, snow or trail conditions please post them on this website.
Saves me a drive up to check myself.
WARNING do not park on road like guy in this picture. If you park like this you can impeed bigger vehicles like snow plow. You may get hit by someone with out chains loosing control.
Snow plows are 9 feet wide. I have seen many people park like this on road to Tet and Dakota. Take a shovel and dig a parking spot in a pullout. But not a pullout on a steep hill. Pullouts on hills are for passing only. Narrow road please respect others that have larger vehicles and snow plows.
Snow plow to Tet will turn around and not plow past any vehicle parked on road.

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Posted by: Snowman

Shuttle Service to DakotaShuttle Service to Dakota
Current Conditions Thursday, January 10, 2008

Due to unforseseen circumstances, all shuttle services from Parking Lot B to the Warming Hut on Dakota Ridge will be cancelled for Saturday, January 12, 2008. We are sorry for any convenience this might have caused you.

Posted by: SCRD

Tetrahedron  RoadTetrahedron Road
Alert / Warning Thursday, January 10, 2008

No more plowing will be done to the Tet thanks to the large cross ditches. Can not get plow or snow blower through the cross ditches. Take care.

Posted by: Snow Eater

45 cms new snow on Cypress45 cms new snow on Cypress
Alert / Warning Friday, January 11, 2008

So Our mountains may have the same or more. If someone can do a snow report for the Tet and Dakota if you go up today.
Please add your own reports for our local mountains also somebody must have been upto the Carren range too.

Drive Safe Use Chains

Posted by: Snowman

Mt Seymour has had 95 cms snow last 48 hrsMt Seymour has had 95 cms snow last 48 hrs
Alert / Warning Friday, January 11, 2008

Should be large amount of snow on our local mountains. Please post your first hand reports if you go up today or anytime.

Play safe use chains.

Posted by: Snowman

Tet RoadTet Road
Current Conditions Friday, January 11, 2008

The Tet road is currently impassible without a chainsaw. The heavy snow load has caused many trees to fall across the road. Will try to get the road cleared tomorrow.

Posted by: Ranger Ryan

Shuttle Service Not Running this SaturdayShuttle Service Not Running this Saturday
Alert / Warning Friday, January 11, 2008

Shuttle Service to Dakota
Alert / Warning Thursday, January 10, 2008

Due to unforseseen circumstances, all shuttle services from Parking Lot B to the Warming Hut on Dakota Ridge will be cancelled for Saturday, January 12, 2008. We are sorry for any convenience this might have caused you.

Posted by: SCRD

Posted by: Snowman

lots of new snowlots of new snow
Current Conditions Friday, January 11, 2008

Headed up the Ridge early Jan 11th - before the groomer. Found about 2.5 feet of new snow so heavy going. SCRD caught up to us mid-morning and we were able to ski the Eastern trail loop freshly groomed. Snow is wet and heavy. Persons weighing over 125lbs broke through the groomed crust.
Cloud cover cleared briefly allowing nice views of Georgia Strait. No wind. Parking lot B full - 12 vehicles.
Road good without chains going up - some slushy sections. If it freezes tonight it will be very icy tomorrow.
No more parking above the outhouse at Lot B -
SCRD keeping that area clear for emergency vehicles and their own. Cougar sighted at 5kms by John Fromager.

Posted by: Sue Duxbury

Dakota RidgeDakota Ridge
Current Conditions Friday, January 11, 2008

We were on the mountain Jan 11. The road was slushy but not too slippery - we used 4x4 w/ snow tires (chains handy) and it was OK both ways. If it freezes the road will be very ugly.

The snow was good at the hut elevation but it was definitely above freezing ... will get heavy if this keeps up. They've been busy grooming many of the trails.

Posted by: Sechelter

road report for Dakota ridgeroad report for Dakota ridge
Current Conditions Friday, January 11, 2008

Road plowed up to lot B. great job! some slush from km6 to parking lot. Able to make the drive AWD without chains, but have two sets in the back, if needed.
Saw a BIG CAT at 6km area,first time for us to see such a beast in the wild. It took up half the road!!!!! A second party,5 minutes behind us, saw it too. would not want to get stuck and have to walk down with that thing hangin' around!!!
It would be good if everyone respected the parking arrangement posted by the sign at lot B as there is likely to be a lot of use in coming days. I,E, park on an angle to allow maximum use of the space cleared by the snoweater rather than parrallel park.
It was nice to have the trails groomed for the weekend. The trails are not set though and I don't know why.
As Sue said, the roads will get ugly with a freeze, please use your chains!!
We snowshoed up, and snowboarded down!!!
What a paradise we live in. Life is good!!!
John and Tracy

Posted by: john fromager

Snow Eater not plowing any moreSnow Eater not plowing any more
Current Conditions Friday, January 11, 2008

Brendon from Jayden Excavating is plowing now, he oftenis up there working at 2 am. Make sure you say hi and that he is doing a great Job. If you ever see him, he trys to have the road and lots plowed before you get up there. It is a big job to plow that road and this year has had lot to plow.
Please use your headlights and slow down when passing or aproaching other vehicles road is Narrow and shoulders can be soft.

Posted by: Snow Eater

Tet Road now openTet Road now open
Current Conditions Saturday, January 12, 2008

Thanks to Ranger Ryan trees are gone. Broke trail with Snow eater to parking lot not plowed. warm and raining. Fresh snow 5ooft higher then parking lot.
No plowing can be done

Posted by: Snow Eater

Warming trend for next few daysWarming trend for next few days
Alert / Warning Saturday, January 12, 2008

You can expect rain and mixed snow flurries in alpine. But mostly wet. Take the rain gear and change of socks. Still good skiing.
Have had no reports of conditons on dakota today. Unsure if any grooming was done or any planned for Sunday.
Would be nice if they could post a grooming schedule so people can plan what skis to bring.
Plan on there being no grooming and if there is it is a bonus.
Road must have gone to mush today with rain but higher up snow still intact and packing down well.
If you have any current info please post it here.

Posted by: Snowman

Dakota RidgeDakota Ridge
Current Conditions Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hardly anyone out on the Ridge today. Though the forecast was for fairly high winds and lots of precipitation we saw almost none of that. It was windy at the parking lot around 9:30 but by about 10:15 and a km up toward the hut it was just fog and a slight drizzle, changing to light snow/hail. By the time we reached the hut it was calm and dry, though very foggy, remaining so for the next 3 hours. Even if the winds - from the southeast - had continued I think we would have been able to find shelter on the western trails. And of course one can always find shelter in the hut...

Groomed/packed trails are easy to ski.

The road is in pretty good shape but the slush above km6 might turn to ice overnight. We'll resort to chains tomorrow.

Posted by: Natasha

Parking limited at Dakota RidgeParking limited at Dakota Ridge
Current Conditions Sunday, January 13, 2008

Check out and try ride share. Meet at SCRD office park some vehicles there and car pool up hill. Why go up alone the more pushers the better. More weight better traction and parking lot is getting smaller. Take a shovel for everyone in the car and you can always dig a good parking spot with help of 3 or 4 friends. Start a regular car pool uphill and only by chains for 1 vehicle instead of 4 or 5.
More company the better, get someone to bring some lunch and other to bring thermos of coffee.
No fun skiing or getting stuck alone.
Make your own ski club and share the cost of fuel chains etc.

Dakota is a great place share the experiance.

Take someone along and get them to ski ahead of you they break trail and they are the bear bait. Just rub some butter on there back when they are not looking. Bears will go for them instead. While you enjoy a Canadian.

Just Joking about the Beer. or was it the Bear.

Have fun

Posted by: Snowman

Great Day on Dakota RidgeGreat Day on Dakota Ridge
Current Conditions Sunday, January 13, 2008

Warm weather and rain missed us so far. was just around 0'c at lot B and can not tell at Quanset thermometers are coverd in snow. Snow so deep can not find my weather station.

Many thanks to the Volunteer Grooming Guys. They were up there at 8am they did a awesome job for the conditions.
Snow Fest has changed to march 9th I belive but I just heard a rumor.
at One point today there were 14 vehicles in lower Lot B and another 12 in upper.
Take care add your own report.

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Posted by: Snowman

Tet RoadTet Road
Current Conditions Monday, January 14, 2008

Was raining at parking lot at 10am but by noon it started to snow. Made it up and down packing road down. It should freeze hard tonight and make good but rough driving.

Secret to driving on that soft snow is chains on all four wheels and pretend you are driving on sand go slow do not give to much power.
Snowing heavy all way down to top of Suicide Hill( one with conctrete barriers)
Take care have fun .

PS Not plowed just packed

Posted by: Snowman

Current Conditions Monday, January 14, 2008

Join in the fun and festivities at the first anual SNOWFEST March 9 on Dakota Ridge. There will be games and activities for young and old alike a snow sculpture contest, snowshoe skiing snoboarding and even mountain bike events. There will be a crazy carpet louge for the kids and adults. There will be lots of food. A shuttle service will run all day. If you want to get involved as a volunteer you can call Patrick at 604-885-7294 or attend one of the organizing meetings. Next meeting January 14 7pm to 8:30 pm at the Regional District office on Field Road. SPONSORED BY TETRAHEDRON OUTDOOR CLUB

Posted by: MR. MENDER Outdoor Clothing +Gear Repair

Dakota Ridge conditionsDakota Ridge conditions
Current Conditions Monday, January 14, 2008

It was raining and 4 degrees when I arrived at parking lot B just before noon. The temperature had dropped to 1 degree and it was snowing heavily an hour later.

Much of the ice that was on the approach road yesterday has melted, but the last two kilometres or so before the parking lot still have some moderately icy sections, and chains or at the very least good snow tires are mandatory.

Posted by: Howard

-7-7'c at cypress
Current Conditions Tuesday, January 15, 2008

So the big freeze is on after that rain and melting everything will be froze hard. Roads to Tet and Dakota will be hard as rock. And icey, be very carefull as braking may be poor and ruts from yesterday will be hard as rocks.
Don't forget to take drinking water you can dehydrate faster when it is cold faster then when warmer.
You can expect colder temps at Dakota and Tet then Cypress. Figure -10'c over night and -4'c or so in day. another warming trend coming at end of week.
Take care be carefull out there.

Posted by: Snowman

Dakota Ridge  ColdDakota Ridge Cold
Current Conditions Tuesday, January 15, 2008

`Very cold snow froze hard great day up there today. You could walk just about anywhere. Odd spot you would break through but what a view. The big clear cut out west is snow everywhere great scenic views and probally some good hills for toboganing and snow boards.
First road on left above lot B follow the tracks out 1km.
Road is froze hard some vehicles parked on road between Lot A and B I would not advise parking like that. Road is very icey and somebody might slide into you. Maybe you want a new paint job then park there.
Have fun.

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Posted by: Snowman

Very cold conditions on mountainsVery cold conditions on mountains
Alert / Warning Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Cypress is -11'c at 7am Don't forget to make sure your car has good anti freeze when going up to Dakota Ridge and the Tet. Always make sure you have lots of gas and maybe put some gas line anti freeze in. You want your car in top condition going up the mountain. Any moisture in your gas tank down here will freeze up there and your car might not start when you want to come down.
Never go up hill with less then 1/2 a tank of gas. I have given 3 people rides down hill to get gas.
Take extra socks and boots you might need them. Always have a couple of Blankets in the car for emergency.
Have a good snow Day

Posted by: Snowman

Dakota website is apparerntly shut DownDakota website is apparerntly shut Down
Alert / Warning Wednesday, January 16, 2008

dakota website is no longer in service. It is a shame it had lots of good info on Dakota ridge. Now the only info is the SCRDs website.

Posted by: George K

Snowshoe trail markedSnowshoe trail marked
Current Conditions Wednesday, January 16, 2008

As of Jan 16th 2008 there is a snowshoe trail flagged in on Dakota Ridge.
Starting just above first corner up from containers follow yellow flagging into the western side of the road, the trail takes approx. 2 hours up to the quanset hut. From there you can take the trail down the eastern side of road - just follow orange flagging near equipment shed and you will come out about half way down the road. The down trail only takes about an hour - we are hoping to extend it all the way to the bottom later this week.
Weather today was freezing fog. Ground surface crunchy but groomed. Roads icy - needed chains from Lot A up.

Posted by: Sue Duxbury

Dakota RidgeDakota Ridge
Current Conditions Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Finally the snowpack has consolidated! As a previous traveller reported, you can walk just about anywhere without breaking through the crust. And for skiers, there is a nice 1-2inch layer of dry powder on top of the crust that makes for a nice quiet and easy-to-glide off-piste tour. Same for snowshoers - less noise, and easier on the feet/ankles when you get off the groomed/snowmobile-packed trails.

Only one other vehicle parked at LotB this morning in the thick, cold fog (must have been Sue D with snowshoe trail report). A few other vehicles in the mid afternoon carried hikers and families with tots and crazy carpets. The freshly-groomed 2.5kms between LotB and the hut was an awesome rip down: turns if you want them, or let your skis run. (I've said this before but, again, I will miss this small downhill opportunity when the road becomes drivable to the hut next year.)

Road is mostly bare but the usual icy sections between km6&7 and between LotA and LotB are a bit dicey, but the rough surface helps. It looks like it would be OK without chains if you have a strait run of the road, but if you encounter an oncoming vehicle and have to pull over or stop, you'd probably have a hard time re-gaining purchase on the icy uphill.

Awesome day. Easy approach road, thanks to the plowing efforts of Brendan! Nicely groomed trails, great off-piste, and a very pleasant beetle through the trees.

Posted by: Natasha

Dakota RidgeDakota Ridge
Alert / Warning Thursday, January 17, 2008

On Thursday Jan. 17 there was a cougar sighting by one of the SCRD staff so please use caution.

Posted by: Geri Gelineau

Be nice to know where Cougar was spottedBe nice to know where Cougar was spotted
Alert / Warning Thursday, January 17, 2008

Is it down at 5km where it was seen last week or up top on trails. Guess I should put the pack of Bacon in my buddies back pack and not mine.
More info would be good. Is it really a Cougar or maybe Bobcat.
Guess people should not take there dogs up there at all. Besides my skis do not like dog poop on them.

Posted by: Gary

Alert / Warning Thursday, January 17, 2008

The cougar was seen near the warming hut, along the old mine road which goes straight up on the right of the infos shelter.

Posted by: michel Frenette

Gee they have a info shelter nowGee they have a info shelter now
Alert / Warning Friday, January 18, 2008

Do they have anyone working at it. I am shocked they would have a info shelter. Does it have a woodstove too. What are the hours of the info shelter. I am amazed that there is a cougar up there. Guess we will stay away for a while don't want to feed the animals.

Posted by: Kelly C

dakota ridgedakota ridge
Alert / Warning Friday, January 18, 2008

there isnt anyone up tere full time. the info shelter is eally ore of a sign. the trails are groomed and track set on weekends and a couple days a week

Posted by: jayturf

They built another shelter?They built another shelter?
Alert / Warning Friday, January 18, 2008

Where is this shelter at farther up the trail or something. I have not seen it. Can you tell me where it is does it have a woodstove too? I heard there were plans to build a shelter up on 1 of the trails but did not think it was there already.

How big is it.

Posted by: Shirly

Current Conditions Saturday, January 19, 2008

Snowing heavy road very slick' use chains 4 inches new snow. went in ditch Snow eater pulled me out. Had to promise to get and use chains. road not plowed I came down and did not ski had enough fun in ditch.

Posted by: barry

Info shelter, cougar sightingInfo shelter, cougar sighting
Current Conditions Saturday, January 19, 2008

There is no(new)info shelter. The metal quonset warming hut located at the trailhead (which was started last year) is now operational and stocked with firewood. It's has some picnic tables so you can have your lunch. There's a large outdoor sign nearby with maps and information. There is no current plan to build another warming hut furthur out on a trail, however, that idea had been considered earlier.
Possibly next year another shelter will be built to complement the upcoming open air skating rink and snow board terrain park and luge track which will be sited near each other furthur down to the west of the current staging area. This'd be a place to put on your equipment, skates, etc.

As far as the current cougar sighting...You are recreating in the back country and there are risks. This is their natural habitat. Cougars are typically hunting for hares, pine martins, etc. Your small dogs are probably at greatest risk. Use common sense. Groups are recommended and children shouldn't be leading or trailing your party.

Posted by: Phil

Skating rink why build one we have oneSkating rink why build one we have one
Current Conditions Saturday, January 19, 2008

The road up seems to be a skating rink. Even with chains on it was a interesting drive down. Are they not plowing on weekends. Thought there was going to be grooming on weekends.
Just block the road off and use it as skating rink and Louge run.
I am glad I bought 2 sets of those fancy chains. Just wish people would not park on the road. was not much room to get by him with my skidoo trailer.

Posted by: George K

When is the Snow Board park going inWhen is the Snow Board park going in
Current Conditions Saturday, January 19, 2008

Where is this info shelter. I have only seen a sign board and it gives no shelter at all. Am I missing something. Is there another info sign with a shelter over it.
I thought there was a luge run being built now. What about a tobogan hill for our kids. And what about being able to drive up to top. Why did they not plow it this year, my kids can not hike all that way up and the shuttle thing was broke down and only runs once in a while. Why do they not have it every weekend. They plow the road and then you have to walk 2.5kms uphill. How many people are really using the groomed runs. Maybe this area is for the Elit and not the Tetrahedron.

Posted by: Shirly

despite grooming all week . . .despite grooming all week . . .
Current Conditions Sunday, January 20, 2008

despite grooming all week by the RD the 2' of new snow on Saturday morning made for sticky conditions. the tracks were full and skis could not glide. any volunteers to groom on SAturdays? road was good up to Lot A then some people needed chains. some people who needed chains didn't use them.
15 vehicles in parking Lot B by 10.30am.
wind from the east favoured skiing up top or western trails.
Snowshoe trail now fully flagged.
the sun came out for a little while and reminded us all why we are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place.

Posted by: Sue Duxbury

Road is plowed last nightRoad is plowed last night
Current Conditions Sunday, January 20, 2008

And Grooming will be getting done today by Volunteers. Have fun no new snow over night and colder temps expected with clear skies.

Posted by: Gary

How is the Tet roadHow is the Tet road
Current Conditions Sunday, January 20, 2008

Somebody must have been up there since Jan 8th on the snowline. Is the road plowed lately can a suburu wagon make it up there okay. How are the Cabins what about avalanche risk etc. Is there somebody we can call for recent info.

Posted by: barry

Tet Pics at club treadTet Pics at club tread
Current Conditions Sunday, January 20, 2008

Some great trip reports on club tread .com check out 3 days in tetrahedron some great pics posted. And a great trip report.
People from Vancouver come up here alot and value our park.

Posted by: Snowman

Current Conditions Sunday, January 20, 2008

What a great day up there today,at 11:45 there was about 25 vehicles at lot B.Road up a bit icey in the usual spots but well plowed,good job.Freshly groomed trails and what a great job on that!!Sure nice to see the set tracks and by the way,those not skiing, could you please not walk on those tracks,they are the deeper grooves on the left going up,thanks.

Posted by: PatN

Dakota project statusDakota project status
Current Conditions Monday, January 21, 2008

Recent questions in this forum require some clarification. The Dakota Winter Recreation Area as you know it, is still unfinished and not officially open, although some of the services have been starting up this season. We know it's frustrating to still have to climb up that last 2.5 km from lot B, however, the funding to widen and harden the remaining road so that it can be plowed to the trailhead wasn't organized until too late last year. The existing road bed would be severely damaged if it were to be plowed.

This upcoming year, the road will be improved to the trailhead. We are actively seeking out community service organisations and special interest groups to partner with us for the construction of the snow board terrain park and outdoor ice rink, etc. which will be very popular features and will broaden the value of the area to a much larger group of coast residents. Hopefully both of these dreams will become reality in the upcoming season.

If tobogganing is your interest, the Dakota Ridge area unfortunately isn't steep enough. The perfect place however, is right at parking lot A on the gas pipeline clearing. The hill there is just right for both toboganning and snow boarding. The hill just needs a little brushing, a perfect small, virtually cost free work party project for a special interest group. It's also that much closer to pavement making it a bit easier to access and infinitly safer for everyone than sliding on the roads.

The upcoming Snow Fest event to be held at Dakota March 9th will showcase to the community what the area has to offer. There will be some temporary features (currently being built) such as a crazy carpet luge track and a down hill mountain bike course on the old mine road near the warming hut. There'll be food, demonstations and fun events of all sorts. Efforts are being made to organize transportation up to the trailhead from lot B for those who'll need it. Please call organizer Patrick at 885-7294 if you'd like to help.

The Tet Outdoor Club is just a group of local community volunteers doing the best we can. It's taken us ten years and counting to secure the funding and organize with various other community minded groups to get this project to where it is today. These volunteers are giving up large amounts of their time and energy to build this vision of winter recreation for all of the coast's families.
We need all the help from the community we can get whether it's labour, the use of equipment or the donation of materials, otherwise, if it's to be built by tax money paying full retail for everything, it becomes so expensive that it won't happen for a long,long time.

So please, be a little patient and get involved in finishing this community project with us. If you're interested in snow boarding or skating and playing hockey or maybe even curling in an outdoor setting, then we need your help as we're hardly experts at those things and need input and help. These are perfect opportunities to organize a special interest club and get involved in making this community project your own.
All it takes is getting together with your friends and neighbours and great things can happen!


Phil Gaulin, TOC

Posted by: Tet Outdoor Club

Tetrahedron/Grey creek roadTetrahedron/Grey creek road
Current Conditions Monday, January 21, 2008

The road to the Tetrahedron park is currently very poor.
Efforts to plow it in it's current state (45 deep water bars) have proven to be so destructive to the plow that we've had to suspend attempts until a better plan is found.
In it's current state, only the most capable, chain equipped, high clearance and short overhang 4X4s may get beyond Branch 400 intersection.
The water bar situation simply must be resolved before this road will once again be accessible to users. Were the water bars not there, then the road could be blown right down to road level. Currently, the best the plowing could do was to provide a packed layer about 2 ft. thick to drive on. This type of surface was still too soft, ruts forming easily and making for a wild ride. If you get off the packed edge into the soft shoulders, then you're really stuck.

Posted by: Phil

Tet RoadTet Road
Current Conditions Monday, January 21, 2008

Some Suburu wagon made it up to parking lot after tearinmg its bumpers off. Only High clearance vehicles should attempt to drive up. There is 2-3 ft of compact snow to drive on if you get off the hard stuff you are stuck good.
Be prepared take shovels for everyone with you and be prepared to dig your self out of trouble.

Posted by: barry

Dakota Ridge great night skiDakota Ridge great night ski
Current Conditions Monday, January 21, 2008

Road up is in good shape. Unfortunatly some mental midget can not tell that there are ski trails and not for Quads. This Blind person riding a Quad can not see he is driving on groomed and track set ski trails. He might be drunk because he can not even go straight. He does donuts and weaves back and forth across the trails. I feel sorry for this person who has nothing better to do then screw up ski trails that were in good shape till he showed up. Please if you see him just pitty him.
Cold up there -12'c overnight and -5'c most of day. Great ski trail out west just above lot B, Large clear cut are and great snow. Here are some pics.

January, 2008 Archives<br/><a href='/outdoor-reports.asp'>Go to Recent Reports</a> image 1January, 2008 Archives<br/><a href='/outdoor-reports.asp'>Go to Recent Reports</a> image 2January, 2008 Archives<br/><a href='/outdoor-reports.asp'>Go to Recent Reports</a> image 3

Posted by: Gary

Quads 4x4s on trailQuads 4x4s on trail
Current Conditions Tuesday, January 22, 2008

it's too bad that there are a few bad apples ruining the trails for the rest of us. Do these people realize that these trails are groomed and maintained by volunteers. It's hard when you go up early in the morning and spend a ton of time preparing the trails only to see that someone has ruined that hard work. Thank you too all the quaders who go quading not on dakota ridge. there are many way better areas for quading than these wide trails that are full of people. most of the snowmobilers are awsome. but again all it takes is one bad apple to go rippin up that hill at 80+ km/h and hit someone then no snowmobilers can go there... think before you rip it in these areas..

Posted by: Jayturf

SCRD Shuttle ServiceSCRD Shuttle Service
Current Conditions Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The SCRD shuttle service will be up and running for this Saturday. If you wish to see more scheduled dates for shuttle service - please contact the SCRD as they control the schedule.

Conditions were excellent this past weekend.

Additional Shuttle Service is available through booking at 604.885.8838


January, 2008 Archives<br/><a href='/outdoor-reports.asp'>Go to Recent Reports</a> image 1

Posted by: Alpha Adventures

Great day on the ridgeGreat day on the ridge
Current Conditions Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I can not think why anybody with a brain would try to drive a Quad on top of the Quanset Hut. Yes that is correct some nut tried to drive on top of the Quanset hut. So if you see a Quad stuck in the snow just leave him there till spring.
Groomer was up today and doing great job, Road is still in good shape. No fresh snow in a while. -5'c at Lot B nice in the sun. Large group of people up there today.
Some people have been Down hill skiing in the CNI clear cut down to lot A and then they have a friend drive them back up to ski down again. This is the poor mans Chair lift.
Call the RD and ask why shuttle not running every weekend. Much better sking when you get a ride up.

Posted by: George K

Dakota Luna...Dakota Luna...
Current Conditions Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The full moon provided brilliant illumination during a night-ski up Dakota on Monday evening. I saw 'Gary' in Lot B at around 4pm as I was gearing up; he zoomed up the trail ahead of me.
I took the first left and enjoyed the sunset, then skied up through the cut blocks to the shelter, where the stove was going. After a delightful break, I resumed my journey along the East trails by moonlight. Luna cast so much light that the snow crystals were sparkling - a lovely sight. Every now and again a tree would drop some snow and I would hear a muffled thump in the forest; after the first few, it was less startling...
A short decent through the trees brought me to a huge cut block with a view of the lights on Cypress Mountain. Gorgeous open terrain, leading back to a trail/road connecting to the mainline between Lot B and the shelter. A fabulous circle tour; arriving back at the truck around 9pm. Snow conditions were very good.
Visiting places like Dakota Ridge helps me to find peace in this sometimes-crazy world. Thank you to all the dedicated folks who work to make this area accessible.

Posted by: Flash

Large Pothole on Dakota roadLarge Pothole on Dakota road
Current Conditions Wednesday, January 23, 2008

around 7.5km there is a large pothole, maybe RD can take gravel up on there truck to fill it.

Great skiing but cold, nice in the sun.

Posted by: Shirly

Any one been up the TetAny one been up the Tet
Current Conditions Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Looking for info on the road to the Tet, does nobody go up there anymore. Have not seen any recent info. Plan on going up Sat would like to know what road is like.

Posted by: Chris

TET Road Report Jan.23.TET Road Report Jan.23.
Current Conditions Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The snow starts on the flats at the top of the hill. Road packed snow with ruts. Icy Bring chains! We drove all the way to the parking lot without them. Dragged bottom a bit. Lots of traffic has packed the road but is very rutted. Bring a shovel in case you have to chisel yourself out of the ruts. Very frozen conditions. If you are going skiing you won't have to break trail. 3 inches of fresh snow on top of ice. Probably still powder on Steele!

Posted by: Patrick

Dakota Shuttle from lot B to top jan 26thDakota Shuttle from lot B to top jan 26th
Current Conditions Friday, January 25, 2008

The Shuttle is running again. It will be running Sat form lot B to top. Would be nice if it was every week end

Posted by: Snowman

Current Conditions Friday, January 25, 2008

Another beautiful day on the ridge. Sunny and -6C warmed up to -1C. All trails are groomed and tracked. Road to parking lot B is in great shape altough icy.


Posted by: michel

Dakota RidgeDakota Ridge
Current Conditions Saturday, January 26, 2008

Good day and good tracked ski conditions.
I was up friday as well and altough some people get up and down without chains there were two 4X4's stuck in the snow bank after spinning out and sliding backwards down the hill. Generally the road is good because so many people are using chains. This keeps the surface from becoming a polished skating rink.

Posted by: B-rad

Mt CrucilMt Crucil
Current Conditions Saturday, January 26, 2008

Went snowmobling up on Mt. Crucil today and Wed. great conditions for exploring. 12ft with 8 inches of powder and more to come. We put in some of the main trails, the road up is poor.
Last weekend we probed back of Dakota at 16ft and 8 inches of powder. Let it snow.

Posted by: snow tracker

Looks like sunny day on dakotaLooks like sunny day on dakota
Alert / Warning Sunday, January 27, 2008

No new snow storm just a great sunny day

Posted by: Shirly

Just another gorgeous day at DakotaJust another gorgeous day at Dakota
Current Conditions Sunday, January 27, 2008

Early morning conditions were a light overnight accumulation on top of a hard crust, dust on crust? More light (corn) snow started falling around noon. Some limited grooming was happening.
The road was excellent up and down, again, using chains helps keeping it from getting too icy and messes it up for sliding which is a hazard for all...
There must've been at least a hundred people using the area by mid-day, lots of happy kids sliding on the lowest part of the road up from LotB.
Never seen so many cars parked at lot B...35-40? Dakota's definitly being discovered!

Posted by: Philch

Guess no one can get to Tet latelyGuess no one can get to Tet lately
Current Conditions Sunday, January 27, 2008

Is the road not driveable, Has anyone been up there at all in last week. Surely somebody has been up there this weekend.
How much snow is up there how are the cabins etc.

Posted by: Gary

Mt. ElphinstoneMt. Elphinstone
Current Conditions Sunday, January 27, 2008

Started snowmobiling from parking lot A. Took the logging roads back in to shakers meadow, climbed up the face to the top of Elphinstone great veiw of dakota bowl and ridge. Saw a group sking down the face looked like they were having a great day. We rode back down more roads, cleared some trail got back in to dakota bowl. Then went up the gas line to parking lot B and back to the truck. Another great day in the back country. Let it snow!

Posted by: snowtracker

Chains Chains and IceChains Chains and Ice
Alert / Warning Monday, January 28, 2008

Heard reports of vehicles in ditch on several back roads. Lots of hard ice on roads even with chains on it can be tricky driving. Get chains for all 4 wheels and use them. It can be expencive to go in ditch off road. No tow trucks will go up there and tow you out. BCAA does not work off road. It cost me $200 top get pulled out and 10 hours of my pick up truck being parked in ditch. 4 wheel drives still only have 4 brakes. Use care and SLOW down.
Dakota Ridge road is bad for people speeding and then having to hit the brakes when someone comes around the corner.
A month or so ago someone lost control and hit a alder tree knocked the tree right over. Road was very icey and they were going to FAST lost control and flattned a large tree. Truck was damaged bad people were lucky.
5 mins to chain up will that kill you or will not chaining up kill someone else.
Think twice about going up there unprepared.
Please be carefull, Tow trucks and Ambulance will not go off road to help you.
Play Safe.

Posted by: barry

Gray Creek RoadGray Creek Road
Current Conditions Monday, January 28, 2008

The Tet (Gray Creek) Road is driveable but is quite rutty in places. Be prepared to be banged around a lot as you move through the rutty sections. There was a lovely dump of +/- a foot of fresh on Steele over the weekend, and the last several kilometres of the road also benefited, having much of the rutty sections filled in.

Still, there are number of high-centred sections further down, and I'd still recommend a high-clearance 4X4. It's possibly drivable w/out chains (assuming good snow tires), but it's not something I'd personally take a chance on. As well, the cross ditches on suicide hill (where the gate and the new barriers are) are still pretty icy, and getting through them is still probably best done w/ chains.

Posted by: howard

Could be 75 cms new snow in alpine by satCould be 75 cms new snow in alpine by sat
Current Conditions Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Expect 75 cms new snow on our mountains by sat. Large front with moisture and just the right temps for large amounts of snow fall.
Please make sure you have lots of gas in your vehicle before going up hill. If you do not have more then half a tank you could be in trouble if you have to wait for road to open coming down. Driving in snow and hills uses more gas then you think.
Please chain up off road as roads steep and narrow and not often wide enough to pass other vehicles. 2 wheel drives with chains better then 4x4 with out. Drive slower on ice and snow, drive so you do not have to use brakes as much. If you go in ditch think about others coming down hill or around the corner. Do not stand where you can get hit by a sliding vehicle. Shovels,sand bags, blankets, extra water food etc. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.
Do not forget Tow trucks and Ambulance will not come and get you. Cell phones only work sometimes up there.
If you get stuck call Snow Eater for pull out will cost you.
604-741-4152 Also have ad in classified section this website.

Posted by: Snowman

Dakota road in good conditionDakota road in good condition
Current Conditions Tuesday, January 29, 2008

About six inches of fresh snow at parking lot B noonish today and snowing moderately. No problem getting up the road w/ snow tires (but don't blame me if you go awry! The ditches are magnets for bad drivers.) Did a westward tour out through the WFP cutblock (take a sharp left at the first intersection), w/ 12 to 18 inches of very fluffy fresh snow. Very nice! There's gotta be a huge dump up top.

Posted by: howard

Lets keep  those good reports comingLets keep those good reports coming
Current Conditions Tuesday, January 29, 2008

If you have been up please take the time to add your report on conditions. Like road, snow, weather, skiing etc.
The more info on all our outdoor spots the better. We seriously need more reports from the Tet area as many people from Vancouver like to come to the Tet park.

Play safe and share info check out Ride share

Posted by: snowman

Current Conditions Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Anyone know if there has been any grooming this week yet on Dakota?

Posted by: Kick'N

Grooming crew up yesterdayGrooming crew up yesterday
Current Conditions Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The grooming crew was up there yesterday, working on fixing a flat tire on the Piston Bully. So at least the intention was there, if not the actual doing of it.

Posted by: howard

Dakota Ridge Sign at Botom of hillDakota Ridge Sign at Botom of hill
Alert / Warning Wednesday, January 30, 2008

If a 4x4 with studded tires goes in ditch what is keeping you out of it. Use Chains and please do not stop or park on road. You might have great traction while moving but just try hitting the brakes. This was my truck last year after a All wheel drive Van with all season tires stopped in the middle of the road. DO NOT BLOCK the Road. Like some one said the ditch is like a magnet and your car has lots of metal.
Winter is not over yet.

January, 2008 Archives<br/><a href='/outdoor-reports.asp'>Go to Recent Reports</a> image 1January, 2008 Archives<br/><a href='/outdoor-reports.asp'>Go to Recent Reports</a> image 2

Posted by: Snowman

Dakota RidgeDakota Ridge
Alert / Warning Thursday, January 31, 2008

RD crew was up there today Grooming I think just drove to lot B. Maybe some of the snow mobilers will make a better report later.
2-4 inches new snow at lot B -3'c Please try to spread your tracks out when you drive. It will pack the road down and less plowing will be needed.
Remember Parking is limited so use your head when you park so others will have room too. Back up as far as possible. Do not waste the parking spots.
Not smart to drive 2 wheel drives up there, if you do put chains on.

Posted by: barry

Snow Fest looking for large Flat bottom SkiffSnow Fest looking for large Flat bottom Skiff
Alert / Warning Thursday, January 31, 2008

Need the loan of large Flat bottom skiff to pull behind Snow cat to get people up hill. Call RD Parks dept with ideas and info.

Any ideas how to get large groups of people ub from Lot B to top. Need your help

Posted by: Shirly

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Other sites for the Sunshine Coast Alpine areas:
Alpha Adventures
The Tetrahedron Outdoor Club
SCRD Dakota Ridge Page

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