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Dakota Ridge Any plans to add more trailsDakota Ridge Any plans to add more trails
Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Is there a ski club to join for Dakota Ridge. Seems there could be a lot more trails laid out for us not so good skiers. If there is not a club maybe we need to get 1 active in the workings of the area. There could be some great trails where they logged last year. To bad they took out the Bridges and culverts those roads where great for skiing on. Are there plans to build any Cabins like in other cross country areas. Would be great to have some common use cabins through out the area. Are there plans for a Tobogan area for kids so they are not playing on the road like last year.
Maybe we need to ask the people running in local elections about what they think.

Posted by: Shirly

Safety Meeting for Airlift Changed to FridaySafety Meeting for Airlift Changed to Friday
Alert / Warning Thursday, October 02, 2008

Safety meeting is now on Friday at 5:30pm will take around 1 hr.

Posted by: Cavin

Airlift  on SundayAirlift on Sunday
Alert / Warning Friday, October 03, 2008

Due to weather airlift of firewood put off till Sunday. Meet 8am at pavement and gravel meets. So can carpool up. Bring hard hats or climbing helmits if you have them.

Posted by: cavin

dangerous tank trap at Gray Creekdangerous tank trap at Gray Creek
Alert / Warning Sunday, October 05, 2008

Just checked the messages and I am surprised there is nothing about this. After another trip up Gray Creek to the Tet on Monday I have to say the road up the big hill is much improved. But for one exception..... being the huge water bar / 'educator tank trap', near the bottom of the hill just above the fork to the Crossover Road.

I have contacted MOF about this and they confirm it will be evaluated. Well they better get on this as there is trouble waiting. If you are driving down this road under low light condition and just happen to be going the speed limit on this newly surfaced road, your chances of seeing and stopping in time are greatly diminished for lack of signing. Don't get me wrong. I am not saying this tank trap should not be there. What I am saying is that there better be a sign placed within adequate warning distance to prevent someone going airborne and slamming into the lower edge. Two little blue rocks hardly do the job.

Please advise if you find a sign has been placed there.



Posted by: Al Jenkins

Frsh snow on Steele and WhistlerFrsh snow on Steele and Whistler
Alert / Warning Monday, October 06, 2008

Yes heard reports Mt Steele had fresh snow.

Posted by: Gary

Any news from SCRD on DakotaAny news from SCRD on Dakota
Alert / Warning Monday, October 06, 2008

Has anyone heard any news from SCRD about Dakota Ridge, First snow on Mt steele. Winter is on the way and I am looking forward to Skiing at Dakota Ridge if we can get up there. All you hear from RD is about a rope Tarzan swing at the pool. Funny how a piece of rope hanging from a rafter gets the SCRD so excited.
SCRD website still says road is closed for construction work.
Hope there is some info from RD soon. We could have some winter tourism if there was info out there.
Oh well there is always Cypress. Who needs Tourists in Winter anyway.
Guess it is hard for some of us to get up to the Tet now thanks to a tank trap being built across the road. Guess they do not want us up there anymore. Are they going dig trenches across all the back country roads now.
Lets keep access to the back country for all people.

Posted by: Shirly

Gray Creek RoadGray Creek Road
Alert / Warning Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Subject: Sechelt-Gray Forest Service Road 7575 Branch 09 near Tuwanek

Thank you for your Oct. 1/08 email. Warning signage was installed Oct. 6/08 above the cross ditch. This office has now completed all planned subgrade works for this road. The Sunshine Coast Regional District holds a maintenance agreement with this Ministry up to the Tetrahedron Park parking area at approx. 9 km and are responsible to conduct surface maintenance works, including signage, etc. Please contact the SCRD for any road maintenance issues.

Trent Meyer RPF, RFT
Engineering Officer
Sunshine Coast Forest District
ph. 604-485-0771 fax 604-485-0799
7077 Duncan Street Powell River, B.C. V8A 1W1
Mail to:

Posted by: Al

Could be snow on Dakota TodayCould be snow on Dakota Today
Alert / Warning Thursday, October 09, 2008

From all weather reports we could have our first snows on Dakota today. Temps at Cypress -2'c Whistler peak is -6'c So if anyone goes up give us a report. Would be awesome to have 6 inches today. Can't wait to get Snowboard out. :-)

Posted by: barry

Tet Road accessTet Road access
Alert / Warning Saturday, October 11, 2008

So if SCRD has road use agreement on both road to Tet and Dakota why is there only a tank trap cross ditch on Tet Road. There is no Drainage problem there and this cross ditch was only put there to limit access. Maybe we need a tank trap ditch on dakota Road also. I do not see any large cross ditches on the B&K or halfmoon bay logging roads. Why is it the Tet road seems to need access hamperd from year to year.
Putting a large cross ditch at the bottom of road will not stop idiots from chewing the road up. It just stops alot of good people going up that don't have high clearance vehicles.
People with low clearance all wheel drive vehicles may not want to risk going through large cross ditch. If MOF is going to put tank traps on Tet road then what is next. Maybe a large cross ditch at RD office parking lot.
To Bad they have to wreck a good thing. Can't see how a snow plow will get through the tank trap. Maybe that is the Idea so RD has excuse not to plow. MOF spends money to put new bridge at parking lot and then limits access. We were better off 10 years ago with out the Bull****.

Posted by: George K

Tet Road accessTet Road access
Alert / Warning Saturday, October 11, 2008

Maybe we need to take MOF to court for obstructing access to the road. Why did they not put the cross ditch Below the Y. What next are they going to gate it too. I think everyone should start emailing and calling the SCRD and MOF and ask why they only want to block access to the Tet. Contact your MLA and RD reps before we do not have any access left. We have a great BC park in the Tet and now only a few of us are able to get up there.
Putting a large cross ditch across the road just to obstruct traffic and has no water management at all is Vindictive. BC Parks should just pull there park status from the Tet and go back to what it was years ago. Then the 4x4s that can make it through the cross ditch can drive to the cabins.
We have been sold a park that no one wants us to go to.
The cross ditch was only put in to limit access and never to deal with water problem. Ask your self why they would do that. They do not want us up there.

Posted by: Gerry

Tetrahedron roadTetrahedron road
Alert / Warning Saturday, October 11, 2008

The reason for the crossditch at the bottom of the Tet road is to force vehicles to engage their 4 wheel drive before they go up the hill. this road does not belong to someone else. It is ours!!! The sunshine coast community. If you want someone else to fix the road after it is damaged by the 4x4's that don't shift into 4 wheel drive. I know that is more manly to spin your wheels all the way up rather than shift into 4 wheel. The money for the road does not come from a bottomless pit. If we don't take care of it we won't have access. If you don't like the cross ditch thats intent is to force vehicles to shift into 4 wheel what is a good alternative.Signs???? This is about taking better care of our access. Not about bitching at the powers that be. We can fill in the cross ditch but that won't solve the ptoblem. We need to create a solution that actually works. I want to have access in the long term. Not just this year! The road is now the best it has been in many years. How do we keep it that way?

Posted by: Nick Danger

Tet RoadTet Road
Alert / Warning Sunday, October 12, 2008

I agree take the park status away and let all the big 4x4s with there big tires drive all through. Why have a park only a few Eletists can access. We use to be able to drive up in suburu wagons etc. Now there is no way I can get mine through the tank trap.
Next they will have a parking meter to buy a trip permit to drive the road. Why should I pay taxes to fix a road that blocks me out. That cross ditch has no purpose other then blocking some vehicles, it will not prevent some nuts in High 4x4s from driving like idiots chewing up the hill. Just shut the road down to all and get it over with.

Posted by: Gerry

Tet road accessTet road access
Alert / Warning Monday, October 13, 2008

It looks like we may have to contact the SCRD and voice our displeasure with the Cross ditch. It appears the SCRD are the ones who hold the road use agreement on the Gray creek road. And if they want to have a cross ditch to stop some people from going up there it is there choice. If you are upset with the cross ditch in the road you should contact the SCRD. They are the ones with control on that road. I urge you to call or email the SCRD and let them know that it affects you.
The SCRD feels that there are only a few people with Range Rovers that go up there so they are not concerned. At the price of gas who wants to go up there anyways. We can always go to the pool. When they go to log in there the ditch will be filled in.

Posted by: Cavin

Dakota Ridge are they doing anything this yearDakota Ridge are they doing anything this year
Alert / Warning Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Some nice art work has apeared in Quanset hut. The signs at the info kiosk are gone. Strange seems like nothing has changed except the road. Logging trucks are hauling logs down from Lot A area. No snow but cold up there.
Is Dakota going to be open this year or are the signs gone a sign of what is not to be.

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Posted by: Chris

SCRD Communication re. The DitchSCRD Communication re. The Ditch
Alert / Warning Friday, October 17, 2008

Today I emailed the SCRD:

'Our family and another family were planning to take our kids to stay at one of the cabins in Tetrahedron Park this weekend.

I understand that SCRD is responsible for digging a deep cross-ditch on the access (Gray Creek) road. I need to know if this ditch can be negotiated by an unmodified Chev Tracker and an unmodified ’06 Suzuki Grand Vitara, without damage. Both have low gear ranges, but the ’06 has no skid plates and the stock clearance is only mediocre.

Since we are from Vancouver, we need this information before we waste money on ferry fees tomorrow morning, or damage our vehicles.'

The response from SCRD:
'As long as both vehicles have 4 wheel drive you will have no problems getting up to the Tet. Hope the wheather cooperates with you.'

Our trip has fallen through, but I thought I should post this.

Even if our particular vehicles can make it, these ditches make a mockery of 'share the forests' and 'multiple use' concepts that were used to advance logging. Not to mention blocking public access to a park, blocking access to a public resource that has seen so much volunteer effort, and tax money. And the difficulties it causes to people who go to so much effort to keep the road open in the winter.

By the way, where is the 'Y' in the road where this ditch is?

Posted by: Sgrant

Tet RoadTet Road
Alert / Warning Saturday, October 18, 2008

In response to the folks going up into the Tetrahedron. The road is in good shape and your Suzuki and GM Suzuki(Tracker) will go through the cross ditch without any effort at all. My Subaru Justy drives through the cross ditch without any effort at all and never touches anything. Your vehicles have a short overhang from the wheels to the bumper and will not have the least problem with the cross ditch. Small vehicles reign supreme in cross ditches. This cross ditch is made to drive through but its intent is to force people to shift into 4 wheel drive. The people that have problems with the cross ditch are the long wheelbase trucks etc. with long overhangs. The road suffers a lot from 4x4 drivers who don't shift into 4 wheel and instedad churn their way up the hill doing substantial damage to the surface. This is our road and should be treated that way.
Skier Hiker Back country user!!!!!

Posted by: Patrick

Exploring the Subject of Tet DitchesExploring the Subject of Tet Ditches
Alert / Warning Saturday, October 18, 2008

Thanks for the advice.

Many of our friends have Subaru station wagons. Although they have awd, they also have long overhangs relative to their clearance. Could they make it though these ditches?

I'd also observe that front wheel drive vehicles probably churn as badly on steep gravel hills as do rear wheel drive pickups.

Will this years ditch(es) pose as much problem for cavcan's snowplow as they did last year?

Posted by: sgrant

Tet RoadTet Road
Alert / Warning Saturday, October 18, 2008

There is only one cross ditch and it is at the bottom of the hill just past the Y in the road. There are few tiny water bars farther up but nothing that will inhibit trafic flows. I think that almost everyone will get through it! It will be a challenge for the snow plow though!!!!

Posted by: Patrick

Still no news on Dakota RidgeStill no news on Dakota Ridge
Alert / Warning Sunday, October 19, 2008

Gee what is going on for Dakota Ridge. SCRD has not put any info on website for this year other then road closed for construction. I thought there were big plans for Dakota Ridge has anyone told the SCRD. We have been hoping to ski up there this year but no info who knows. Maybe we will have to go to Manning instead. Wish they would get some info about the Dakota ski area on there website.
Guess they want to keep us in the dark so we can not be disapointed yet again.
Lets hope RD does have a plan for this and next year, but do not hold your breath waiting to hear about it. Why did we have the big snow fest up there last year if not to encourage people to go up and ski and snow shoe. Guess someone forgot to tell the RD to wake up and smell the snow.
Guess we just have to wait till Christmas to see what we get up there.
I remember there were over 400 people said they wanted to go up in there own 4x4s in the online poll.
What ever happened to the Dakota Ridge society. They had a great website.

Posted by: Marty

Fresh Snow On WhistlerFresh Snow On Whistler
Current Conditions Monday, October 20, 2008

Only 37 days till ski season. Is road still screwed up going to Tet. Kind of a shame I can not make it through the ditch in all wheel drive Van. Guess the Tet is only for the Elitists. Not much point in joining the Tet club if we can not get to the park. Why do they have a park and then dig up the road. They did mot have any cross ditch things 3and 4 years ago and road was just fine.

Posted by: Morgan

What still no \news from SCRD on Dakota RidgeWhat still no \news from SCRD on Dakota Ridge
Current Conditions Thursday, October 23, 2008

Is Dakota Ridge a big secret that the SCRD does not want to share or are they just not wanting us to go up there this winter. I want to sign up for ski lessons but if there is no news as to what to expect up there then there is no point. Would be great to know if we can use the area for xmas break or not. There was talk of a tabogon run and ice rink.
Why is the RD keeping us all in the dark. Must be Mushroom season again. We have this great area that lots of Volunteers helped to get it going and now there seems to be no plan for the future. It looks like it is just going to run by the seat of its pants.
They still have not finished the buildings up there.Maybe the RD should look at the way the Kelowna cross country ski area is run. I am not buying any skis untill we know what is happening up there.
Maybe by xmas they will think about telling us al about it.

Posted by: shelly

News about DakotaNews about Dakota
Current Conditions Thursday, October 23, 2008

Finally got some News about Dakota.

SCRD says 'Because of the extensive road upgrade we’ve done this year, you’ll be happy to know that the access road to Dakota Ridge will be plowed (barring any unforeseen circumstances) to the trail head/warming hut and plenty of parking is available. Once the snow hits, the road is limited to 4X4 vehicles and being prepared with chains is always a good idea.'

Posted by: Morgan

Ditch on Tet RoadDitch on Tet Road
Current Conditions Sunday, October 26, 2008

I was up there this weekend. For non-locals, the ditch is just above what used to be an equipment or log sort site. This is the location of the 'Y', as opposed to the fork just past the Gray Creek bridge.

Subarus and older vans such as awd Astrovans, and first generation awd Toyotas and MPV's should be ok. Awd Caravans and Aerostars, maybe not. You may have to get out and scout a line through it. Large trucks are digging a hole with spinning right front wheels.

Despite forcing use of 4wd, the steep hills beyond are generously washboarded. The ruts in the older surface were from runoff combined with freeze/thaw cycles anyway. Any wheelspinning resulted from that, as opposed to causing ruts.

Beware a hidden, small but sharp ditch about 200m beyond the fork just past the Gray Creek bridge.

The gate at the lower parking lot is open, so you can drive to the upper lot.

Trails above Edwards Lake are a very messy combination of water, mud, snow and ice.

I finished hucking the firewood under the Batchelor Lake cabin, but ran out of time to stack all of it. 3 people each at Mt. Steele and Batchelor Lake on Sat. night.

Posted by: Sgrant

What a great report form SgrantWhat a great report form Sgrant
Current Conditions Monday, October 27, 2008

It shows how important the Tet area is. I hope the SCRD reads his report.
It will not be long and some vehicles spinning there wheels in cross ditch will make it impassable for many others.
Many Thanks for pilling wood under cover. And the great reports.
Hope you also place a report on other sites too.

Posted by: Marty

More Ditch CarpingMore Ditch Carping
Current Conditions Monday, October 27, 2008

The ditch is so close to the bottom that walking the rest of the way isn't practical. And the ditch will stop the snowplow/blower. So not only will the Sunshine Coasters lacking 4x4 with good clearance be barred, but people coming from the lower mainland are going to be really pi$$ed to come across this situation. It's especially ironic if the ditch doesn't really solve anything.

Oh, I fogot to mention for Patrick, I agree the ditch would be a cinch for a Subaru Justy. Justys were made by Suzuki for Subaru.

Besides leaving some wood unstacked, I didn't clean up all the bark chips, and I didn't replace the siding boards. Glad to help, we did this at Mt. Steele last year or the year before. Stacking was tight at Steele because the blue foam was still underneath.

Posted by: Sgrant

Tet road accessTet road access
Current Conditions Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I would ask anyone who uses the Tet park to email the SCRD and ask them why we need a cross ditch to block traffic. I am stunned that the RD would not see the Tourism aspect of the great park up there. It is great when people who have just come down from a weekend up in the Tet to post some great trip reports. I would hope more people would do some reports on here. Maybe the RD thinks only 2-3 people go up there.
Please email SCRD and BC Parks and MOF. access to to park is important. Get involved NOW!!!! Or risk looseing access for good.

Posted by: Paul

Dakota Ridge access feesDakota Ridge access fees
Alert / Warning Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Yes the RD is going to be charging trail fees up on Dakota Ridge. At least that is the plan. Thought it was to good to last. Well at least we will be able to drive up to top this year. But you can bet that is they charge it will keep lots of people away. Maybe that is why they put the big ditch across the Tet road. Get more people to go to Dakota that can not drive through the ditch. Are they going to have parking meters up there. What happens if you do not pay are they going to tow you away.

They still have not said how much they will charge or how to pay. It is hard to get up to Dakota compared to Cypress or other mountains that have far more services. I hope the RD staff think hard and long about Fees.

Posted by: Shirly

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