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Those Chains are greatThose Chains are great
Monday, December 01, 2008

I had to get a guy with a huge truck come pull me out of ditch last year. He would only pull me out if I had chains to put on but canadian tire was sold out so he loaned me his from his wifes van. He said no point in pulling my van out if it was just going to slide in to the ditch again. I could not believe the difference using chains. I went out and bought some Alpine chains and will never go up to Dakota in the snow with out them on. 2 minutes to put them on. Coming down the mountain with chains on is so much safer.
Now my only worry is the people that do not use chains and slide into my van. Please wise up and use chains. 4 wheel drives still only have 4 brakes just like a car. Take 2 mins to chain up instead of all day trying to get some one to come pull you out. The tow truck I tried to call to pull me out just laughed, seems tow trucks are not much better in the snow then my van.
Please use chains make the road safer.
Have a safer winter season.

Posted by: Morris

Freezing level coming downFreezing level coming down
Monday, December 01, 2008

Yes it is coming down Tue,wed and Thursday but then going above 2400mts friday. So it does not look good for snow on our Mountains. Very unstable weather. Mt Washington is not going to open on time. Do not think any local mountains will be open soon. Next 2 weeks may see a change.

No snow on Dakota.

Posted by: Snowman

Info wanted on Dakota Ridge areaInfo wanted on Dakota Ridge area
Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Does anyone know if there will be a kids sliding area, I had heard they will have a ice rink is that true. Can you drive up there in a 2 wheel drive with chains on. Is anyone going to run a van ride up there. What about people that do not have 4 wheel drives. I was told last year it is to be a 2 wheel drive road.
I had heard the RD board did not like the Tet road because only people that had 4x4s could use the area. What about Dakota.
We look forward to try to go up during xmas break. Hope they groom more then last years xmas break.
Maybe we need a website just for Dakota Ridge. Is there any ski club up there for buddies to ski with etc.

Posted by: Mary

Dakota Ridge could have snow fridayDakota Ridge could have snow friday
Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Lower temps and some moisture coming friday so we might get some snow. Unsure how long it will last. Hopefully there will be a good snow base for Xmas Break.
As far as I know there are No plans for a ice rink. Remeber take a pen and paper and if you see trouble makers wrecking things write down license plate etc. Dakota Ridge belongs to us all lets take care of it.

Posted by: Snowman

Could be snow tonight on DakotaCould be snow tonight on Dakota
Friday, December 05, 2008

But do not count on it as temps are going up and down. Has been raining on Whistler. 50/50 chance of snow for Dakota this weekend.
Get your winter tires and chains ready for xmas break. Don't be the first one stuck in the ditch this year. The road gets iced up fast so be prepared use chains. It is a logging road not a highway. So expect anything from trees across the road to kids sliding down hills on tubes etc.
Take care and watch the mountains.

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Posted by: Snowman

Raining at Whistler 6000ft levelRaining at Whistler 6000ft level
Saturday, December 06, 2008

Wet conditions almost to 8000ft. If this keeps up they might have to close and wait for cold and snow. Rocks coming through many spots. Never seen it like this for Dec 5th. It is like someone left the heat turned up to high. Jet stream has gone all to H*ll.

Maybe around christmas it will have some good snow. Dakota does not look good for snow for some time. atleast 2 -3 weeks away.

Posted by: Jason M

Dakota and other trailsDakota and other trails
Saturday, December 06, 2008

Found some awesome trip reports on a site called Clubtread. com some great pics of Mt Steele and tet range etc. Kind of neat to see how many people have replied or read a topic. Found some reports of people hiking up Mcnair. All sorts of topics.

Posted by: S Obrian

No Quads on ski trail PleaseNo Quads on ski trail Please
Sunday, December 07, 2008

Ski trails on Dakota Ridge are built on sensitive ground and can not handle Quads or 4x4s. Any ruts made fill up with water then wreck trails for skiing later.

Posted by: JaneS

Dakota as of this morningDakota as of this morning
Current Conditions Sunday, December 07, 2008

1 degree C at 9:30 am this morning. Snowing heavily.

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Posted by: Howard

Trail hosts in training, waiting to serve youTrail hosts in training, waiting to serve you
Current Conditions Sunday, December 07, 2008

Title says it all.

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Posted by: Howard

Dakota: more of the same motley crewDakota: more of the same motley crew
Current Conditions Sunday, December 07, 2008

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Posted by: Howard

Snowing  above 2000ftSnowing above 2000ft
Current Conditions Tuesday, December 09, 2008

All reports have it snowing on Cypress, Grouse etc. If anyone has any current info fro Dakota please lets us know.
Colder temps and snow in forecast. Hope it stays around.

Posted by: S Obrian

Cypress snow heavyCypress snow heavy
Current Conditions Tuesday, December 09, 2008

18 cms so far on Cypress and 22 on Seymour Dakota should have around the same. Maybe it will snow for the next week up there. Love to go up to see but have to work.

Posted by: Scott W

Snow adding upSnow adding up
Current Conditions Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I was up on the ridge last night around 6pm. There was about 25cm at the top. Snow started at parking lot A. I was snowing pretty hard so there's probably more up there. Road was great!! I easily made it up there with 4x4.

Posted by: Jason

Grey Creek RoadGrey Creek Road
Current Conditions Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Does anyone know the status of the Grey Creek Road to the parking lot? Is it going to be plowed this year? Didn't the Forestry do some improvements to it this summer?
Thanks to anyone with info


Posted by: Vince Coates

Grey Creek roadGrey Creek road
Current Conditions Thursday, December 11, 2008

MOF did alot of work on the road. Although there is a large cross ditch about 1 km from pavement, it was placed there to make people use four wheel drive so as not to chew up the hill.

Suggest 4x4 with chains, you can all help keep the road driveable by spreading your tracks out to pack the whole road down. If you only drive in the tracks from the last 100 cars the road will get rutted. By using chains and spreading your tracks out the road can remain open longer.

There is better traction in the snow then on the ice made by previous cars.

Good idea to carry some shovels incase you have to dig out or dig a place to park. 5 mins to put chains on will save hours of problems.

Posted by: Snowman

Grey Creek RoadGrey Creek Road
Current Conditions Friday, December 12, 2008

Thanks for the info, Can you tell me whether or not the road will be plowed this year? Is there a plan to plow the grey creek road at all this year? I thought I heard that the road was going to be kept open this year by plowing.

Can anyone confirm?

Thanks again

Posted by: Vince Coates

Dakota RidgeDakota Ridge
Current Conditions Friday, December 12, 2008

Could be another 20 cms last night and heavy snow fall to come. By Sat there could be 1 1/2 to 2 ft of snow. With colder weather moving in. Have fun.

Posted by: Snowman

plowing of Grey Creek Rd.plowing of Grey Creek Rd.
Current Conditions Friday, December 12, 2008

A road maintenance/shared use agreement is still being hammered out but it's not likely to result in much plowing this year. In the past most of the plowing has been done by our local volunteer plower 'Plowguy', aka 'Snowman', but I think his plowing rig's days are numbered and he has said he won't be doing it anymore. The Tet Outdoor Club may be able to arrange for a plow or two over the season, but that's also up in the air. The road was specially ditched to allow for plowing but it's all going to come down to snow conditions and available $$$$$. Road condition reports will be regularly posted here and through the Tetrahedron Outdoor Club's List-Serve with Yahoo Groups.

Posted by: Natasha

Dakota has got snowDakota has got snow
Current Conditions Friday, December 12, 2008

In the last 24 hours there could be as much as 45 cms of new snow on top of 20 cms from early in the week.
Make sure you have SNOW tires 4x4 and chains. Could be another 20cms of snow tonight.
Have fun play Safe

Remember to use your headlights any time you are drive back country roads. It makes you more visible to oncoming traffic. Drive slow and be prepared to stop to let oncoming traffic pass. The Road to Dakota Ridge can ice up fast so chains are best choice. Be Safe use chains. No fun to slide down hill backwards into ditch.

If you go up please post a current report. All the snow depths are based on enviro Can weather and local ski hills. Actual snow depths on Dakota may vary.

Posted by: Snowman

Tetrahedron roadTetrahedron road
Current Conditions Friday, December 12, 2008

First one up the road today, 11:00am could not drive to the
parking lot, slid back down the steep part of hill, 10-12' of fresh stuff. I guess its finally here!!! enjoy.
vp snowseekers

Posted by: Bruce Lanskail

Has the road been plowed to DakotaHas the road been plowed to Dakota
Current Conditions Saturday, December 13, 2008

Any one know how the road is to Dakota today. And how much snow is up there. Can we drive to top with 2 wheel drive with snow tires. Or is there any shuttle bus going up there.

Posted by: Karen T

Dakota ridge reportsDakota ridge reports
Current Conditions Saturday, December 13, 2008

I know there is a lot of people that go up to Dakota ridge but seems only a few ever put info on here. If more people put more current info it would help others.
Same with the Tet road. Thanks to the snow mobilers that were up on friday you have some current info.
This site only works if everyone helps by posting fresh info.
I am sure someone was up to Dakota on friday, would be nice if when you get home you could post a report.
There are no webcams or snow monitors like other areas.


Keep doing the snow dance it is working

Posted by: Snowman

Dakota Road was blocked by Car in ditchDakota Road was blocked by Car in ditch
Current Conditions Saturday, December 13, 2008

Here is a picture of 2 idiots driving a 2 wheel drive car up to Dakota Ridge. They were in the ditch 3 times in 30 mins No fun when they block the road or you have to share the road with fools. I do not want to risk my families lives sharing the road with crazy idiots.
We decided to turn around and go home after seeing these fools.
We need a safe place for winter fun not a place for fools to do donuts.

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Posted by: Jeff collins

Chains should be mandatory on Dakota RoadChains should be mandatory on Dakota Road
Current Conditions Sunday, December 14, 2008

This road should be posted 'Chains Required Here'...we don't need one person blocking everyone else, or worse - someone getting hurt.

Posted by: Slide Dog

Tet parkTet park
Current Conditions Sunday, December 14, 2008

As of December 13/08 there is about 45cm snow at the trailhead,one foot of fresh over top of 15 cm of consolidated snow from last Monday.
Lakes are not suitable for crossing, but this may change with the forecast cold weather. The cabins are in pretty good shape and were restocked with firewood in October. Donations for cabin use can be mailed in or dropped off at the Shell station in Wilson Creek.
Donation envelopes are provided at trailhead and cabins. The Gray creek road is passable to high clearance four wheel drive vehicles. Chains recommended, and the road is not plowed. One large tank trap at
start of road, then watch for small waterbars. Washboard on new gravel surfacing and rough and potholed road sections above. Please protect the road condition (and limit wear on your rear tires while improving control) by engaging four wheel drive as soon as you leave the pavement.

Posted by: Fred M

Gray Creek Road to TetGray Creek Road to Tet
Current Conditions Sunday, December 14, 2008

As of 3pm Sunday, Gray Creek road is in good winter 4wd condition with some icy sections on the first steep hills from people locking their brakes and sliding, remember to gear down and/or use 4-low when descending to prevent sliding and making the road icier. Plenty of fresh snow at the top, and had a beautiful sunny afternoon on my sled.

Posted by: Jay Calder

Nice snow on DakotaNice snow on Dakota
Current Conditions Sunday, December 14, 2008

A lovely day up on Dakota Ridge today. We followed a tow truck up the road on our way in. He was sent in to pull one car out of the ditch near the quonset (leaving two others behind to fend for themselves).

Chains, people!

People who were sleeping in the quonset when we arrived left the maul and shovel out in the snow after departing. Happily they were just visible and were rescued. They also left beer cans inside, as well as in a firepit they'd started just outside, along with broken glass. There goes a fair bit of the season's wood. Idiots! Natasha took their license plate. Should the gate be locked overnight? It's a good question.

Temperature-wise it was a moderately brisk -6. We skiied out the eastern track for maybe 3 km as it bends northward above Dakota Bowl. Snow out the Howe Sound side was up to 2 feet deep in places, more like 1 foot to 18 inches closer in. Very nice conditions.

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Posted by: Howard

Tet Road Use ChainsTet Road Use Chains
Alert / Warning Sunday, December 14, 2008

Very icey on steep hill USE CHAINS.

The more traffic that goes up the more ice is made. Everyone should use CHAINS.

Posted by: James

Dakota Road iced upDakota Road iced up
Alert / Warning Monday, December 15, 2008

Saw this truck in ditch big wide summer tires on 4x4 don't work good on snow and ice.

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Posted by: sue

Yes Dakota Road is slipperyYes Dakota Road is slippery
Alert / Warning Monday, December 15, 2008

You almost need chains on your shoes just to walk on the road. I got out to chain up and slipped on ice. Still many people driving up with out chains. If the road was as wide as the highway you might get away with out chains. But since the road is not wide enough and you might have to stop or slow down to pass others that is when you will get stuck.
Please for safety of others use chains. If you can not walk on the road how can you drive on it. All season tires even on a 4x4 will not work unless you use chains. Even snow tires need chains up there.
I have heard stories of people getting stuck in ditch over night and costing $200-$500 to get someone to come pull them out. I saw lots of scared people driving down sunday afternoon with out chains. As soon as you touch the brakes you slide.

Posted by: Harry J

Alert / Warning Monday, December 15, 2008

Please, for the safety of all- DON't sled, ski or board on the road surface. That immediately makes it more slippery than it needs to be. There are lots of areas to sled off of the road. We finally have road access to the top, and now a few foolish people are endangering that.

The road from lot B to the Hut needs to be kept as a road.

Use your chains and drive slow.

Posted by: FreeHeel

Napa has some chainsNapa has some chains
Alert / Warning Monday, December 15, 2008

They can order your size in about $140-$200 a set. Cheaper then a tow bill. I just about hit some idiot snow boarder being towed by a Bronco truck.
Good idea to carry blankets and booster cables etc. it has been down to -10'c during the day up there. You might come back to your car and it won't start. Our your locks are frozen. Make sure your car has lots of gas and oil etc. Check your spare tire make sure it has air. some sharp rocks have been kicked up.
Chains , shovels, sand bags, tow rope, some food and water extra supplies are all a good idea. Take some matches and paper if you want to light the wood stove in Quanset hut.

Posted by: Larry O

Idiots towing snow boardersIdiots towing snow boarders
Alert / Warning Monday, December 15, 2008

What kind of Morons pull a snow boarder behind a 4x4. This shear stupidity has got to stop. Before someone gets killed. Not to mention it turns the road to ice. Then there are the Dads and Mums that let there kids slide down the road that vehicles are driving up and down on a sheet of ice. It was like the wild west up there.
There were people stopping in the middle of the road to let there dogs out to run beside there truck. Others were spinning all the way up a hill then have to stop and back down. Then there were people tailgating going down hill. Please leave lots of room between you and vehicle in front.
Visabilty on corners like above lot A are very bad. Drive slow there maybe people walking up or down the road. Be prepared for anything.
It is a nice place to ski but the fools will drive you crazy.
Maybe it should be Booze free Zone. Kids seem to like to go up there and drink beer and do stupid things.

Posted by: Tom J

Any word when Grooming will happenAny word when Grooming will happen
Alert / Warning Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Just wondering if any one knows when grooming will happen on Dakota Ridge Ski area. Will there be grooming during the Christmas break. How often will the road be plowed. We tried to get up there on Sunday but after seeing vehicles in ditch we turned around.
Maybe during the week will be better.

Merry Xmas

Posted by: Shirly

Where can our kids sledWhere can our kids sled
Alert / Warning Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Every one says there are better places for our kids to sled but Where. Last year it was okay to sled on the hill above lot B. Now the road goes through where is there a place. Why is there not a sledding hill for kids up top or somewhere safe. Before the ski area was in we could go as far as we could drive and sled. We are tax payers to and our kids need a safe good place to play in the snow.

Posted by: Fred M

Grooming PlansGrooming Plans
Alert / Warning Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Piston Bully will be moved to Dakota tomorrow.
Grooming should start tomorrow as well.
There will be grooming on boxing day and most of the other day's over the holiday's.
A chain up sign is being installed tomorrow at the second parking lot.

Posted by: Brad P

Dakota Ridge   9am wedDakota Ridge 9am wed
Current Conditions Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snowing heavy at least 6 inches fresh over night There is now 22 inches at lot B 30 inches at Quanset hut temp -6'c has had lows of -18'c
Road not plowed since friday or Sat. The Groomer was to head up there today but road conditions have probally made the impossible.
Dry Powder snow very fluffy.

Have fun Use Chains. Even with chains on the hill above 6km is very slippery. Slow down. Use headlights to be seen better.

Posted by: Snowman

Current Conditions Wednesday, December 17, 2008

i thing there's a good spot for sledding just above lot a on the gas line right of might be grown in...but it used to be good. There is also some good spots up on the ridge for sledding.

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Posted by: Jayturf

Vandalism at Dakota RidgeVandalism at Dakota Ridge
Current Conditions Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Saturday night (Dec 13) saw a group of overnight partiers at the Dakota Ridge warming hut. They built a large fire outside and left behind lots of broken glass in the snow, beer cans, a semi-exploded can of beans, food leftovers, mystery mounds likely of the regurgitated kind, an empty gas can, and who knows what else already buried by the snow which fell overnight (oh yeah, like the axe and shovel). Nice work, losers. Who are your parents? They were still there passed out at 9:15 Sunday morning, along with a red 4x4 pickup truck parked outside, license number 5994 LK.

This is not the first drunken party damage/vandalism incident to happen on Dakota Ridge, and it won't be the last. What to do? The RD is reluctant to gate the road and/or lock the hut. Even if they did, would it really thwart the determined-to-destroy, the ones whom Bert called sociopaths in his letter to the local paper a few weeks ago about the major vandalism that happened up there? How strong do locks and gates and windows have to be to be sociopath-proof/idiot-proof/drunken-asshole proof? So what are we left with? Probably just community watchdogging, which can be very effective if enough people get involved and know what to do. This kind of incident (which apparently doesn't even qualify as 'mischief'), has to be reported through Vancouver main dispatch, and if you call the RCMP in Sechelt on their non-emergency number you will be transfered there eventually. In order to not have to go through a long and difficult process of trying to get the Vancouver dispatch to understand who/what/where you are talking about you can give a case number that they can refer to: SC 08-9174. You can also call Crimestoppers to report anonymously at 1-800-222-8477. And you can email them anonymously through the Crimestoppers page on

Take photos, post descriptions of bad behaviour, try to shame the shameless! The RD can't do much about it, and neither can the police unless they get solid information about who is doing what. This area cannot be allowed to go the way of the old ski area on Elphinstone, the birthplace of the Tet Ski Club, where vandals ruined all the hard work of skiers and snow-lovers in the 70's.

Posted by: Friend of Dakota Ridge

Dakota Ridge- Wednesday Dec 17Dakota Ridge- Wednesday Dec 17
Current Conditions Thursday, December 18, 2008

5:00 pm- Wednesday Evening

Snow falling heavily on the Ridge. Over 135 cm of FRESH snow. Very light and fluffy.

Grader was working on sections of the road. Some snow clearing of the parking lot at the hut.

Road was in good condition for traction as there were few folks out on it. Snow accumulating heavily on the road from lot b to the warming hut.

Drive slow and enjoy the snow!

Posted by: Alpha Adventures

Keep the great reports comingKeep the great reports coming
Current Conditions Thursday, December 18, 2008

The more people that put reports in the better.

Since it sounds like all schools closed today it might be busy up on Dakota Ridge today.

Chains Chains Chains. You might have to stop on a hill and will not be able to get going again with out Chains.

Have Fun Be Safe.

Posted by: Snowman

Snow Grooner just went up the hillSnow Grooner just went up the hill
Current Conditions Thursday, December 18, 2008

Saw the groomer on the truck headed for Dakota this morning. So there should be some grooming happening soon.
Great day to be on the mountain.

Posted by: Snowman

Dakota Facebook Page upDakota Facebook Page up
Current Conditions Friday, December 19, 2008

hey look for the dakota ridge facebook page for lots of fun pics and snow report info

Posted by: Jayturf

Beeyootiful morning on Dakota!Beeyootiful morning on Dakota!
Current Conditions Friday, December 19, 2008

It was beautiful this morning. We were the first ones up on the ridge, around 9:00 am. The road was well-packed and in excellent condition; about 3 inches of fresh fell in the one hour I was up there snowshoeing with the dog. The temperature was -11, and blue sky was just poking through.

Charlie was just warming up the grooming machine (see photo) when we left, preparatory to putting in the first tracks of the season. Word from the RD is that the area won't be fully groomed for another week or so. Consequently if you head up in the next little while, skiing is gratis.

Snow off the main trails is *deep* -- see the photo of the dog. I was worried a few times that he was going to drown! Happily he survived to chew a bone another day. :-)

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Posted by: Howard

More fresh coming!More fresh coming!
Current Conditions Friday, December 19, 2008

3850ft, 1 1/2 ft base + 2ft powder can't make it to the far end yet. open creeks still ponds not all frozen yet.
Please use your chains to get to the hut. (when you get them) VP snowseekers

Posted by: Sunshine Coast Snowseekers

Dakota Ridge Very coldDakota Ridge Very cold
Alert / Warning Saturday, December 20, 2008

Temps have been down to -20c up on the Dakota ridage area Highs may only be around -15'c. Make sure you and your Vehicle are prepared for the cold if you go up there. Take Jumper cables Make sure your gas tank is Full. Do not go up there with empty tank. Driving that road will eat up your gas faster then down here. You may need to run your engine to stay warm etc.
Have Fun

Posted by: Snowman

East Trails groomed and track set todayEast Trails groomed and track set today
Current Conditions Saturday, December 20, 2008

We managed to get the east side trails in pretty good shape for skiing considering the tiller wasn't working properly. All East side trails are groomed and track set. West side trails should be completed tomorrow.

Road up is in great shape!!! way better than i imagined! Chains are still mandatory though.

Posted by: Jayturf

Anyone been up to Tet or DakotaAnyone been up to Tet or Dakota
Current Conditions Sunday, December 21, 2008

Thought maybe someone that had been up to the Tet or Dakota would have posted some news on road and snow conditions.
Is the road still driveable to the Tet Parking lot.

Posted by: Harry Z

tet rdtet rd
Current Conditions Sunday, December 21, 2008

we went snowmobling up there today the road is not in good shape for driving chains are a must. we had a great ride fresh powder all the way to the back end of the 600 rd from the old log sort. was slippery on the way down

Posted by: snowtracker

Dakota Road CautionDakota Road Caution
Alert / Warning Monday, December 22, 2008

With the very wet snow road will be very dangerous. Many trees and limbs could be blocking the road. Take a chain saw and chain or rope you might need to clear the road on way in or out. With large amount of snow in tree limbs, they could be crashing down all day. Many trees are already week and will not take much for them to come down and block the road.

Chains Chains Chains. With wet snow on top of dry snow it will be a skating rink on road. Do not go up with out chains on and shovels etc. Be prepared for possibly being stuck up the mountain.
Take care if you get up there call someone down below to say how things are.

Post conditions when you come down,


Posted by: Snowman

Perfect Bluebird Day on Dakota RidgePerfect Bluebird Day on Dakota Ridge
Current Conditions Monday, December 22, 2008

Once we got up to the upper lot at around 10:30 it stopped snowing and the sun came out! It was one of those perfect days you only get once in a while: no wind, blue skies, not too cold, and dry fluffy snow. Road was OK and plowed, but definitely needed the chains. It was slippery and we saw evidence of vehicles spinning out on the way down. Really treacherous on last hill coming down. Keep chains on until Cloutier's.

Posted by: Natasha

Dakota Ridge roadDakota Ridge road
Current Conditions Monday, December 22, 2008

Use extreme caution as lots of snow and plow operator has plowed snow across the ditch. I puled 2 people out of ditch that pulled over to let someone pass and got stuck. I even got stuck with the unimog with chains on. There was gravel in a wide spot when I pulled over to let someone go by I was in the ditch. It would be nice if the plow operator left a birm of snow 2 ft high on road edge.
-22'c for low and -8'c for a high. Lots of powder snow even with snow shoes you sink 2-3 ft. Even skidoos got stuck.

Hopefuly they start to learn to leave a birm when they plow. Only about 6-8 people up there today.

Posted by: Snowman

Alert / Warning Tuesday, December 23, 2008

How's your insurance? Do you need a new paint job? Just drive up Dakota ridge on the weekends you have a great chance of getting wacked. Seems that a snowmobile will be the only safe mode up that road...Be carefull use chains!!
vp snowseekers.

Posted by: V.P.snowseekers

Dakota ConditionsDakota Conditions
Current Conditions Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Just got home from the Ridge, great day, we were the last off the hill. Good trails groomed, Snowman is right about the plowing on the road leaves something to be desired, The ditch is covered at the same level as the road, if you have to pull over, you might pull into the ditch and get stuck, other than that, being able to drive to the warming hut parking lot is amazing.Snowcat and Snowmobile were both working today and the Cat Bulldozer was plowing the road when we came down. We had a 4x4 w/ good tires and chains.

Posted by: Vince

Current Conditions Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Managed to get to the Tet parking lot today (Tuesday, Dec. 23), with 4WD and four chains. Nearly got stuck a few times, it was not an easy drive! I should have put my chains on as soon as I left the paved road. The first hill I backed down in disgrace to put them on. I'll know for next time.

Driving up, the only way I could make headway was to stay in the existing ruts.
Driving down, I did my best to create new tire tracks, so as to (hopefully) make it easier for others. (A technique promoted by Snowman himself!)

Ski conditions were awesome: Deep and fluffy.
I ended up skiing on the trails most of the time; when I ventured off-trail, the snow that has accumulated over the low brush would often give way and I would then have to extract myself from the brush. After a few off-trail brush episodes, I opted to stay on the trails.
Once there is a little more snow, I imagine skiing off-trail may be easier.

Think I'll check out Dakota tomorrow...

Posted by: Flash

Dakota Road CautionDakota Road Caution
Alert / Warning Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ditches have been plowed level with snow very hard to see where the road is. If in dought stop and check. Many people have driven on the the nicely plowed level snow on top of the deep ditch. The ditches are not flagged and it is impossible to tell the road from the ditch. One guy saw gravel and thought it must be the road but it was gravel plowed on top of snow in ditch that was level with the road.
Hopefully this will be resolved and a snow birm will be left on the road.
Take Care be safe. Use Chains. You might as well chain up at the bottom as it is mandatory to chain up above Lot B.
Horse drawn Sleighs are exempt from chaining up.
And Reindeer too.

Happy Holidays Big thanks to Dave at Suncoast for this great site.

Posted by: Snowman

Dakota stuck in ditchDakota stuck in ditch
Alert / Warning Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I know I have not been the only one that got stuck in ditch on Dakota ridge road. If you have also been stuck because the plow guy plowed snow on the ditch level with road Call the RD and complain. It cost me $350 to get pulled out. I have been going up there for years and never got stuck like that before. The road looks so wide after the grader plowed it but 6 ft of it was ditch under it. If he is going to plow ditch full of snow level with road he better get some Bamboo poles to mark it. I could not even walk on the snow in the ditch. Yet it looks like part of the road, it even had gravel on it.
Start calling the RD office and complain the tow trucks don't want to have to go up there to pull us out. I had to beg the guy to come up.
Tell The RD to plow the Road Properly NOW.

Posted by: George K

Tetrahedron LakesTetrahedron Lakes
Alert / Warning Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Hey Flash/ or anyone else

Did you manage to go across any lakes up there? We were wondering if Edwards Lake was frozen and crossable?
Any info on the lakes in the Tetrahedron would be appreciated.


Posted by: Vince

Hoping to have Tet road plowed soonHoping to have Tet road plowed soon
Alert / Warning Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Many Thanks to BC Parks and the Tet ski club for working on road access issues, also many thanks to Sechelt Creek Contracting for repairing the plow from last seasons damage.
Use caution and use Chains this snow turns to ice fast. Merry Xmas Have a snow day. This winter is like winter on Steroids.
If you have been up in the Tet or Dakota Please post a fresh report yourself on Suncoast central only takes a few minutes.

Posted by: Plow Guy

Dakota Ridge - Dec 24Dakota Ridge - Dec 24
Current Conditions Thursday, December 25, 2008

As of 2:00 pm the road was not plowed. The plow driver was unable to drive up to the warming hut, and had to snowshoe from lot B. Even with 4X4 and chains, we stopped at lot b. Snowing heavily. Over 30cm accumulation on the roads.

Incredible winter wonderland- perfect for Christmas.

Hopefully people will avoid sledding / snowboarding on the road as this will ice it up.

Keep your fingers crossed that the road was eventually plowed.

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

Posted by: Alpha Adventures

Tetrahedron PlowingTetrahedron Plowing
Current Conditions Thursday, December 25, 2008

Hi Plow Guy

Was wondering if you had any dates for plowing the Grey Creek road, just wondering, we would go up after you if you are plowing in the near future.

Thanks very much

Posted by: Vince

Just was up the TetJust was up the Tet
Current Conditions Thursday, December 25, 2008

The big green truck was plowing the road. He stopped some SUVs that did not have Chains. He thanked me for having chains on. The road is very iced up. It is plowed from above the Gravel pit. Why is it they can plow the Tet road so much better then the road to Dakota Ridge.
The big hill is slippery as soon as you stop your are stuck with out chains. I was coming down and someone with out chains was coming up he stopped and slid into the concrete guard rails. He had a hard time getting going. With chains on I could stop and back up the hill and wait for the fool with out chains to clear the road.

Posted by: Rod H

Tet road was plowed todayTet road was plowed today
Current Conditions Thursday, December 25, 2008

Please us chains as there is still ice underneth. Parking lot and pullouts are plowed. The road is not for kids to slide down, DO NOT LET YOUR KIDS SLIDE ON THE ROAD. A good spot to let kids play is at lot A on the Dakota road, There is a great hill on the gas line,
Have a great holiday. there was 2 ft fresh snow at tet parking lot. -8'c during the day. -12'c at night.

Posted by: Plow Guy

Current Conditions Thursday, December 25, 2008

I went to Dakota Ridge for a December 25th ski tour. The road was plowed to the hut. The road is steep and icy in several places, I do highly recommend using chains. I was especially glad to have 4WD and four chains when I was driving down - it was very slippery!

Many thanks to those dog owners who clean up after their pets. (I narrowly missed contaminating my skis - right on one of the main trails near the hut - not pretty!)

Snow conditions are simply superb - deep and soft. Tracks were not set, I'm not sure what the schedule for track setting is right now...
Awesome touring and snowshoeing conditions up there.

Very pleased to hear the Tet road is plowed - thanks Plow Guy!
I've not skied the Tet lakes this season. I love being on the lakes, but only when I feel extremely confident about the ice! Maybe soon...

Enjoy the amazing conditions!

Posted by: Flash

Many ThanksMany Thanks
Current Conditions Thursday, December 25, 2008

Many, many Thanks to Plow Guy w/ Unimog for plowing the Tet Road. I can't thank you enough, keep up the good work.

Vince Coates

Posted by: Vince

Dakota Road not plowedDakota Road not plowed
Current Conditions Friday, December 26, 2008

Heavy snowfall grooming crew was grooming this morning. Road is almost impassable. people spun out on 2 km hill. Even with all wheels chained it is very hard driving.

Posted by: snowman

Thanks a millionThanks a million
Current Conditions Friday, December 26, 2008

Much Thanks to you Plow Guy. I'm heading up the tet with a group of 10 on the 30th. I only have one pair of alpine chains though, will that do? Which wheels would be best to put them on? They're the chain link diamond pattern ones.
I'll report back with conditions when we're back down on the 3rd.

Happy holidays all!

Posted by: DrewGrant

Tet road wil be plowed again SatTet road wil be plowed again Sat
Current Conditions Friday, December 26, 2008

If you only have 1 set of chains put them on the front. as 3/4 of your braking is on the front and all your steering. plus when chains are on the front they will break trail and make better traction for the rear tires.

do not over power the chains. drive with a egg on the gas and give power slowly. If you get stuck never just try to spin your tires out. Take snow shovels for everyone in vehicle to help dig you out or a parking spot.

Have fun enjoy the winter mania.

Posted by: plow guy

Tet road will be plowed todayTet road will be plowed today
Current Conditions Saturday, December 27, 2008

Due to road iced up towards Sandy hook and trees across road have been unable to get up this morning. Will be heading uparound noon. Expect heavy iced conditions. As rain on top of snow makes instant ice. Use chains.

Posted by: plow Guy

Dakota Road is TREACHEROUSDakota Road is TREACHEROUS
Current Conditions Saturday, December 27, 2008

Very slippery slush starting from top of Field Road. Km3 hill is awful and you don't get much traction with cable chains. Real snow starts beyond Km3 but I turned around. One set of cable chains, all-season tires, and no locking differential on the old 4Runner was not enough for this road today. Plow was heading up around 1pm. Maybe it'll be better tomorrow. Watch out for escaped pig Zelda from The Promised Land near Cloutier's.

Posted by: Natasha

Dakota Ridge - Dec 27Dakota Ridge - Dec 27
Current Conditions Saturday, December 27, 2008

As of 5:00 pm the road was plowed up to parking lot B. We saw the plow up at the Quonset hut, so hopefully the road above lot b will be plowed. Lots of new snow, although much more moisture than earlier in the week. Temp. -2c

Groomer was out running the trails, but no tracks were set yet. A few tracks on the western trails. Use caution.

Great for a snowshoe or if you don't mind making your own tracks.

The road is VERY icy. Even with chains and 4x4 it was challenging. Please drive slowly and do not attempt the road without chains.

Posted by: Alpha Adventures

Tet road was plowed wellTet road was plowed well
Current Conditions Saturday, December 27, 2008

Many spots there is gravel showing through. some compact sections. I tried to go to Dakota but turned around and then drove up to the Tet no Problem. I should have put chains on to come down though. But there was some gravel on the edges of the big hill. Dakota Ridge is a Gong show. Tet is more peacefull and no idiots towing snowboarders down the road.
If the RD put sand on the Dakota road it would slow down the snow boards. Did they not sand the hills up on dakota couple of years ago. I thought a saw a sanding truck up there a couple of times. There sure were not any snow boarders or kids sliding down the road then.

Posted by: Harry J

Dakota RidgeDakota Ridge
Current Conditions Sunday, December 28, 2008

Very iced up road chains needed. -5'c for a high. trails are being groomed now.

Posted by: george

Current Conditions Sunday, December 28, 2008

Slush on the first 3kms of road hardened up nicely to rough ice this morning. Plow/grader had been most of the way up yesterday but overnight snowfall made the last km before hut a small challenge and I was glad I borrowed a second set of chains today. Met Plowguy a few times on the road and we discussed the problematic illusion of a wide road made by snow being plowed into the drainage ditches in various sections. I know how wide the road is and so do many others but the party who ended up badly buried in a big ditch this afternoon just below Lot B, despite a decent new Toyota 4wd and chains, probably didn't. That road needs markers set into the soft shoulders and big drainage ditches, otherwise this will continue to happen. And folks need to slow down. The road is only great periodically when conditions are ideal. The rest of the time it's a crap-shoot and you're mostly hoping you don't encounter anyone coming uphill or tobogganing/skiing downhill as you make your way down the iced-up road at the end of the day. Here is what I learned today:

Do not automatically pull over to the side when you see someone approaching from the opposite direction. Stop in the middle of the road and give both parties a chance to assess their options. The side of the road might not actually contain any road.

Have chains on all tires if you don't have a locking differential or much power. Or, especially, much experience.

Use that Low 4 on the hills going down. Not only will you have great control you could not possibly go fast enough to get into trouble.

Posted by: Natasha

if you got stuck on Dakotaif you got stuck on Dakota
Current Conditions Sunday, December 28, 2008

I just that if you got stuck inditch on Dakota road the RD Will pay your tow bill. just call and ask for Sam Adams. Make sure you get your money. Not your fault road is so crapy

Posted by: fred

Dakota Ridge Nordic Ski ClubDakota Ridge Nordic Ski Club
Current Conditions Sunday, December 28, 2008

Please Join us for the first meeting of the
Dakota Ridge Nordic Ski Club
Monday January 5th.7PM
Davis Bay Community Hall
5123 Davis Bay Road

Our first meeting will be an opportunity to lay out plans for activities
for the New Year. We will discuss club direction and structure and the
forming of an executive. This is a group that will include all age
groups and families. Please bring your ideas and your friends and help
us form a group that is focused on activities on Dakota Ridge. Snow Fest
is February 15. We want to have a strong presence and will organize a
Lopet for the occasion. We will be looking for volunteers to help with
club activities.
For more information call
Patrick 604-885-7294

Posted by: Patrick Mark

Whats with that snow plow on DakotaWhats with that snow plow on Dakota
Alert / Warning Sunday, December 28, 2008

It seemed he was parked there all day and never plowed anything as cars were sliding into the ditch. Seems he was to busy playing with kids on the sliding hill. Someone should complain to SCRD that the plow truck was just wasteing time.
Or is it dept of Hwys. Someone said he moved down to coffee shop then came back but never plowed. We saw him unloading a skidoo. Nice job play all day when we are stuck in the ditch. Another waste of our tax dollars. Maybe he was sleeping.
What a joke.

Posted by: James W

Check your factsCheck your facts
Alert / Warning Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hey James
Before you go bad mouthing the plow guy, you should find out a few things... The guy you are bitching about is probably Cavin, a volunteer that has nothing to do with the Dakota road. He does some plowing on other roads. The dakota road contractor is Don White and he operate with a large grader.Cavin does whatever he wants with his time. Think twice and do your research before letting your fingers loose!

Posted by: michel

Snow Plow is my own personel VehicleSnow Plow is my own personel Vehicle
Alert / Warning Monday, December 29, 2008

I am not involved with plowing that road please do not think I would sit there if I were. I was up making a tobogan run for kids so they there parents do not let them slide on the road.

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Posted by: Snow Man

Dakota roadDakota road
Alert / Warning Monday, December 29, 2008

BOTH OF THESE TRUCKS HAD CHAINS ON. AND GOT STUCK PULLING OVER TO LET SOMEONE WITH OUT CHAINS GO BY. Before you pull over to far and get stuck STOP in middle of road get out and walk on the part of road you think is there. Make sure that it is hard road and not just snow plowed over a ditch to look pretty. If people do not have chains on and can not stop and hit your vehicle they are at fault. If you have chains on you can stop. Drive slow when pulling over if you start getting sinklng feeling stop and see what is happening.

Road is ice and ditches are looking like part of the road. Use caution.

Posted by: Snowman

Tet Road Plowed at 3am MondayTet Road Plowed at 3am Monday
Current Conditions Monday, December 29, 2008

Lots of slush on lower part Suicide hill and below once up top seems colder. from Bridge up even colder. 6 vehicles parked at pavement and 4 up top Tet Lot. -2'c this morning not snowing even though it is raining down here. Road still iced up and with warmer temps slush and ice are here for a while. Chains needed and drive slow as ruts could throw you in ditch if driving to fast. Shit happens.

Don't forget to pay for Cabin fees at Wilson creek shell or mail in. You can always donate more to the Tet club to help with Road maintanance etc.
Don't forget to post a report on how your Tet trip was.

Posted by: Snowman

6 inches Fresh Snow near Lot B6 inches Fresh Snow near Lot B
Current Conditions Monday, December 29, 2008

Rain turned to snow around km4, most slush gone to top of km3 hill. Grader/plow on the road, as well as RD maintenance to clear the overhanging alder. Gorgeous snowy morning. That corner hill just above Lot A is really narrow and scary. No visibility for cars in either direction and not much room to do anything. Uphill vehicles tend to swing out to the middle of the road forcing the downhill vehicles over to the (maybe imaginary) shoulder.

Alpine chains on rear wheels of friend's Toyota rocked! Easy on, easy off, and no need to crouch under the vehicle to attach.

Posted by: Natasha

Tet roadTet road
Current Conditions Monday, December 29, 2008

Thanks again Plow Guy. Are you planning another plow trip up the tet? My Family and I are members of the TOC and are always diligent about encouraging everyone to pay their Cabin fees. If you're up there while we are take a look in the back of my Red Yota plates JD for a sixer. Looks like there's more fun in the snow for all!!


Posted by: Drugrant

Tet ClubTet Club
Current Conditions Monday, December 29, 2008

Gee I have never seen a sixer of rum before Hopw it is capt Morgans Dark. Must be pretty heavy. Once I know more about how things are up top I will try to get up and plow again. Have sick kid at home. But Sixer of Rum is tempting.

Take care have fun No TP at Outhouse at Parking lot.

The Tet club now has a Groups set up on Yahoo good way to get email updates and find ski buddies or share rides up hill.
Snowing heavy in Sechelt as I type.

Posted by: Plow Guy

Dakota Ridge- Dec 29Dakota Ridge- Dec 29
Current Conditions Monday, December 29, 2008

The ridge saw an incredible dump of snow today. We were in a complete white out at 1:00 pm. Grader working all day on the road. When we returned to the Quonset hut the sky opened and sun was shining. Amazing.

Well over 130 cm of snow on the Ridge.
The road between lot b and the Quonset hut is very narrow. You should not even think of attempting the road without chains. The scrd has marked the ditches on the sides with bamboo wands.

Hopefully some grooming by Wednesday.

Great snowshoe conditions.

Please drive slowly and have fun.

Posted by: Alpha Adventures

Tet road in nice shapeTet road in nice shape
Current Conditions Monday, December 29, 2008

Drove up to the Tet about noon on Sunday. Huge thanks to Snowman for the great plowing on Saturday and again Monday at 3 a.m.! (If not for this guy, say goodbye to easy access to the Tetrahedron in winter.)

Got up OK (after freeing ourselves from a ditch on right hand side of the road) thanks to four wheel drive and cable chains on rear tires.

Stayed at Edwards cabin, came back down at 1:30 today. Plenty of powdery snow fell last night and throughout the day, about a foot in just over 24 hours, as we could tell from the roof of my truck at the parking lot. Wind-blown slabs formed on the traverse between Tannis Lake and Edwards Lake, and we saw runouts from small avalanches (about 1 metre deep) here this afternoon. They probably fell an hour or two before we crossed that section - a good reminder to play it safe and avoid marginal terrain right now.

We spread our tracks on the way down so as to avoid forming deep ruts, as per Snowman's advice. Road is in good shape. About four vehicles at the top parking lot.

Posted by: Octagon

Awesome report on Tet  conditionsAwesome report on Tet conditions
Current Conditions Monday, December 29, 2008

It is realy nice to hear how things are in the park and road. I wish we could get more people to share there trips good and bad and ugly.
Glad to see you parked pointed down hill and ready to go. I have seen people trying to turn around in a emergency and get stuck.
Good warning about risks of snow coming down hill.
Keep the reports coming.

Posted by: Snowman

Snow plow will be goingup Tet Dec 30thSnow plow will be goingup Tet Dec 30th
Current Conditions Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Plow should be heading up at 5am so if you are going up thr Tet watch out for Ugly Green truck with big Yellow idiot deflector on it.
Chains Chains and more Chains. Please chain up it makes my job safer and easier if everyone chains up. Spread your tracks out so road gets packed down evenly. Ruts can wreck the road. Use Headlights all the time. Much easier to see you coming. Bring Donuts no beer gives me gas. truck uses deisel.
Snow plow rides $100. for $500 you get to sit in the truck.

Posted by: Snow Man

Tet road plowedTet road plowed
Current Conditions Tuesday, December 30, 2008

-5'c at Parking lot road is in fair shape. Many thanks to the snow boarders who shovled the out house roof off.
Take care have fun

Posted by: Snow Man

Tet to Edwards lake cabin 29th-30thTet to Edwards lake cabin 29th-30th
Current Conditions Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Went up to the Edwards lake cabin, limeted vis, blowing ice/snow and lots of tree bombs falling. Good group at the cabin, Thanks guys! looks to be busy up there now, lots of folks headed in.
A huge thanks to the plow guy, the road was awesome both days, thanks again and again!

Posted by: Eric

Amazing the Tet road is in Better shapeAmazing the Tet road is in Better shape
Current Conditions Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tet road is in Better shape then the road to Dakota ski area. I was stuck 2 weeks ago on the Dakota road and was up the Tet today for snow shoeing. It would be almost impossible to go in ditch on the Tet road. It looks like they have concrete guard rails all the way up.
That Plow guy must have some plow to plow that road. The pullouts were all plowed. Parking lot was great. Kind of small now someone put a bridge in it.
I feel alot safer driving the Tet road then road to dakota.
Tet Club has done a bang up job.

Posted by: George K

DonDon't drive up Dakota Road
Alert / Warning Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The road is Dangerous many cars have gone in the ditch. Unless you can afford a $350 tow bill do not go up there. Minutes after I went in ditch another truck with chains went in. Don't move over to go around people walking on the road. Easier for a person to climb out of ditch then my SUV. Some Crazy lady just parked on the road and went snow shoeing. Road is not wide enough to go around in most places.
Road was better last years then now. It used to get plowed early in the morning we would see the plow coming down at 8am after working all night. Now we have a slow grader working in the day blocking the road. Cypress mountain would not have a road plowed like this.
Call the RD and complain oops guess they all take 2 weeks off during xmas.

Posted by: Sue F

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