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Current Conditions Thursday, January 31, 2008

To get to most up to date infos on grooming phone the scrd at 604-885-6802 and press 5. You will get the report of the grooming crew for the day.


Posted by: michel

Will there be any Grooming on the weekendWill there be any Grooming on the weekend
Current Conditions Thursday, January 31, 2008

Would be nice to know if any Grooming will be done on Sat and Sunday. Do they have some schedule they can post some where when they are Going to Groom

Posted by: barry

Current Conditions Friday, February 01, 2008

there will be grooming on sunday morning for sure. I'm not too sure about sat. As for pulling a skiff behind the snow cat i think that this would be dangerous. there are going to be a lot of ppl on that hill and the last thing we need is a dog to run under that tiller or a child to come sledding out of control and go under the blade. I am also sceptical if the machine would have enough power to pull such a sled up the hill while tilling. if we didn't till we would leave the hill in a mess. If the snowmobile club could get a few members up with pull behind tobagans i think that that would be the safest and fastest.

Posted by: jason

Avalanche Warning =HighAvalanche Warning =High
Alert / Warning Friday, February 01, 2008

The Canadian Avalanche Centre (CAC) is issuing a Special Avalanche Warning for the
North Shore Mountains of Vancouver and surrounding areas, including the Howe Sound
Crest and extending east to the Coquihalla Summit. This warning is in place from Friday
February 1 through Sunday February 3.

Use extra Caution in Steep areas.

Posted by: Snow Eater

Search and Rescue at Dakota SundaySearch and Rescue at Dakota Sunday
Alert / Warning Friday, February 01, 2008

SC Search & Rescue will be conducting exercises all day Sunday at Dakota
Ridge. Their large command vehicle will be stationed at Parking Lot B.
Please give the vehicle a wide berth when you park and do not block it in.

Posted by: Phil

Dakota RoadDakota Road
Current Conditions Friday, February 01, 2008

Road was being plowed at 5pm friday as it was snowing heavy. Maybe another 6 inches by morning. Snow Mobilers say there is over 3 ft of fresh powder up top. Watch for new signs at crossings. Take care have fun. Trees maybe loaded heavy with snow so expect some branches or trees down over road and trails.

Posted by: Snowman

Dakota Road- Saturday Feb 2Dakota Road- Saturday Feb 2
Current Conditions Saturday, February 02, 2008

As of 9:00 this morning the road was well plowed all the way to lot B. Snow begins at the 2 km mark. As traffic builds on the road today it could become slippery. Chains are always a good idea. Try to keep your speed down on the road as this allows better reaction time unanticipated stops. Blue sky and fresh snow- perfect combo.

Posted by: Alpha Adventures

Grooming on Dakota RidgeGrooming on Dakota Ridge
Current Conditions Saturday, February 02, 2008

Why does the Grooming start so late in the day, most ski areas do there grooming before any skiers show up. If the RD is not going to groom everyday they should atleast post a schedule so people can plan there skiing. It would be real nice to be able to know when I can take my skate skis up or just take track skis.
I would hope that the planners learn there lessons this year and have grooming start early in the morning. To start grooming at 10am and leave at 2pm is a waste of time and money. If they plan on charging me to ski next year they better have alot better grooming and a plowed and sanded road.
Friends want to come over from Vancouver to ski Dakota but never know when or if grooming will be done. No point in going up skiing just to follow the groomer around all day.
Grooming should be finished by 10am not just starting.

Posted by: Larry H

2 cycles snowmobiles on Dakota Ridge2 cycles snowmobiles on Dakota Ridge
Current Conditions Sunday, February 03, 2008

Yes i agree that having a machine with a lot of horsepower flying on the snow can be fun ,but when you get stuck behind skiing breathing toxic oil for miles up the hill ,you get to the Ridge completely intoxicated like if you were poisoned ,doing your cardiovascular up that hill can be harmful ,hoping for open minded people to drive 4 cycles ones one day .

Posted by: Fresh air Seeker

Current Conditions Sunday, February 03, 2008

What a fabulous day. Sunshine, crisp air and light fluffy snow. It is great to see so many people enjoying all Dakota has to offer. We hope that the SCRD takes note of its heavy use and puts into action a plan to keep the road safe and provide better parking for all. I agree with previous posts that the grooming should be done early in the day. It ruins the experience to have a groomer up and down the trails while you are skiing or snowshoeing, or you make the trip up to find that nothing has been groomed. It seems to be common sense. However, as with anything in progress, there are always bugs to iron out. I am looking forward to many more season on Dakota, that can only get better.

Posted by: sea2ski

Dakota RidgeDakota Ridge
Current Conditions Sunday, February 03, 2008

Another great day up there today.You guys doing the grooming,exellent job!Doing the grooming throughout the day?sowhat,last year it was only done a few times the entire season,this is infinitly better this year.

Posted by: PatN

Sorry Larry HSorry Larry H
Current Conditions Monday, February 04, 2008

we're very sorry larry for not grooming when you would like us too. i guess you could pay me to groom earlier as we are all volunteers up there. Yes we are still ironing out the bugs. please bear with us. Thank you all for the positive imput. The conditions yesterday were very difficult. If you were there at 6 am like we were you would have seen how destroyed and poor condition the trails were in. Huge props to the cat operator for doing what he did on his day off so that everyone could have fun skiing nice wide level trails that don't have 2 feet of tracked out powder on them. I'm sorry dakota isn't good enough for you larry. maybe you should take the ferry to cypress or seymour...or drive up to whistler...i'm sure they are way better

Posted by: Turfy

Thanks to all who are making this possible!Thanks to all who are making this possible!
Current Conditions Monday, February 04, 2008

I think most of the grooming (and the vast majority of the work to date) is done by VOLUNTEERS. It's kind of bizarre that a number of people can only think to complain about something that a) is a work in progress, b) is FREE, and c) didn't even exist last year.

Anyway, my thanks to all those who are working so hard at this project.

Sunday was another great sunny powder day. Parking lot completely full at 11am - had to dig myself a spot to avoid having to park on the road. Bit of a zoo at the bottom by LotB with tobogganers and boarders.

Watch out for the guy with the Toyota Corolla 4wd stationwagon (with extra lights mounted on front) who likes to pull his buddies on skis up the road. He likes to drive really fast in the middle of the road and if anyone's going to cause an accident I'd put money down on him.

Really great plowing of the road. Almost too good - loads of vehicles with no chains or only 2wd. Had to hit my brakes to avoid stationwagon idiot and I still slid with chains and 4wd. Cavin had to pull someone out yesterday.

Thanks for the snowmobile trail through the cutblock and trees, Cavin.

Posted by: Natasha

Pulling Skiers or Boarders behind carsPulling Skiers or Boarders behind cars
Current Conditions Monday, February 04, 2008

This is very dangerous and may get someone hurt or worse. If you want to do this stupid thing go up and do it when no one else is up there. Please share the road wisely and do not risk the health of others. This is a road and not a play area. If you want to tow people get a skidoo and go in a big clear cut not on a road with many other vehicles.
If you have to stop suddenly or on a hill with no chains in a 4x4 or car will will slide. Be Safe use chains above 5km the hill is narrow and Dangerous. If there is going to be a accident it will be at 6-7km hill.
Yes most vehicles can drive up there with out chains but if you need to stop what are you going to do.
It will cost $350 to get pulled out unless you have friends you can sucker to come up and help you.
I never charged the lady that went in the ditch because of a SUV coming down hill to fast getting stuck and causing overs to get stuck.
Please get chains you and your family will be safer with chains on then driving Naked down a icey slope.
A 2 wheel drive with chains on is far safer then a 4x4 with out.
SLOW DOWN speed will only get you in trouble.
20-30 kmph is plenty fast enough for driving on a sheet of ice.
After you have been in the ditch once you will not go up there with out chains again.
Driving up to Dakota with out chains is like trying not to catch the Flu. The Ditch is like the Flu it will get you if you don't have chains on. If not this time then another.
GET CHAINS and use them. Even Cable chains help compared to Nothing. But get Alpine or Diamond Back chains. Picture to be included

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Posted by: Snowman

Tet   RoadTet Road
Current Conditions Monday, February 04, 2008

Drove up Tet to see what is up. Even with chains on Unimog road is hard driving. I would not drive much more then halfway from suicide hill to Bridge. Hill is bad use chains. Snow is not packing well so traction is poor.
Many thanks to members of the Snow Mobile club who have packed down a nice trail up the road. It is alot easier to ski up thanks to Snow mobiles almost making a groomed trail.
I would take a shovel and use chains above 1km Y and dig yourself a parking spot when you feel you have poor traction.
Easier to walk or ski up then get your truck unstuck.
Take care have fun.
Basicily road is a ski trail from Bridge up.

Posted by: Snow Eater

Current Conditions Monday, February 04, 2008

Despite all the positives I included in my post about the Dakota set up, I did mention the fact that it would be ideal to have the grooming done earlier in the day. (see previous post) It was in my ignorance that I didn't even realize that those grooming were volunteers. I apologize. I had assumed the SCRD was taking care of the grooming and that they had made a quasi schedule. I think in retrospect we should all be happy that the trails are groomed at all. Thanks for all your hard work, and thanks to all the other posters who set us all straight.

Posted by: sea2ski

Yes All Grooming on Weekends is VolunteersYes All Grooming on Weekends is Volunteers
Current Conditions Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Unlike Last year there is Grooming on the Weekends thanks to Volunteers. Thus Grooming may be done longer into the season as the RDs budget can stretch farther. Thanks to these guys giving up there weekends. Unfortunatley it is hard to schedule Volunteers as they need 2 at a time to go up. Many of these Volunteers have years of experiance working on real ski hills.
Next year there will be need for volunteers for ski patrols etc. Please help the Groomers by not walking on the set tracks. When you hear a machine coming all move to 1 side. Do not move to both sides.
Give a Groomer a Hug. Let them know they are doing a great job. Send them Kisses in the Paper.
I know some of these guys are up on the mountain before 8 am.
You can always take them a tim card.
Thanks to all the Volunteers that keep things going up On the Ridge.
They do it because they want to see you smile.

Posted by: Gary

Dakota Road was plowedDakota Road was plowed
Current Conditions Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Jayden was up early this morning plowing. 6 inche new snow -6'c Snowing heavy at times almost white out. Very windy blowing snow easy to get lost. Very hard to find trail from yesterday. If snow shoeing off reg trails bring some flagging tape and mark your trail. Heard there has been some Avalanches around Dakot Bowl Elphinstone area. Road has thick layer of ice under snow. CHAIN UP DO NOT COME UP WITH OUT CHAINS.

Posted by: Snow eater

Current Conditions Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Hi, I am the person who owns the blue corolla station wagon with the extra lights that was driving like an idiot on sunday feb. 3rd. I wasn't driving that day i was skiing and my friend was driving us up and down the mountain. I am not trying to pass the blaim i know that since i own the vehicle it is my respnsebility. I did tell the driver to slow down a few times but he obviously didnt't listen! as for towing people behind the car I didn't realize that would be an issue. I am very sorry about what happened and it won't happen again!


Great day up on RidgeGreat day up on Ridge
Current Conditions Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Only 3 vehicles had mountain almost to our selves. Lots of fresh Powder hard to go off groomed trails. Woodstove was going and nice to warm up dry off the gloves.
Grooming crew was up there doing there thing. Little foggy at times it is good some trails have those bamboo poles with ribbon on them. At times it was hard to see everything white.
Road was plowed in the Morning but there was 2-3 inches new on it. Road is iced up and needed to put chains on.

Nice skiing in middle of week.

Posted by: Chris

Thank you Corolla ownerThank you Corolla owner
Current Conditions Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Not everyone makes a public apology when they've been called an idiot.

Posted by: Natasha

To the Station Wagon DriverTo the Station Wagon Driver
Current Conditions Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Glad to see that you have realized the dangers of skiing that road- especially behind a vehicle. We all want to get some turns in- but doing so on the road has to be one of the worst ideas. Sledding, snowboarding and skiing on the road surface is what causes it to ice up the so fast (one of the causes). As well, I have seen many close calls from people sledding or skiing down and coming close to being hit or run over by someone coming up. If your looking for some turns, Elphinstone has been great lately. Have fun and be safe.

Posted by: Tele Head

Dakota Ridge on WednesdayDakota Ridge on Wednesday
Current Conditions Thursday, February 07, 2008

Great conditions mid-day with a few cms new dry powder on groomed trails. Lots of snowshoers, many coming up for the first time. Nice touring with skins both on and off trail. Groomer was running.

Road in great shape but hills are icy. Snow/ice on road starts around km4 at Dakota Ridge 9kms sign.

Posted by: Natasha

the best snow yetthe best snow yet
Current Conditions Thursday, February 07, 2008

Thursday Feb 7th - am.
About a foot of new snow at the quanset hut. That's 8 feet now. Road just ploughed to Lot B. Trails groomed just ahead of us. The sun came out. What more could you ask? and it's still free. now if only we could get the Tet road opened.

Posted by: Sue Duxbury

Tet road now plowedTet road now plowed
Current Conditions Friday, February 08, 2008

Tet club had to hire a Dozer excavator to plow the road. It cost a lot so if you use the road and want it plowed donate $ at Wilson creek shell along with cabin rentals. Still need chains and 4x4 some compact snow sections and cross ditches are hard on bumpers. No toilet paper in outhouse at parking lot so take some. have a safe trip.

Posted by: Dr Snow

Dakota Ridge mid-day FridayDakota Ridge mid-day Friday
Current Conditions Friday, February 08, 2008

Another great day, with a bit of sun and not too much wind. Road in good shape, but starting to get a little slushy between km6 and 7. With the rain and warm temperatures expected this weekend there will be more slush to deal with. Traction may get difficult in some sections.

Thanks to the driver of the blue ATV for chewing up (bank to bank) the first km of the road up from LotB. Nice work. Is there someone in particular you are trying to punish?

Posted by: Natasha

Avalanche WarningAvalanche Warning
Alert / Warning Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Canadian Avalanche Centre has issued an extreme rating for the sea-to-sky region this weekend. Please be aware of this warning and stay safe (be aware of the areas you are traveling in and have the appropriate training/ equipment).

Travel Advisory Issued: Fri, Feb 8 Next Scheduled Update: Mon, Feb 11

Backcountry travel is not recommended without extensive experience, advanced avalanche training and careful planning. Safe travel requires staying in simple, low-angle terrain, well away from avalanche paths and run-out zones. Be aware of what is above you and expect large natural avalanches to be running full path. In these conditions there is a very narrow margin of error and even cautious decisions can result in serious accidents.

Heavy snowfall, strong southwest winds, and rising temperatures are a perfect recipe for naturally occurring avalanches. Factoring in steady snowfall and strong winds from the past week and primed persistent weaknesses in the snowpack make me think that deep releases and large avalanches are probable. Itmay bea good time to take a step back and let Mother Nature do her thing.

Avalanche Activity Issued: Fri, Feb 8 Next Scheduled Update: Mon, Feb 11

A widespread natural avalanche cycle is expected in all areas on Saturday in conjunction with a strong pacific system. Strong southwest winds have created dense pillows of snow in leeward terrain. Expect these windslabs to release naturally and re-load with continuous snowfall and strong winds throughout the weekend. Substantially more snow fell in the Coquihalla area on Thursday and Friday resulting in a significant natural avalanche cycle that closed Highway 1 and 5.

Snowpack Issued: Fri, Feb 8 Next Scheduled Update: Mon, Feb 11

Snowfall amounts have varied greatly within the region. For example, the Whistler area is reporting approximately 20cm of new snow in the past 2 days, while a report from an area just20km to the southwest is claiming double that amount. Underneath the new snow are a few persistent weaknesses buried by up to 100cm of snow. A layer of feathery surface hoar can be found below treeline and has produced consistent easy 'pops' shears. As the snow load continues, expect avalanches to release on this layer and run to valley bottom.

Weather Issued: Fri, Feb 8 Next Scheduled Update: Mon, Feb 11

We are going to get blasted by a series of weather systems that are lined up off the coast. The first system should drop 5-10cm of snow tonight and an additional 15-25cm on Saturday, with double that amount in coastal areas. The freezing level should rise on Saturday to around 1500m. Winds are expected to be 50-70km/h from the west tonight, rising to 70-90km/h from the southwest on Saturday. The theme continues on Sunday and Monday with moderate to heavy snow (10-20cm per day) and fluctuating freezing levels.

Posted by: Alpha Adventures

Alert / Warning Saturday, February 09, 2008

I saw two Quads in the area about noon yesterday and they were going at a very high rate of speed on the road and I was thankful that I was not trying to share it with them as one of us would not have made it, especially meeting them coming up to Lot B. Even with chains an emergency action/reaction would have put one of us in serious trouble. If anyone knows who these Yahoos are a word of advise may save their lives ... ...well... on second thoughts don't say anything. Its the same Quads that are destroying the Mountain Bike trails in various areas of the coast. All the volunteer work by people who love the outdoors is being ruined in a few hours by these characters on the vehicles from hell.

EL bow

Posted by: Larry Bowe

Wet Tet...Wet Tet...
Current Conditions Saturday, February 09, 2008

The road is plowed up to the Tet! Many thanks to those who made it so.
I found it a bit of challenging drive, but I made it up to the parking lot with 4WD and four chains. The road is very narrow for long sections – high, steep banks of snow on both sides. Passing would not be possible at the moment in these narrow areas. Thankfully, there are occasional pullouts cleared of snow.
I recalled the words of ‘Dr. Snow’ during my descent down the road; “Don’t drive in the ruts!”
I could see how if we all drove in the same ruts, the road may become even more challenging. Let’s spread out our tire tracks and compress the snow across a wider portion of the road. (Then again; sometimes it’s a fine line between spreading out tracks and going into the ditch!)

A handful of other vehicles were in the parking lot. I saw two groups heading in for overnights.
Gentle drizzle most of the day; the trees were dripping off their snow load. Snow accumulation is spectacularly deep and fairly heavy at the moment.
Nice to be back.

Posted by: Flash

Sunday GroomingSunday Grooming
Current Conditions Saturday, February 09, 2008

The trails will be groomed and track set Sunday morning

Posted by: Turfy

Tet too crusty for turns, ideal for faceplantsTet too crusty for turns, ideal for faceplants
Current Conditions Sunday, February 10, 2008

The recent plowing of the Gray Ck/Tet road has reopened access, however, it's still a challenging drive. 4X4 w/chains only need apply. This is NOT the manicured Dakota road! A half dozen vehicles in the very clean top parking area, great job, Snow Eater!
Yesterday's rains caused a nasty top crust that made turning near impossible, should've just least in the Edwards lake elevation. Steele probably still has some preserved powder. The afternoon began with a few blue patches but then turned to wind driven snow squalls, heavy at times.
A great day in the backcountry!

Posted by: Phlyin' Philbert

Dakota RidgeDakota Ridge
Current Conditions Sunday, February 10, 2008

Another great day on Dakota Ridge: loads of skiers with every kind of boot/binding/ski/skin-or-scale combo, snowshoers, kids with toboggans/crazy carpets, and Alpha Adventures with their group of novice cross-country skiers brought up on the little snowcat. Nicely groomed trails.

Off-piste: mid-fat skis floated nicely on the breakable crust, though Freya the super-keen Elkhound found it a tough bit of post-holing when we ventured off old established tracks.

Road very slushy right up to LotB and will remain that way until temps dip.

Great to see the party with the old snowmobile repeatedly pulling people and equipment up to the hut.

Dozens of happy snow travelers everywhere. Thank you to all who make this possible!

Posted by: Natasha

Tet Road is plowedTet Road is plowed
Current Conditions Monday, February 11, 2008

Road is still tough drive as it is narrow because of snow banks. Still lots of compact loose stuff up top. Take shovels and use chains. Best to chain all 4 wheels and drive slow, if you try to drive to fast you loose traction and control. With chains on you can get shot across the road quickly from the ruts. Please spread your tracks out. DO NOT pass the snow plow untill it stops moving. I had 2 vehicles pass will I was trying to plow and almost hit them. Have patince wait till snow plow is stopped.
Snow Blower might be going up to eat snow banks. DO NOT come with in 200 ft of it when it is running. Blower can spit rocks and fence posts out in front of it at high speed. As there can be rocks and logs or branches mixed in with snow birms. Stay clear of BLOWER. Wait till operator waves you through. A good indication it is okay to drive by is if snow plows door is open or he flashes and turns his headlights off.

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Posted by: Snow Eater

Thank youThank you
Current Conditions Monday, February 11, 2008

Cavin - our snow angel! Thank you for your help with our chains Sunday on the challenging Tet Road and last week on Dakota. One day we will be as efficient as you putting them on! Chains on all four tires made a huge difference for the Tetrahedron road. It was raining until about halfway up and then snowing heavily around 2pm the rest of the way up.

Posted by: A&R

Dakota Road warmed up a bitDakota Road warmed up a bit
Current Conditions Monday, February 11, 2008

Was up at Parking Lot B at noon, temperature +1C and misting lightly. The road between kilometres 5 and 7 was slushy on top of compact ice -- be careful. A snowmobiler I encountered said it was raining all the way up to the quonsets.

Posted by: howard

Tet Road Plowed still need 4x4  and chainsTet Road Plowed still need 4x4 and chains
Current Conditions Tuesday, February 12, 2008

i was up there this wknd. we will definitely be donating funds.

we made it to the parking area in a Honda CRV with one pair of chains on Saturday. coming down on Sunday it was much softer so i would reccomend a true 4x4 or at least AWD with 4 chains. on the way down we bottomed out a few times.... not on cross ditches but from the loose snow in between the tire ruts. we saw SNOW EATER on his way up to do some more. the road is definitely narrow. too narrow to pass another oncoming vehicle for the most part - so be prepared to back out or pull into a snow bank should u meet someone else.

tknx for the update cavecan.

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Posted by: CRV

Tet Road plowed for 4x$s with chainsTet Road plowed for 4x$s with chains
Current Conditions Tuesday, February 12, 2008

When I say plowed I mean it is still some spots with 18 inches of compact snow that can go to mush at any point and you truck will sink. Take steel shovels along with snow shovels as snow shovels may not help to dig out of heavy wet slush and ice.
This is a 4x4 road that does not mean like Cypress or Seymour were they say 4x4 or 2 wheel drive with chains on. This means 4x4 with chains on all 4 wheels. NOT CABLE chains.
This road is use at your own risk and peril.
There are two 2 wheel drive 15 passenger vans from a school group that are stuck and were blocking the road. I have now built a road through the snow bank around them. They do have chains on. You would think with 20-25 kids they could have dug or pushed there van out and parked in a safer spot.

Road is soft dirt as frost is coming out mostly to bridge then some compact and ice sections. Once you get to the gravel pit about 2km from top it gets deep compact snow.
Have fun

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Posted by: Snow Eater

Tet road and CabinsTet road and Cabins
Current Conditions Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A group of us went up to the cabins at Edwards Lake and Mt. Steel. We made it to the parking lot in our car only because the Snow Eater was about an hour ahead of us. He refused any cash or beer we offered him and said to donate to ski club, so expect an envelope in the mail. Give that man a raise! The snow is deep and we had to break trail the whole way up until about ten minutes from Steel another couple looking fresh as daisies snuck up behind us. Its a good thing they used our tracks becuase they had to use up the energy they saved to dig out the cabin door. Tried to climb the peak and do some snowboarding but the visibility was too poor. Came back down Mon. to warmer weather and less snow on the road, but I am sure that will change soon. Awesome place! Be back next year for sure!

Posted by: KREG

Dakota RidgeDakota Ridge
Current Conditions Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The road is well cleared to lot b and grooming was done today. Still some ice on the road starting at the 6km hill. Enjoy.

Posted by: Alpha Adventures

Tet road has tried to be plowedTet road has tried to be plowed
Current Conditions Friday, February 15, 2008

But when we say plowed we mean there is still a need for 4x4 and chains on all 4 wheels. Best to take steel shovels for dirt and snow shovels. Trying to dig yourself out with snow shovels in hard snow is like digging frozen dirt. In many spots above the Bridge you can be driving on 18 inches of ice and compact snow.
SLOW DOWN going up and down the hill fast only puts you at risk of grabbing a rut and loosing control and going into a snow bank. Put chains on and drive like you are driving in sand. Just enough power to keep moving with out spinning and digging a hole. You do not have to dig trenches with your tires to drive on snow.
early mornings are best driving on compact before the sun gets a chance to turn road to slop. The more people in your car the better for weight and help if you get stuck take enough shovels for all to enjoy.
Remember Cell phones do not work much past the top of Suicide hill and Tow trucks will not come up there.
If you get stuck do not just leave it there and go u hill to cabins for 2-3 days. Think about the otheres that may get stuck trying to drive around your car. Don't forget the snow plow is 12 feet wide and can not fly.
Think snow safe.

Posted by: Plow Guy

Freezing levels to start rising for a whileFreezing levels to start rising for a while
Alert / Warning Friday, February 15, 2008

Sat 1000mts
sunday 2000mts

Monday 2400mts

Tuesday 2700mts

So expect rain in the alpine may be a extreme high risk of avalanche due to quick changing temps and rain up high.
Use extra caution around steep slopes.

Road may get very slipery as rain hits frozen ground. Compact snow will turn to instant ice when you drive on it when raining. Use Chains as tow trucks will not go up Tet or Dakota to pull you out..
Snow eater Unimog will charge $350 to come up and pull you out. his number is 741-4152, Cell phones do not work above Suicide hill on the Tet and spotty on Dakota.
Get and use chains. get outy and see if you slip off you feet. Take steel dirt digging shovels along with snow shovels as snow is hard and often plastic shovels will break when digging out a vehicle.

Remember Snow Safe

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Posted by: Snowman

New snow boarder to coast looking for infoNew snow boarder to coast looking for info
Alert / Warning Friday, February 15, 2008

New to coast Boarder would like info and even a ride to see local areas to snow board at Tet and elsewhere. just day trip or overnights. can email

Or maybe post some spots on here where is good or just okay.

Posted by: barry

Plowed Tet road this morningPlowed Tet road this morning
Current Conditions Saturday, February 16, 2008

Please help the plow my using chains it helps break up the ice and gives you more control. Road in good shape to past the bridge.
Was -4'c and 3 inches new snow in last 24 hours at lot. There are still some deep compact sections that would benefit from everyone using chains. There is no point in me plowing if people won't chain up. If people go up with out chains I guess I do not need to plow.
Please help break up the ice by using chains and spread your tracks out.
Have a good snow day.

Posted by: Snow Eater

Tet Parking lot can fill up quikTet Parking lot can fill up quik
Current Conditions Saturday, February 16, 2008

Please use common sense and park so as many more people can also park. Move back and over as far as safely can be done. Sunday there may be tons of vehicles up there. som please maximize and use space wisely.
Take care and have fun Watch out for snow blower on Sunday. Please stay clear of it while it is working it can throw rocks 200 ft in front of it. Have patience wait for Blower to stop and driver waves you through.
Hope to eat the snow banks to make road wider.

Have a safe snow day.

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Posted by: Snow Eater

Was anybody up the mountainWas anybody up the mountain
Current Conditions Tuesday, February 19, 2008

wanted to go up today but with no reports from weekend. Guess there is no snow left or road is not driveable. that Snow Eater guy normally goes up to Dakota every weekend. What's happening.

Posted by: barry

ItIt's awsome up there
Current Conditions Tuesday, February 19, 2008

the reason no one has posted the conditions is because they're too busy enjoying the incredible conditions up there.. there was a good dump last friday night and then it was groomed and it set up nice and hard. sunny and all good. road is same old...use chains and you'll have no problem. a good way to guage the conditions up there is to check the cypress website as they have up to day weather info and are at a similar elevation

Posted by: Turfie

Alpine Temps slowly coming down againAlpine Temps slowly coming down again
Current Conditions Tuesday, February 19, 2008

.1500 mts tonight and going down 200-300 mts each day till the weekend when it should be lower then 1000-800 mts. The warming trend is reverseing. So the snow is safe for now.
0'c at lot B at 5pm great conditions for skiing day or night

Posted by: Dr Snow

Dakota Road in good shapeDakota Road in good shape
Current Conditions Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Took kids sledding around 4pm yesterday was great but only 2 cars in lot. Would have been great night for a moonlight ski.
Things were slowly melting but colder temps on way again.
Shocked more people were not up there.

Posted by: Cavin

Current Conditions Thursday, February 21, 2008

just wanted to thank Dr Plow for taking the time to show a new guy to the coast around... lending his van ... his snow shoes without so much as a second thought... he even took the time to introduce to other that are up and down the tet often so that I have other means of getting up there. can't say enough good things about you ... thanks

Posted by: snowbank

Tet RoadTet Road
Current Conditions Thursday, February 21, 2008

Was up Plowing Tet Road today, alot of the road is breaking through to gravel spots. Although the Snow banks are still high and making road narrow in spots. Road is still icey in spots use chains it helps to break up the ice and makes driving safer. Take a steel shovel and if you see a water problem try to get water of the road. If you can not get water off the road email me and I will go up to fix it. Please spread your tire tracks out. Water will always run down low spots. If you drive on high spots and pack road down evenly there will be less water damage as road thaws out. Do not drive in the same ruts as the last vehicles or 100 of them before you. Be a leader make your own tracks.
Freezing level is to drop to 1000mts over weekend.

Posted by: Snow Eater

Alpine Forecast calls for 1000 mt freezing levelAlpine Forecast calls for 1000 mt freezing level
Current Conditions Friday, February 22, 2008

For the weekend freezing level should be around 1000 mts then on Tuesday it is going up to 2000 mts. This may have a effect on avalanche hazard in the high alpine. Best check with Avalanche Center for info in planning Back country trips. Freeze and thaw is causing ice layers that can shear and shift suddenly. Snow may seem stable on top but many layers beneath are highly unstable.
With these warming trends will come mud and water problems on the road to out local mountains along with ice. Be prepared and have and use chains where needed.
Have a great snow day.

Posted by: Dr Snow

LOST - ski polesLOST - ski poles
Current Conditions Sunday, February 24, 2008

I left my poles by the side of the road at Dakota, about 30 feet before the parking lot. Black, one has a bend in it. If anyone picked them up, please call Mike at 886-9864.


Posted by: Michael Wilson

Tet   RoadTet Road
Current Conditions Sunday, February 24, 2008

Warning put chains on and spread tracks out. No point in plowing if you guys want to chew your way up in the Ruts. I can just leave the ruts and let you chew your way up. I can find other things to keep me busy instead of spending 12 hours plowing the Tet Road. The road is to narrow to pass and if you do not have chains on you will get stuck.
Please chain up and spread your tracks it you help maintain the road and when the melt happens water will not be running down the ruts.
There must have been people up in Tet this weekend but no reports. So I guess there is no need to plow for a while.
Do your part to help keep road driveable CHAIN UP. Chaining up is easier then getting unstuck or a tow bill.
Large Group of Scouts will be up in the Cabins next weekend.
Take Care.

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Posted by: Snow Eater

Great day on RidgeGreat day on Ridge
Current Conditions Sunday, February 24, 2008

Did have a problem finding a parking spot parking lot was full luckily someone was leaveing just as I was about to park down the road.
Be carefull I feel on ice just before the trail starts. Thought I had broken my wrist at first kind of wrecked the mood for the day. You would think SCRD Staff would have some sand or dirt for people to spread out there. Boy with all the jerks that sue at the drop of a hat I sure would not want to have a patch of ice like that around. Guess the RD staff are not worried about being sued for falls on ice.
Be carefull in the parking lot too, cars were almost sliding sideways when they stopped. Guess we have to take our own sand up there. I guess no lawyers ski so RD should be Safe.
It was nice and warm in the sun but still cool in the shade. Trails were awesome and Groomer was done by 10:30am. The Volunteer groomers are doing a great job and are getting it done almost before anyone is up the hill.
Guess we have to take some Glasses for the guys on the Quads so they can read the signs that say no Quads or 4x4s allowed. Yes that is right 2 Quads drove up the trail to the Quanset hut. They have guts, I sure would not drive a quad on a groomed ski trail with a bunch of skiers with sharp pointy poles in there hands.
Guess signs have to be written in a way stupid people can figure them out.
Sure like spring conditions today but how long for. Maybe March will be a big snow dump month again.
Don't pack your skis away yet. Months of great skiing left.
Need bigger parking Lot. Thank god somebody put a lock on out house. My wife refused to go up till she could use it with out having people opening the door on her.
Have fun. 2 weeks till SNOW FEST

Posted by: barry

Freezing Level  at 1400mtsFreezing Level at 1400mts
Current Conditions Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It should start dropping on friday and Snow above 2500ft or so. Some cold temps coming for Sunday. It was trying to rain lightly at 1000 mts today. The melt is on going and roads are soft. Watch for mud, soft spots and rocks growing in the road as frost comes out.
This time of year can be anything goes from major snow dumps up high to rain and warm sunny days.
Spread your tracks out while driving this will help keep ruts down.

SNOW Fest is only just over 1 week away.

Posted by: Dr Snow

week and a half till SNOW Festweek and a half till SNOW Fest
Current Conditions Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I can not wait till march 9th. where can we check for up dates for it all. I heard there may be busses running and the Radio said there was a outdoor skating rink. I asked someone about the ice rink and they had not ever seen it.
Where do we get fresh info 1 thing says it starts at 10am and flyer says 11am. I heard there is going to be people playing music hope it is not rap.

Posted by: Shirly

Could have 10-20 cms fresh snow on SatCould have 10-20 cms fresh snow on Sat
Current Conditions Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Alpine forecast calling for freezing level to drop to 900 mts friday night Sat and have some 20 cms of snow above that.
Keep a eye on the mountains for white stuff.

Posted by: Snowman

Large Group of Scouts going to Tet feb29thLarge Group of Scouts going to Tet feb29th
Current Conditions Thursday, February 28, 2008

Cabins maybe full at Edwards and Bachelor this weekend you may need to plan on useing other cabins. Hoping to have road scraped down again on friday. Please spread tracks out to prevent Rutting and carry and use Chains. This is a 4x4 road 2 wheel drives may just chew the road up and cause road damage.
Take steel shovels as you may need to dig out and snow and ice to heavy for plastic shoveles.
If everyone uses chains on the upper road that is coverd in compact snow and ice it will help the plow to get road in better shape.

Take care have fun and add your report here too.

Posted by: Snowman

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