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Thanks very much to the man who found my PoodleThanks very much to the man who found my Poodle
Current Conditions Friday, February 29, 2008

My Mini Poodle jumped out of van when I was checking weather temp etc. At Lot B and when I got down town noticed he was to quite. Went back up several times then found out a nice man had taken him home and gave him a warm bath. 1 way to get my dog to have a bath.
Thanks very much to bad SPCA is closed.

Lots of snow base is melting fast seems half the snow at lot B is gone in last 36 hours. Hope temp gets colder soon. Road is now muddy more then a small section of ice right at top. Take care and rain gear.

Posted by: Snowman

Dakota RidgeDakota Ridge
Current Conditions Saturday, March 01, 2008

Great day on the ridge. Sun was out and we had a cm of new snow as well. Clouds rolled in and brought a bit more snow, and then left so the sun could shine through again.

The road gets muddy just before lot B. Use caution and common sense.

See you next weekend at Snowfest!

Posted by: Alpha Adventures

Alpine temps have dropped over nightAlpine temps have dropped over night
Current Conditions Sunday, March 02, 2008

Cypress is reporting -7'c so expect frozen snow early in day and turn soft in afternoon. Road to Tet may be hard and good in morning but get soft and hard to drive later in day.
Road to Dakota may have frozen ruts in mud later turning soft. Watch for cross ditches breaking through or soft on trails. Do not try to cross ditches to sides of trails. Some ditches maybe 12-20 feet deep and have running water underneath making caverns. Stay away from any depressions in snow and tree wells as they can suck you in and down.
Have a safe and fun snow day.
Watch for snow plow and Blower working on Tet road sunday.

Snow eater.

Posted by: Snowman

Tet todayTet today
Current Conditions Sunday, March 02, 2008

Road to Tet as good as it's been anytime this year. Cavin was snow blowing road down to Br 400 from parking area which is clean and sanded. Skiing was better for touring than turns, however the light accumulation on a bomb proof crust(Dust on Crust) made for fast turns. Ski out down road was rough across the crud and tracks.

Posted by: Phlyer

Tet UpdateTet Update
Current Conditions Monday, March 03, 2008

Road in great condition - thanks Snoweater! Easy snowshoeing at 1000-1300m, good weather, excellent day all around. Firewood supply getting low at Bachelor. K.M. reported harder going to Mt. Steele - breaking trail and quite a lot of new snow fell over the weekend. Firewood supply getting a bit low there also - conserve when possible.

Posted by: A&R

Tet SnowingTet Snowing
Current Conditions Monday, March 03, 2008

4 inches new snow at parking lot. temp just around 0'c w- down as low as -3'c overnight. 2 inches new at bridge. Spread your tracks out to pack the road down.

Posted by: Snoe Eater

Dakota lots new snowDakota lots new snow
Current Conditions Monday, March 03, 2008

Looks like 6 inches of new snow at the parking area. Maybe there will be lots of snow for the big snow festival.

Posted by: al

Dakota Road 8amDakota Road 8am
Current Conditions Tuesday, March 04, 2008

-5'c and road is icey. snow on road from 7km up was plowed lightly yesterday but has snowed since.
Soft mud sections have frozen hard for now spread your tracks out. best traction is in fresh snow not the ruts from last people going up. Ruts will be iced up.
Looks like a great day to be skiing up there today.

Don't forget about Snow Fest on Sunday. Try to carpool fill your car up parking maybe limited. There will be food concessions up top or bring your own.
Please leave your Dogs at Home. And be carefull there will be Snow cat running up and down the trail hauling people and there will be Bonfires for warmth.
There will be lots of ski and snow shoe Demos etc. Crazy Carpet bob sled track for kids of all ages bring your crazy carpets. And Nerves.

Posted by: Snowman

Nice sunny dayNice sunny day
Current Conditions Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Got to lot B @ 2:00. Snow/slush starts at km 7, but very driveable. Beautiful sunshine and plus 2 at the hut. Trails were wonderful.
Unfortunately, two snowmobilers didn't understand the sign at the trail start and rode up side by side, and down in different tracks, so the grooming was wiped out.
Perhaps a big sign can be posted for dog owners as I counted 6 piles in the middle of the trail on the way up. not nice for someone to slide/glide through. Take a fold-up shovel. Mine fits in my pack and is useful for many other things besides scooping poop.
There will be volunteers up there for the next four days getting ready for SNOWFEST. Lend a hand if you have time. Hopefully this showcase event will be a huge success.

Posted by: john and Kodi

Dakota Ridge SnowfestDakota Ridge Snowfest
Current Conditions Friday, March 07, 2008

Itinerary for Snowfest:

11:00am – Let the Fun Begin
11:30 am – Snow Sculpture Contest
Snowshoe Running Clinics (every half hour)
12:00 pm – Snow Fun Team Relay
12:30 pm – Downhill Biker Cross Races
1:00 pm – Snowbunny Ski Race (kids)
1:30 pm – 5 km X-Country Races
2:00 pm – Boarder Cross Races
Snow Sculpture Judging
2:30 pm – Snow Fun Team Relay
3:30 pm – Door Prize draws
All Day:
Hot Food, Ski and Snowshoe Demos, go for a ski or snowshoe,
Snowshoe Running Clinics (11:30 am, every 30 minutes), guided tours.

Pack out what you pack in

Please play safe

Posted by: SCRD

Snow Fest ShuttleSnow Fest Shuttle
Current Conditions Saturday, March 08, 2008

I had originally heard that there would be shuttles from the SCRD office up the hill, but the snowfest ad in the paper states that there will be shuttles from lot B to the top. Does anyone know if there are still shuttles from Field Road up the hill?

Posted by: Andrew Allen

Snow Fest shuttles running from Lot A upSnow Fest shuttles running from Lot A up
Current Conditions Saturday, March 08, 2008

If you need a ride up from field road there will be Snow Fest staff at top of field road stopping traffic and giving a map etc. We are trying to encourage car pooling and if you need a ride up staff can try to get a ride up with someone who has room. The road is driveable in a 2 wheel drive car to Lot A. It is Bare gravel all the way.
Vehicles will be parking along the side road and shuttle will take people from Lot A to lotB then you can ski, snow shoe or hike up or there is a large tobogan being pulled behind the snow cat.
You may want to hike up if there is a line up for the Snow Cat.
Please leave your dogs at home. No Dogs will be transported in Shuttle Vans or Snow Cat.
It is a great day up there today and preperations are under way.
Dress for changing weather.
Come have some fun and see the snow.
Have a Great Snow Day.

Posted by: Snowman

Dakota Road a mud holeDakota Road a mud hole
Current Conditions Monday, March 10, 2008

Ruts in road foot deep water running everywhere. What the hell happened to the road since last week.

Posted by: barry

ItIt's called
Current Conditions Monday, March 10, 2008

SNOWFEST 2008. Did ya make it??

Posted by: WELL

Current Conditions Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Snowing at lot B -2'c Snowing to the top seems like a cold front moved in.

Posted by: snow man

Current Conditions Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Just because Snow fest is over does not mean snow season is over. Just halfway. Here are some good pics

March, 2008 Archives<br/><a href='/outdoor-reports.asp'>Go to Recent Reports</a> image 1March, 2008 Archives<br/><a href='/outdoor-reports.asp'>Go to Recent Reports</a> image 2

Posted by: Snowman

Alpine Forecast says freezing level 900mts all weekAlpine Forecast says freezing level 900mts all week
Current Conditions Wednesday, March 12, 2008

There should be small amounts of fresh snow almost every day as freezing level is remaning steady at 900 mts. Cypress and Seymour are reporting -3'c and fresh snow.
Spring skiing is the best.
If anyone has been up the Tet recently please let us know how the road is.
Take care have a good snow day

Posted by: Snow Eater

Some Large amounts of snow are coming Sunday and MondaySome Large amounts of snow are coming Sunday and Monday
Current Conditions Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Alpine forecast is calling for trace of new snow changing to Larger accumulations Sunday and Monday. 15-25 cms.

Alpine temps should remain low so any fresh snow should last. Freezing level to remain around 900-1100 mts for the next week. So Any rain down here will probally be falling as snow up top. Don't put those snow tires away yet. We could have another 2 months of good snow to play on.

Posted by: Snowman

Need Info on Tet roadNeed Info on Tet road
Current Conditions Thursday, March 13, 2008

Can we drive up there now, has anyone made it up there in the last week or is the road not driveable. Wanting to go up friday afternoon. Any info greatly helpfull.

Posted by: George K

Is there going to be Grooming on Dakota for Spring BreakIs there going to be Grooming on Dakota for Spring Break
Current Conditions Friday, March 14, 2008

Is the any schedule for grooming or any grooming going to be done for this spring break. Last year there was none.

Want to take a large group of kids up but no point if trails are not groomed. When is the last day of grooming. Any one know. Big Snow fest hope it is not the end of ski season.

Posted by: Shirly

Dakota Ridge ski AreaDakota Ridge ski Area
Current Conditions Saturday, March 15, 2008

Was up on friday was 3-4 inches new snow then, only saw 1 other vehicle. Just a great day up there. Hope to get up again soon to enjoy the fresh spring snows. Longer days great for skiing after work.

Posted by: Gerry

Dakota RidgeDakota Ridge
Current Conditions Sunday, March 16, 2008

Was -7'c overnight still -5 at 9am trying to snow but to cold. Snow frozen hard. Road has firmed up and frozen hard for now. Come and play in the Snow

Posted by: snowman

Snowing heavy on CypressSnowing heavy on Cypress
Current Conditions Sunday, March 16, 2008

They are calling for snow through to thursday. So expect snow on our local mountains too. Freezing level around 700 mts.
Road to dakota is in good shape No chains needed for now. Muddy sections have hardened up and some deep ruts left, watch for rocks growing through road surface.. Not many people up on ridge today.
Take care have fun. Lots of snow over at Dakota Bowl and B&K too..
Best skiing now

Posted by: Snowman

Socked-in day on Dakota RidgeSocked-in day on Dakota Ridge
Current Conditions Monday, March 17, 2008

Had a great day on Dakota Ridge yesterday, 8 hours to the end of the ridge and back. Snowing heavily from late afternoon, almost all the way down to Wilson Creek. Temperature was around 0c at lot B when we departed at 5:00 pm.

March, 2008 Archives<br/><a href='/outdoor-reports.asp'>Go to Recent Reports</a> image 1

Posted by: Howard

No plough, no groomNo plough, no groom
Current Conditions Wednesday, March 19, 2008

There were four of us up on the Ridge today - 2 on skis and 2 on snowshoes. There was 6' of fresh snow and more coming down, no sun but no wind either. We had the place to ourselves.
Snow started at Lot A.
No ploughing or grooming has been done for days. Do these guys think winter is over? Got up without chains but put them on for the descent just in case.
Friday is a full moon and also a day off work. It could be busy up there - sure hope someone gets the lead out tomorrow.

Sue Duxbury

Posted by: Sue Duxbury

Tetrahedron RoadTetrahedron Road
Current Conditions Thursday, March 20, 2008

Over the weekend of March 15-16, the road was bare, with the exceptions of a little snow just E. of the bridge, and the last kilometer to the parking lot. The latter had many long sections of 6' deep ruts which were difficult to stay out of going up, but easy to straddle on the way down. The ruts are lumpy and crooked.

Not sure it's worth mounting 4 chains to assist snow dissipation for 1km.

On March 18, 20cm of fresh snow was above bumper level for the drive down for a party in a Subaru Legacy that had made it to the parking lot on the 15th. Any vehicle with less clearance will have trouble.

Above the parking lot, the crossditches are all snow-covered.

Wood supply at Bachelor Lake is down to 1/2 cord or less. Thanks for the new route signs and markers this year.

Posted by: steveg

re No Plow No Groomre No Plow No Groom
Current Conditions Thursday, March 20, 2008

I was up on Tuesday. It was snowing intermittently and there was +/- 4' of new off to the right of the first intersection above B. The groomer was definitely there grooming and track setting. I've heard tho that this coming weekend is *it* for the season.

Posted by: howard

Conditions from CypressConditions from Cypress
Current Conditions Thursday, March 20, 2008

3/20/2008 3:00:00 PM


: Snowing

Base Temp:

: -1 °C

Fresh Snow:

: 20 cm

Snow Depth:

(Mid Mtn)

: 465 cm


Has been snowing all day up there expect the same On Tet and Dakota. Great Spring conditions. Lots of good skiing left.

Posted by: garry

Snow still comingSnow still coming
Current Conditions Friday, March 21, 2008

24 hours 20 cm 2 days 39 cm 7 days 77 cm Stats from Seymour Dakota has similar.
Great spring like conditions for skiing. Should be a great weekend.

Posted by: Shirly

Best snow everBest snow ever
Current Conditions Friday, March 21, 2008

On Good Friday we had some of the best snow ever on the Ridge - you know the kind where your skis squeak? Michel was kind enough to volunteer his services to groom all the trails for us. The sun was shining, there was no wind, beautiful. About 16 cars at Lot B. The road is a gloppy mess from Lot A up. You might need chains to get down safely.
I am assured the volunteers are planning to groom once more this weekend, and then that's it for the season - they've been asked by the RD not to groom after that. So get up and enjoy soon.

Sue Duxbury

Posted by: Sue Duxbury

Heard the 3 old guys are going to drag a pallet behind them to groomHeard the 3 old guys are going to drag a pallet behind them to groom
Current Conditions Friday, March 21, 2008

Those 3 older types that have the energy of a truck load of Energizer bunnies can break trail and groom just have to get them to drag a pallet behind them.
Atleast 1 month more of good to great skiing left don't waste it. Next year the RD will be charging for trail passes etc. Last chance to ski for free up on Dakota Ridge.

Posted by: barry

Tet road - Sunday March 23Tet road - Sunday March 23
Current Conditions Sunday, March 23, 2008

Lots of fresh snow! The last two or three kilometers of road were challenging, even with 4WD and four chains. I was happy to have two shovels onboard, as there were times during the ascent when it appeared that we were about to become stuck in deep snow. Fortunately, we made it to the parking lot without mishap and then enjoyed a brilliant ski & snowshoe day-tour. Fabulous conditions up there, I hope it lasts a while...

Posted by: Flash

Tetrahedron RoadTetrahedron Road
Current Conditions Monday, March 24, 2008

Sunday March 22.
Snowing heavy late in the day. 4 inches of fresh snow on the car in 20 minutes. Upper portions of the road getting difficult. Road is rutted and icy. Bring chains and a shovel.
Lots of good skiing yet this year. Fresh powder on Steele tomorrow!!!!!

Posted by: Mr. Mender

Easter MondayEaster Monday
Current Conditions Monday, March 24, 2008

the road was a challenge even with 4x4 and chains - we gave up about 1.5kms from the top - huge ruts and made with something with a wider wheel base than I was driving, causing me to high centre. road outside ruts really rough. we miss you Cavin!
13 of us skied and snowshoed into Batchelor. Tannis Lake still solid but avoid the edge near the outflow and inflow areas - it's getting mushy.
About 6' fresh white stuff made for easy tele skiing down. Only 2 other vehicles parked at the top and a van further down. strongly suggest 4x4, chains, shovel, and wide wheel base. lots of snow and looks good for at least another 3 weeks.

Posted by: Sue Duxbury

Dakota RidgeDakota Ridge
Current Conditions Monday, March 24, 2008

Lots of snow looks like more then 2 1/2 feet of new in last week. Great cross country skiing and no crowds. Can almost ski till 8pm now with out flash light.
Only 3 or 4 vehicles up skiing and some trucks with skidoos. I followed there tracks way up top just a great day. Maybe skiing till May.

March, 2008 Archives<br/><a href='/outdoor-reports.asp'>Go to Recent Reports</a> image 1March, 2008 Archives<br/><a href='/outdoor-reports.asp'>Go to Recent Reports</a> image 2March, 2008 Archives<br/><a href='/outdoor-reports.asp'>Go to Recent Reports</a> image 3

Posted by: George K

not six feet!not six feet!
Alert / Warning Monday, March 24, 2008

sorry - re new snow on Tannis - I meant 6 inches.

Posted by: Sue Duxbury

Dakota Ridge Tuesday March 25Dakota Ridge Tuesday March 25
Current Conditions Tuesday, March 25, 2008

There is tons of new snow and ski conditions are fabulous. The road has not been plowed for awhile, so getting up to the ridge requires a 4X4 (chains a good idea) past the Dakota Bowl turnoff. It was groomed today and will be groomed tomorrow (according to the SCRD fellow grooming today), then the groomer will be brought back down for the season on Thursday. So if you want to ski, and have some time, get up there Wednesday or Thursday! Fabulous skiing.

Posted by: AE

Lot of fresh Snow on Dakota RidgeLot of fresh Snow on Dakota Ridge
Alert / Warning Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Seems to be snowing everyday day up at Dakota Ridge. More snow coming down now then 2 months ago. Guess Winter still not over. Road is pretty bad and rutted No plowing. Guess they all put there plows away thinking spring had sprung.
What a change to when it was plowed everyday. Maybe then can plow the road with the Snow cat when they bring it down the Mountain.
Mountains look so fresh with new snow everyday. Looks like there may be snow on the dakota area till middle of May. Skiing in May don't forget the sunblock.

Posted by: George K

The Local newspaper has info on Tet and DakotaThe Local newspaper has info on Tet and Dakota
Alert / Warning Thursday, March 27, 2008

Just noticed Howard has a bit of a blirb in the 'Local' paper in the back by the tide tables. More accurate then the snow phone. If you have any info on Tet or Dakota you can get Howards email address from the Local paper report and email him if you do not want to share on Suncoast central.
Sounds like Kevin's Snow plow is broke and The Regional district does not want the Dakota road plowed. So if you have a snow plow don't plow the road to Dakota. They are trying to protect the endangerd western snow flakes from snow plows.

Posted by: gary

Dakota Report for March 27Dakota Report for March 27
Current Conditions Friday, March 28, 2008

As of 6.00 PM on Thursday, March 27 the snow on the ridge was just great, about 2 inches of fresh powder on the lower road and more up top. It made for superb skiing coming down the roadway from the warming hut. It was snowing intermittently while we were there. The snow up top is getting deeper and things might soon get interesting given that the SCRD is apparently not going to be working up there any more this winter.

The road is actually in pretty good shape except for two things. The section that got heavily rutted during snow fest gives a rather lumpy ride but was not particularly unsafe. The one section further down where there are road curves and a deep ditch on the right side was slippery and would be dangerous for people who do not use chains, especially going down. Otherwise, the road at this point is not too bad. If the snowing continues and the ploughing doesn't, it could get tricky quickly.

Given that there is substantially more snow now on the trail system than during snow fest and even more predicted, I wonder if the SCRD would consider extending their road ploughing and trail grooming for a longer period?

George Smith

Posted by: George Smith

Current Conditions Saturday, March 29, 2008

Lots of new powder snow. Almost 1 foot or more powder at parking lot. Only 2 other vehicles up there this morning. Guess everyone is busy in garden.
Will need chains to get up to parking area. Had to dig out 3 or 4 times. To much snow end of march weird.

Posted by: Tom

Amazing conditions at DakotaAmazing conditions at Dakota
Current Conditions Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lovely new winter powder at Dakota on Saturday. The road was frozen and almost entirely smooth to the lot, with the exception of the two former mud holes, which were a little rutted but nice and firm. A very easy ride up with snow tires and 4 WD.

Outstanding soft powder; flurries, and a fleeting glimpse of sun from time to time. The best ski this winter.

John Carsley

Posted by: John Carsley

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