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Group - Feb 11 weekendGroup - Feb 11 weekend
Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hey everyone! A group of us (~8) is heading to Edwards, and then onto Steele the weekend of Feb 11. We're an informal group - friends celebrating a birthday, etc. I can post with more details closer to the date.
Thanks for all the updates!

Posted by: Jen C

Tet Reports and infoTet Reports and info
Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It is great that large groups post there intentions of future trips but it would be great if more people could post info on conditions after they come down the Hill. So many large groups go up and post they are going but post nothing after there trip. Please post info so others know how snow and trails conditions are also you can post up to 3 pics also.
It is good to know how the road is and how the trails are.

Posted by: Snow Man

Good Day in the TetGood Day in the Tet
Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Three of us went up skiing today. Nobody else there. Rainy and 0C at parking lot. Road well ploughed (thank you) and the ice on it was soft. Went out towards Edward Lake. Snowed much of the time. Several inches of new snow on top of much harder base made a great day. Could ski anywhere we wanted.

Posted by: Rec Skier

Heads up...Heads up...
Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Just a heads up... Group of 3 responsible teenagers heading up to Edwards Lake Cabin Feb 3-6. Will post on conditions when we get back!

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Posted by: Jake

Dakota Ridge by MoonlightDakota Ridge by Moonlight
Thursday, February 02, 2012

Clear skies and Moonlight Wed night on the Ridge. Beautiful conditions, did not even need my headlight. The road is freshly plowed and in great shape. The groomer is still down so the trails weren't groomed. Lots of fresh snow! There were tracks set by a bunch of classic skiers so it was a great evening. Several other groups up skiing.
Join us for night skiing. It is great fun. Beats the gym and is free at night!!!!!

Canada's Technical Tailors
Sechelt 604-885-8815
NOW ABOVE GBS in Sechelt!

Posted by: Patrick Mark

delayed trip reportdelayed trip report
Thursday, February 02, 2012

From January 16th to the 19th a group of 8 youth and three staff from the Take a Hike Program in Vancouver headed up into the tetrahedrons for our annual 4 day winter trip. We have always been somewhat concerned about the road and so have not been to the area in some time even though it has been a favorite in the past. Being the main driver of the vehicle with the passengers being other peoples children, road conditions and ease have always been something I take pretty serious. My anxiety totally disappeared after speaking with the Tet outdoor club and then 'Snowman'. Snow man said that he would be willing to help get our students to the parking lot so that we could leave the van down below. This was amazing!! Myself and the other staff were so thankful as this eliminated a huge risk for us and allowed us to utilize this great area. I will have to say that the students were also pretty thrilled as the option of walking the road from the bottom with large packs on did not seem to sit well with them (ok I will admit, I was not to thrilled with that option either). The weather that week was perfect. A little snow, cold temps (-20 one night, sunny breaks, the lakes were good and frozen, and enough snow at Edwards cabin (about 4feet)to build some fantastic snow caves that all 8 students spent their last night in. We stayed at both Bachelor and Edwards cabins and were pleased to find how clean and put together they were upon arriving. On the 4th day we hiked out from Edwards cabin back to the parking lot. Judging from the days previous distances and times the staff had thought that it would take a few hours for our students to reach the parking lot. It is amazing how the motivation of going home and having a shower gets people moving. What had taken close to 3-4 hours the other days, took only 1.5 hours the last day with rarely a break. We arrived on the Thursday morning just after 9:30am to find Snow Man waiting for us in the parking lot. We at the Take a Hike Program want to thank Snow Man for his dedication and commitment to making the area accessible for everyone by clearing the road, and further by adding to our adventure with our students in getting us up and down. We enjoyed the stories and history of the road from him. This was a fantastic trip and we look forward to using the area in the future. I will post some pictures once we have them downloaded.

Pete Prediger

Posted by: Peter Prediger

Dakota Ridge Night UseDakota Ridge Night Use
Thursday, February 02, 2012

A user of Dakota Ridge mentioned below that Dakota Ridge is free at night. Please note that Regular Fees Are Required for use of Dakota Ridge Day and Night...These fees help pay for ploughing and road maintenance.


Posted by: G. Gelineau

7 going to Edwards cabin on Saturday the 4th7 going to Edwards cabin on Saturday the 4th
Friday, February 03, 2012

A group of 7 from the Inside Passage School of Fine Woodworking will be spending Saturday night (presumably with the '3 responsible teenagers') at Edwards cabin. The group will be using the old Gilbert Lake route starting around 11:30 so if any other parties wish to use that route that weekend we will have broken trail already! This is a very enjoyable route, shorter, and without the endless logging road portion.

Posted by: Natasha

Tet conditions  good report on Facebook PageTet conditions good report on Facebook Page
Friday, February 03, 2012

Somebody reported there were just up there this morning sounded like 18 inches fresh snow at parking lot in last week. Drive safe have fun Be prepared.

Posted by: Snow Man

Tet  only a trace of new snow at Tet lotTet only a trace of new snow at Tet lot
Saturday, February 04, 2012

Guess there is a total of 16 inches at Tet parking lot only 2-4 inches since last week. Road is iced and people have not spread tracks out so ruts have started.

Posted by: Snow Man

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Sat. Feb 4th. Beautiful day up in the Tet. Was an inversion which meant thick fog down below and bright sunshine up in the Tet. Road was icy but with good snowtires and chains we did just fine. Conditions were good for snowshoing. Track was made and worn in so didn't have to work too hard. For those going off the track, the snow would have been heavy in the areas where the sun had been hitting for awhile.

Sure appreciate the work the Tet club does up in the area.

Posted by: Susan SS

Current Conditions Sunday, February 05, 2012

Beautiful up on the ridge! Drive up fine, did not need chains in 4x4. Car park ICY!! Careful..
Anyone going up Monday or Tuesday evening with the full moon on the 7th?

Posted by: Bones

Scouts at Bachelor CabinScouts at Bachelor Cabin
Current Conditions Monday, February 06, 2012

Just a heads up that about 15 - 20 Scouts will be at Bachelor Lake Cabin from February 17 - 19

Posted by: Scouter Pam

Family to Edwards cabinFamily to Edwards cabin
Current Conditions Monday, February 06, 2012

Family heading to Edwards cabin on February 17th for the night. Thanks to the 'snowman' for all your input on the Tet and road conditions.

Posted by: Richard

SFU Outdoors Club tripSFU Outdoors Club trip
Current Conditions Monday, February 06, 2012

A group of 8 SFU Outdoors Club members (mostly snowshoers) will be heading up to Tetrahedron Park from Feb. 13-16. Not sure yet which cabins we'll be staying in on which nights.

Posted by: Mich

Lost Jacket Edwards CabinLost Jacket Edwards Cabin
Current Conditions Monday, February 06, 2012

Hi all,

I forgot an orange northface fleece jacket last sunday at Edwards cabin. If anyone found it, please return to:

Inside Passage School of Woodworking
1055 Roberts Creek Road

or call


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Posted by: marty kenney

Great pics poste on Facebook for TetGreat pics poste on Facebook for Tet
Current Conditions Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Capt Quinn posted some awesome pics looks like from last weekend. You have to see them.

Posted by: Gary

Dakota Ridge conditionsDakota Ridge conditions
Current Conditions Sunday, February 12, 2012

The road to Dakota Ridge is in fair shape. Softer at the top but is clear of snow all the way to the top. The trails are in fair shape in spite of the rain and warm Thanks to the groomers. The Jackrabbits were there having lessons. It snowed this morning on the ridge. The conditions will improve during the week. The skiing is great!


Posted by: Patrick Mark

Lost CameraLost Camera
Current Conditions Sunday, February 12, 2012

Saturday February forth I lost a black Sony digital camera, just a pocket sized one, on the Edwards Cabin side of Edwards Lake. It has pictures of the landscape on it as well as my fellow classmates skiing infront of me. If anyone has found it I would greatly appreciate having it back.

Posted by: Joshua Edwards

Any Reports from the TetAny Reports from the Tet
Current Conditions Monday, February 13, 2012

I know there must have been some people in the Tet this weekend, would be great if someone posted a report. It is all and great that people post about there plans to go up to certain cabins and report lost items. But it would be of great benefit if people could post info on trails and snow conditions post some pics etc. How was the drive up what are the snow depths and temps etc.

Please post info after your trip.

Posted by: Gary

Road closedRoad closed
Alert / Warning Monday, February 13, 2012

Because the road is soft and mushy, the RD have closed the Dakota access down at B lot. It's 2.5kms to the top.
Maybe open again for the Friday 6th.
check RD website.

Posted by: landcruiser

Current Conditions Monday, February 13, 2012

I meant Friday the 17th

Posted by: landcruiser

Scouts Trip Cancelled - Feb. 17 - 19Scouts Trip Cancelled - Feb. 17 - 19
Current Conditions Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Scouts have cancelled their trip to to Bachelor lake cabin this weekend Feb 17 - 19. Thanks.

Posted by: Scouter Pam

Any reports from the TetAny reports from the Tet
Current Conditions Thursday, February 16, 2012

Just wondering how the road is tried going to Dakota but it was blocked off.

Is there any new snow or did the rain and melt mess it up.

Posted by: george H

tet roadtet road
Current Conditions Thursday, February 16, 2012

only 2 inches new snow at parking lot road in good shape Please try to spread your tracks out to pack the whole road down. this will keep the road in better shape longer and protect it from warm weather melt and making mud

Posted by: gary

Family to Edwards cabin cancelledFamily to Edwards cabin cancelled
Current Conditions Saturday, February 18, 2012

Trip into Edwards cabin with a family group planned for Feb 17th and 18th has been cancelled due to illness.

Posted by: Richard

Family to Edwards cabin cancelledFamily to Edwards cabin cancelled
Current Conditions Saturday, February 18, 2012

Trip into Edwards cabin with a family group planned for Feb 17th and 18th has been cancelled due to illness.

Posted by: Richard

Family to Edwards cabin cancelledFamily to Edwards cabin cancelled
Current Conditions Saturday, February 18, 2012

Trip into Edwards cabin with a family group planned for Feb 17th and 18th has been cancelled due to illness.

Posted by: Richard

Any info from up the MountainAny info from up the Mountain
Current Conditions Sunday, February 19, 2012

How is Dakota or the Tet where is the best place to play in the snow

Posted by: George H

Great DayGreat Day
Current Conditions Sunday, February 19, 2012

Went to Dakota Ridge mid afternoon Sun. Feb. 19. It was great. Road was good, trails were great and the snow that fell over Friday night made everything a winter wonderland. Also enjoyed tobogganing on Friday Feb. 17. Thanks to everyone who keeps Dakota Ridge running.

Posted by: Rec Skier

Tetrahedron Update, Silly DriversTetrahedron Update, Silly Drivers
Current Conditions Sunday, February 19, 2012

We drove up on Feb. 18. We've been going there once or twice a year for probably 20 years, and we've never seen the gravel road in such good condition.

There was snow above the bridge, and the last 2 km were deep enough to impede progress. I broke trail and made it to the parking lot without chains or spinning. A party of 6 had left an Audi Quattro station wagon parked so that there wasn't room to turn around at the top of the parking lot. They were so far out on the main part of the road I was able to loop around behind them to park.

Friends of ours with a Subaru wagon couldn't make it all the way even with chains and driving in our ruts. Two full-size crew-cab 4x4 pickups then arrived at the parking lot, making it without chains or snow tires only because I'd broken trail. One truck almost slid into the Audi trying to turn around. The other truck got stuck in the ditch like a huge beached whale. They didn't have chains or shovels, and set about trying to dig it out using snowshoes. Which might have taken a day or two. I had a towstrap and pulled them out (with a Suzuki Grand Vitara weighing less than half the pickup).

All these other vehicles parked parallel to the road so they'd have an easy time getting going again, without putting chains on. Such parking severely limits the amount of spaces available. I can see why Cavecan gets really tired of the way people use this road.

On the way down, the ruts were wider but we drove in the untracked snow anyway.

We were pleased to see that some of the people there on snowshoes made an effort to stay off the ski trail.

As for the snow conditions, they were just excellent. On Sunday we skied up Steele, and had fun breaking trail out the old trail across Gilbert Lake, which we hadn't done for about 10 years.

Sometime late on the 18th, a shallow soft slab avalanche happened in the draw facing NW above the Steele cabin.

Our party of 6 overnight at Edwards, a party of 6 young guys from the Audi at Edwards on Friday night and Steele on Saturday night. Firewood at Edwards is down to about 1 cord.

February, 2012 Archives<br/><a href='/outdoor-reports.asp'>Go to Recent Reports</a> image 1

Posted by: Steve Grant

Mt.Steele CabinMt.Steele Cabin
Current Conditions Monday, February 20, 2012

Hi me and 5 others plan to stay friday Feb, 24th night at the Steele Cabin, if anyone has already had plans for it let me know by email thanks.

Posted by: Keelan

Weekend 25-26 FebWeekend 25-26 Feb
Current Conditions Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Group of 8 planning to stay at Mount Steele Cabin weekend 25-26 Feb.


Posted by: mary rider

2wd parking2wd parking
Current Conditions Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Where should a 2wd wagon with proper chains and winter tires expect to make it and park on the road? We don't mind walking/skinning the extra distance but I can't find any discussions or info for those of us without 4x4 capabilities.

Many Thanks

Posted by: Avery Gottfried

parking 2 wheel driveparking 2 wheel drive
Current Conditions Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I would guess you are asking about the Tet road, You might find the road drivable to just past the Bridge. The snow does build fast past there most of the time. There are a few pullouts past the Bridge are before the steep hill below rock Quary. There is a bad cross ditch that you might drag a bumper on low cars on suicide hill where all the concrete barriers are. Conditions change fast and you could find fresh snow on car when you come down or the road is covered in ice from warm temps then freezing.
the quary hill is around 2 kms from parking lot the bridge area is around 3.5 mms from lot there is a spot around 500ft past bridge to park before climbing much. Check on club tread for reports from the weekend trips and great pics from Steve.

Posted by: gary

Mt. steeleMt. steele
Current Conditions Thursday, February 23, 2012

Group of 4 planning staying at cabin for sat. night 25th/26th. Sounds like it's getting pretty full. Is anyone else planning on being there as well? Please post you're plans if you are! Thanx

Posted by: canvasman

High Avalanche warning in MountainsHigh Avalanche warning in Mountains
Alert / Warning Thursday, February 23, 2012

If you are going to Mt Steele the Avalanche warning is High in Alpine and treeline. Best check and be prepared as snow maybe unstable. High winds yesterday and new snow with temps going up and down are just right for avalanche. Check for info about warnings and info also Avalanche center.

Posted by: George H

Mt.Steele CabinMt.Steele Cabin
Alert / Warning Friday, February 24, 2012

Hi group of 5 staying at Mt.Steele tonight are no longer going, due to vehicle problems

Posted by: Keelan

Snowed 2 ft in last 24 hours on CypressSnowed 2 ft in last 24 hours on Cypress
Alert / Warning Friday, February 24, 2012

Should be lots of new snow on our hills be prepared it could snow a lot while you are away from car. Have Chains and shovels ready.

Posted by: Gary

Youth Groups Planning to Use Edwards and Bachelor CabinsYouth Groups Planning to Use Edwards and Bachelor Cabins
Alert / Warning Friday, February 24, 2012

1. The Pender Harbour Secondary Outdoor Education Class is planning a trip to Edwards Cabin Saturday, MARCH 3rd - Sunday, MARCH 4th.

2. The Sunshine Coast Army Cadets are planning a trip to Bachelor Cabin Saturday, MARCH 17th - Sunday, MARCH 18th.

Because of the difficulty in organizing large youth groups, it would be GREATLY appreciated if folks could avoid the cabins on those two evenings.

Posted by: Jeff Marshall

mt steelemt steele
Alert / Warning Friday, February 24, 2012

Group of 4 have changed plans and will be staying at Edwards cabin because of avalanche danger up to steele. Thanx

Posted by: canvasman

Feb 26thFeb 26th
Alert / Warning Friday, February 24, 2012

Going up to Edwards cabin this weekend with group of 3.

Does anyone know if McNair cabin is used this time of year?

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Posted by: mike

Tet conditions,Feb.24Tet conditions,Feb.24
Alert / Warning Saturday, February 25, 2012

I did a quick trip in to Batchelor Lake yesterday, at the parking lot at 8am. Trace of snow starts about 4km below the bridge, with about 4 or 5 inches of new snow in the lot, temp was -2C. I brought chains but didn't need them, 4wd with new snow tires gave good traction with the new snow on the road, but that could change as the road gets more traffic. It was absolutely spectacular snowshoeing in to the cabin, no tracks and snowing like crazy. If you get a chance, get up there this weekend!
Thanks to all those who've been looking after the cabins and the road,we're fortunate to have such a beautiful place kept accessible to us.

Posted by: Niels

Tetrahedron, February 25Tetrahedron, February 25
Current Conditions Saturday, February 25, 2012

Four of us skied in on the Gilbert Lake trail today and it was a winter wonderland kinda day. About a foot and a half of new snow, lots of snow caking the trees, dynamic cloud formations and nippy but nice temperatures. It got a little windy at times but so what. We shared trail breaking with a friendly bunch from the UBC Outdoor Club who were heading off to Steele. They seemed knowledgeable about avalanches and were well equipped.

Thanks to Caven for ploughing the road again today. The road is in fine shape for four wheel drive vehicles with chains.

Posted by: George Smith

Winter Fest- Sponsored by Alpha AdventuresWinter Fest- Sponsored by Alpha Adventures
Current Conditions Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday March 10 - Dakota Ridge
Enjoy a great day of winter activity on Dakota Ridge. Profits from the event will be donated to the Dakota Ridge Jackrabbit Ski Program.

Activities Include:

Product Demos – Try out Snowshoes & Cross Country Skis
Cross-Country Ski Mini-Loppet (Race) Choose the 5 km or 10 km course. This is a recreational race- all skill levels welcome.
Snowshoe Race- 2.5 or 5 km course
Kid’s Ski Race

Please note that registration is mandatory for this event. Please REGISTER online:

Discounted Rentals & Shuttle Service will be available for this event.

Posted by: Alpha Adventures

Tet conditions  Please post trip reportsTet conditions Please post trip reports
Current Conditions Monday, February 27, 2012

We know there is a large group of people using the Tet but few post any info. Please share your info like snow depths temps take some pics you can post unto 3 pics. Please carry and use chains best to use alpine or Diamond Back chains. Cable chains only give a little traction at beast. Chain up front axle as most of your brakes and all steering is on front. a picture is worth 1000 words

February, 2012 Archives<br/><a href='/outdoor-reports.asp'>Go to Recent Reports</a> image 1

Posted by: Gary

found at Dakota Ridgefound at Dakota Ridge
Current Conditions Monday, February 27, 2012

I found a camera flash and power cord near the parking lot at Dakota Ridge Monday. If it's yours please call me. 604-989-7492

Posted by: Red Ranger

Edwards cabinEdwards cabin
Current Conditions Monday, February 27, 2012

It was as good as it gets on Sat. 25th. 2 people ahead of us on our way to Edwards that broke trail to Victors Landing and then we broke trail to just before Edwards cabin when a group from UBC passed us from UBC on there way to Steele. They had lunch at the cabin and went on there way to Steele. We had a great group of 8 at Edwards for the night and skied some of the best snow in the trees up to steele I've ever had. The group that went to Steele must have had the best weekend ever, 18 inches fresh powder and sunshine. Skied back the Gilbert lake trail on sun. which was very enjoyable. Sunshine and Snow, does'nt get much better than that. Thanx to the Snow man, without you we would'nt be able to do this as easy so close to home. You,re the best. P.S. Had a great time with you all on Sat. night.

Posted by: canvasman

15 Youth to Overnight Edwards Cabin March 3-415 Youth to Overnight Edwards Cabin March 3-4
Alert / Warning Tuesday, February 28, 2012

1. The Pender Harbour Secondary Outdoor Education Class is planning a trip to Edwards Cabin Saturday, March 3rd - Sunday, March 4th.

Because of the difficulty in organizing large youth groups, it would be GREATLY appreciated if folks could avoid the cabins on those two evenings.

This is a re-post - thank you.

Posted by: Jeff Marshall

Tet Road is a 4 wheel drive road onlyTet Road is a 4 wheel drive road only
Alert / Warning Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Please remember the road to the Tet is a 4x4 road only and best to use chains. Many people have ventured up with out chains on only to slide back down hill sideways. It is much easier to chain up before you get stuck and using chains helps to break up ice under the snow. Cable chains are almost useless on the Tet road. Diamond Back or Alpine chains are best for traction and are easy to put on. You can put chains on in 2-3 mins when you get use to them. If everyone chains up and spreads tracks out it makes it much safer and the road will get packed down evenly.

Posted by: Snow Man

TR from Steele Feb 25-26TR from Steele Feb 25-26
Alert / Warning Tuesday, February 28, 2012

We (8 people from the UBC VOC (varsity outdoors club)) had a great trip. We parked just past the bridge in our 2wd wagons as the snow looked to be getting deep and didn't want to waste time potentially getting stuck on the road. It only took an extra hour up and 30 min down as the road was nice and clear by the snowman for the skin up.

Had fabulous conditions on the way up with a ton of fresh pow and some great people who were also there for a day trip. (let us know your plans with the bridge this spring and we will do what we can!). The wind was strong once we got up to Mount Steele and when we rounded the col it was hard to look up. That night there were some good runs in the trees right above the cabin. The cabin was in great condition and the sleeping pads were amazing! Great work with the insulation, and there are plenty of design tips we'll bring back to the club for the 4 VOC huts that we run.

The next day it was windswept and -10 without the windchill, but we headed up Steele and had an ok run down. The wind blew off most the pow, along with any avalanche concerns as you didn't break the crust in many areas. We then found a fabulous slope that wasn't wind effected and was stable on the East side of what we called mount 1554m. This was one of the best runs of the year! The ski out was great with deep powder runs all the way to Edwards Cabin.

Many photo's are available here

Great trip, and thanks to the snowman for clearing the road, and the Tetrahedron Club for the great work on the trails and cabins!

February, 2012 Archives<br/><a href='/outdoor-reports.asp'>Go to Recent Reports</a> image 1February, 2012 Archives<br/><a href='/outdoor-reports.asp'>Go to Recent Reports</a> image 2February, 2012 Archives<br/><a href='/outdoor-reports.asp'>Go to Recent Reports</a> image 3

Posted by: Avery

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