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Sunshine Coast Outdoor Reports February, 2013Sunshine Coast Outdoor Reports February, 2013

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Trips to BatchelorTrips to Batchelor
Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hello Miss Nays, Iam one of two cabin stewards for Batchelor cabin. Give me a call at 604-885-5899 and we will try and figure something out for your group.

Posted by: Doug House

Pic of BergiePic of Bergie
Friday, February 01, 2013

Trapper lady after her annual Bath in Porpoise bay just before the PNE

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Posted by: Snow Man

Tet road  very iceyTet road very icey
Current Conditions Saturday, February 02, 2013

8 4x4s up there 3 with out chains I am having to seriously rethink plowing if people are going to go up with out chains on then I will not plow any more. I broke 1 set of chains today trying to get road in shape if we get anymore snow and Fools are still driving up with out chains. Why should I beat the shit out of my truck when people want to risk going up there with out chains. I got held up fro 1/2 because some fool did not have chains and when he stopped he could not get going again. Yes you might be the best driver and have best snow tires but when you met someone on a hill are you going to be able to stop and back up. Or are you going to slide down the road. My plow has been hit twice already by fools with no chains on there wheels. Then there are people that only put it in 4 wheel drive when they are way up the road and you can see there tire tracks slipping on the hills or when they stop. Chain up and engage your 4 wheel drive when you leave the pavement what are you saving it for christmas.

Posted by: Snow Man

long weekendlong weekend
Current Conditions Sunday, February 03, 2013

a group of 5 are planning to go to Edwards cabin for nights of Feb 9th and 10th.

Posted by: Bruce

Tet Cabins Busy long weekend comingTet Cabins Busy long weekend coming
Current Conditions Sunday, February 03, 2013

Might be good if people could post what cabin and how many people are staying what nights on the Bulletine board at Parking lot. Not every one reads these posts and some people might read notices on the info board.

Be aware road might not be getting plowed as some people feel chains are not needed. Please do your part by using chains so the plow can plow better. I broke chains and did damage to my truck again. If everyone chains up it is safer and using chains helps break up the ice so plow can make it plow better. If everyone does not chain up then why should the plow. I am serious if you do not have chains on your wheels you have no business going past the Quary hill. It takes less then 5 mins to put Diamond back chains on your front wheels so you have steering and breaking.
If you feel it is to much work to use chains just wait till you have to walk all the way up when road is not plowed. There was a guy hurt 2 weeks ago when he spun out on the hill and he got out and slid down hill and hit a tree. It took him 30 minutes to try to climb back to his 4x4. If you think your tires are so great stop on the hill and try to get going again from a stop.
That road is a seriously dangerous road when not properly prepared.

Posted by: Snow Man

Dakota RidgeDakota Ridge
Current Conditions Sunday, February 03, 2013

The Gibson's Scouts had a great snow camp at Dakota Ridge this weekend. The weather was sunny and mild on Saturday. They had fun sledding and had an epic snowball fight. Someone inadvertently packed the axe that belongs in the warming hut. I will contact Alpha Adventures to see if they could take it up in their shuttle.
Scouter Karen

Posted by: Scouter Karen

Report on overnight trip Feb1-2Report on overnight trip Feb1-2
Current Conditions Sunday, February 03, 2013

Group of 3 adults and 6 boys headed up to Bachelor Lake Cabin Feb 1-2. Road on the way up was challenging just beyond the chain-up stop for about 2km. No major problems, yet the ruts in the road were so deap that it was near impossible to spread our tracks and the snow in the middle of the road was scraping the undercarriage of our Jeep. When we were up a little higher, the ruts were less deep and the driving was easier. It was possible to hike up to the trailhead without snow shoes, but they were needed once we hit the trees. Dug a test hole in Tannis Lake and the ice was about 10' thick. No problem for crossing, but this part was slow going: the snow was heavy and there was no trail blazed ahead of us on the lake. Cabin was in great condition: clean and the wood box was stacked full. There was only about 1/4 chord of wood left under the cabin. Heard lots of mice/rats in the ceiling as we 'slept'. Heading down only took 1 hour from cabin to parking lot (vs. 2h:15min heading in) as the trail was so well travelled. Much colder the next day so the drive down was icey, yet no problem.

Met the Snow Man (Cavin) as we we taking off our chains on the way down. Very nice guy and great to meet the man who has made it so easy for our family and friends to access the great venue for so many years. Thank you for doing such a great community service, and voluteering no less! The Coast is lucky to have you. To all who are reading this, please respect his wishes to chain up as it makes it better for all of us! Will pay our cabin fees online. Thanks to the Outdoor Club for all your work.

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Posted by: John Rogers

Tet reports thanks for posting a great one. JohnTet reports thanks for posting a great one. John
Current Conditions Monday, February 04, 2013

I wish more people posted such a well detailed report it is nice to see that some prople post info after a trip instead of just trying to reserve a cabin sorry for spelling problems hard to see out of damgeed eye still. Osting pics with a report shows others how great it can be up there Much appreciated the in depth report on ice thickness. Things can change fast but atleast that gives you a idea Please do not assume that all info here is the gospell truth maybe someone is confussed with metric always check ice for your self do not assume because you see tracks across a lake it is safe.
Use your own judgement it is the only one that counts at the time.

Posted by: Snow Man

Road AccessRoad Access
Current Conditions Monday, February 04, 2013

First of all, Snow Man is a champ! All that effort, energy, gas, and wear and tear on his truck!

I have snow tires and chains, but lack clearance and have no 4WD/AWD. Is there a parking lot part-way up the road where we could leave our car if the ruts are deep, and then skin/walk the rest of the way? Where's Quarry Hill? How many extra kms would we need to travel to get to the trailhead?

Thanks in advance!

Posted by: Saltwedge

Tet road access parking for 2 wheel drive etcTet road access parking for 2 wheel drive etc
Current Conditions Monday, February 04, 2013

Thanks for asking about where to park a 2 wheel drive. The Quary hill is around 2 kms from Winter parking lot. you should be able to make it past the bridge there is a wide pullout where snow mobilers unload to go to Mt Crucil. There is a small hill just past there that I did not plow the 200ft hill then it is plowed down to hard ice. to show people what road is like. If you can make it through those ruts you should make it to base of Quary hill. There are a few wide spots I plowed just for parking in case.. I would hope that if someone saw you walking up they would give you a lift. It has been warm and melting since Sat so I do not know how the road is there was a overflow parking lot yesterday from what I heard many people did not use chains.. I would hope someone who was there would post new info on road and trails. Take care have fun

If those others don't start using chains they will be walking too.

Posted by: Snow Man

Trip to edwards and steele cabinTrip to edwards and steele cabin
Current Conditions Monday, February 04, 2013

We are looking to head up to Edwards cabin for the night of Feb 16th and Steele for the night of Feb 17th. We will be a group of 5-6. Will confirm our numbers later.

Posted by: Raefel

Oops dates mixed upOops dates mixed up
Current Conditions Monday, February 04, 2013

Regarding the previous post, we will be heading to Edwards Cabin the night of Feb 9th and Steele the night of Feb. 10th.

Posted by: Raefel

Saltwedge email me for more infoSaltwedge email me for more info
Current Conditions Tuesday, February 05, 2013

I do not know when you are going up but email me at and I can give you better info closer to the day you are going.. Iwas hoping some of the large number of people that were up there this last weekend would post some info. But seems I will have to drive up to check it out I might be going up around same time and can give you a lift and find good spot for car.

Snow man

Posted by: Snow Man

Tet roadTet road
Current Conditions Tuesday, February 05, 2013

As of Saturday ahternoon there were melting conditions at the winter parking lot. Road was not slippery. This could change. There is about a half cord of wood left at Batchelor cabin, maybe more. Some people complained that the hardest part driving up With or WITHOUT chains was dodging 2 foot diameter snowballs on road.Some people are aware of bare patches on the road, so they won't risk damaging cable or other chains.I know I won't!! Some people are more comfortable than others driving mountain roads as long as you don't fool about. Plow all the road! otherwise you are misleading as to the true conditions. Anyone wishing to inquire abt Batchelor cabin can phone Doug House at 604-885-5899. I will return messages as I'm able too. Doug House cabin steward

Posted by: Doug House

Looking to tag alongLooking to tag along
Current Conditions Tuesday, February 05, 2013

We're looking for someone who is planning to go up to one of the cabins for at least one night anytime in the week of the 11th to 16th and wouldn't mind a couple of tag-alongs from Powell River. We maintain the cabins in the Knuckleheads here and would love to offer to do an exchange. Please email or call Randy at 604 485-2484 or 604 223-0704

repost by Michel

Posted by: Michel Frenette

heading up on Friday 8 Februaryheading up on Friday 8 February
Current Conditions Tuesday, February 05, 2013

heading up with my wife for a romantic weekend. appears lots of rats and mice to share food with at bachelor. cool!

road sounds like it is in fairly good condition. haven't had to use my chains this year so this may be a good test.

Posted by: john

Attention . .. Doug House ?Attention . .. Doug House ?
Current Conditions Tuesday, February 05, 2013

hey there.

just out of curiosity . are you the doug house who is a perimedic??? who drives that old school ambulance ????

maybe ? maybe not ? name rings a bell to me...


Posted by: Stumanchu

mt steele feb 16thmt steele feb 16th
Alert / Warning Tuesday, February 05, 2013

group of 4 heading to mt steel early am on sat feb 16th.
staying for 3 or 4 nights depending on conditions

anyone been up there lately ? and know if there is actually foamies there to sleep on ??


Posted by: Stumanchu

Alert / Warning Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Uh, no man: That ain't me. Like I got a real job.LOL I don't pay attn whats at Steele: read back thru posts.and in real life who is stumanchu?

Posted by: Doug House

Plowing of Tet roadPlowing of Tet road
Alert / Warning Wednesday, February 06, 2013

The Snow Balls that are mentioned being on the road are left from after plowing they roll off the blade up the snow bank and back down again. If I had not been blocked by someone with NO CHAINS on I would have made another pass to clean it up. When I was plowing down hill and a 4x4 came up hill saw my plow hit the brakes and could not move again and blocked road for more then 1/2 hour I gave up. As for not plowing the whole road I on purpose leave some of the bottom section un plowed so people think and put chains on and in a 2 wheel drive they would turn around before getting into trouble. But feel free to plow the road yourself. If eveyone chained up and spread there tracks out you would barely need to plow the road.
As for Bare sections I do not control the weather or the sun and mother nature feels free to melt ice and snow in her own way. But thanks for the brilliant info on chains I will no longer use chains to plow the road.
I will spend my free time on street corners protesting what ever is happening anywhere. Please feel free to stop and clear debree off the road instead of driving around it leaving it there for someone to get injured by. There maybe no more bare spots you can be sure of that now.

Posted by: Snow Man

Web Cam at Brohm ridge shows new snowWeb Cam at Brohm ridge shows new snow
Current Conditions Wednesday, February 06, 2013

check out this webcam at Brohm ridge it is live and the temp reads 3 degrees warmer then it shows. The chelet is at 5000ft and looks like almost 1 ft new snow in last 2 days. sometimes you have to refresh your Browser to get newest pic

They have Avalanche corses and wedddings etc there sounds like a cool place lots of snow and avalanche country. Yhe deck at the stairs is around 7-8 ft high often you can see snow mobiles and the snow cat up there. At night they havea a gen and lights if they are there.

Posted by: Snow Man

Final Numbers for Long WeekendFinal Numbers for Long Weekend
Current Conditions Wednesday, February 06, 2013

I posted a week or two ago - final numbers for our group is 4 people in Steele hut for the 9th and 10th.

See you all up there!


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Posted by: Michael Nell

Snow might be on the way for them HillsSnow might be on the way for them Hills
Current Conditions Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Mt Seymour had 31 cms new and -1'c so we could be getting close to same Lets hope someone goes up and posts info. High winds forecast for tonight so trees and tree bombs might be falling near roads. Watch for trees from last windstorms buried in new snow close to ditch. Lets hope that people try to move any debree on road instead of dodgeong it all and leaving it for others to deal with.,
Always good to carry small had saw to cut branches on trails or roads.

Posted by: Snow Man

This weekendThis weekend
Current Conditions Thursday, February 07, 2013

A group of about 6 of us are heading to Mount Steele Cabin this weekend. Despite online postings about your upcoming trips, it's still first come, first served at all the cabins (anyone can say they're going and not show up due to the access road, change of plans, etc.), so everyone needs to be prepared to winter camp or turn around (if a cabin is full). Note that there could be several other parties going up there that have not posted their trips...


Posted by: Saltwedge

Tet road wont have bare spots nowTet road wont have bare spots now
Current Conditions Thursday, February 07, 2013

So you can use your chains. Was just up to Dakota and there is 1 ft new snow Grader and cat working but still icey Watch for Big rocks not just snow balls on road to Dakota. 1 guy just missed a 2 ft rock then he sprayed hot pink spray paint on it. It must have left a big hole in road somewhere. Lots of people up there today looks like school group. I heard in the coffee shop that road to Tet wont be getting plowed for a while don't know why.

Posted by: Frank J

Edwards CabinEdwards Cabin
Current Conditions Friday, February 08, 2013

Hey folks, there is a group of 3 of us who posted early last week that we will be at Edwards Cabin for the nights of the 9th and 10th. Bruce I see there is a group of 5 of you...just wanted to let you know we will be there too. Happy winter adventuring :)

Posted by: Miss Nays

Edward Hut: Feb 9th and 10thEdward Hut: Feb 9th and 10th
Current Conditions Friday, February 08, 2013

Hey Raefel...Just wanted to give you a heads up that there will already be 9 people at the hut this weekend. My group of 3 arranged with on here and with Doug the cabin Steward end of January. I'm totally cool with sharing but I don't know how much room there is so people should possibly be ready to sleep in tents or build snow caves for sleeping.

Looks like it's going to be an adventure of a weekend!! Woohoo!

Posted by: Miss Nays

Tet roadTet road
Current Conditions Friday, February 08, 2013

Was -2`c at lot this morning trace of new road has deep ruts if you use chains and can stay out of ruts it is much easier 1 4x4 without chains parked at bottom of hill 1 km from lot. 8 4x4s and many people going into caqbins. Please use chains and stay out of the ruts.
unfortunatly plow broke down as I was coming down from trip to Dakota blew airlines

Posted by: Snow man

Tet Road   Please Chain up at pullout 1000ft past bridgeTet Road Please Chain up at pullout 1000ft past bridge
Current Conditions Saturday, February 09, 2013

Yes there is a small section of road not plowed, this is to give people in 2 wheel drives a idea of what is to come. There is area above this unplowed area that is mix of bare to gravel and compact snow. Contrary to what others have said you wont damage your chains by driving on gravel with chains if you do a resonable speed. Gravel is much softer then hard ice. Just at the top of Quary hill the compact and soft stuff starts Even my Unimog had trouble in spots here, the ruts left by people not chaining up and following the last 40 vehicles have made it hard to drive or plow. If you can stay out of ruts it is not bad with 1 set of chains but the rear wheels will fight to stay in ruts. If you go to fast a rut can grab the front end and shoot you for the ditch. Speed only gets you in trouble faster on this type of road. Spinning your wheels with chains on can do severe damage to your vehicle. Lets hope some snowmobiles can go up there and shred the ruts.
If you can not make it to the top please park your car well off the road and pointed down hill so if it snows more you wont get stuck trying to turn around. This is why it is good to have lots of shovels you might need to dig a safe parking spot.
The Tet Culb does not have a large budget to plow the road so it is done on a shoe string. Please remember to pay your cabin fees and you can always help with work parties and firewood wood work parties etc. Come in the summer and help fix up the cabins.

Take care have fun stay safe and please post reports about trails and cabins snow depths etc.

Snow Man

Posted by: Snow Man

Thanks to all Perimedics who work hard and save livesThanks to all Perimedics who work hard and save lives
Current Conditions Saturday, February 09, 2013

I hope all you Perimedics did not take some remarks posted earlier as seriuous I hope he was only joking but was hard to tell. You guys and Girls have a tough job and save many lives in bad situations and times. Please know we all thank you and I hope the poster was only joking but I know it did not sound like it.

Posted by: Tet Park

Mr. Doug HouseMr. Doug House
Current Conditions Saturday, February 09, 2013

It is obvious by reading your post about Paramedics that you have absolutely no clue as to what a Paramedic does, it must be because you opened your mouth before your brain was engaged. I would be absolutely amazed if you could even pass a 1st Aid course.

Posted by: Robert Regnerus

Hope Mr House drives better then  he writesHope Mr House drives better then he writes
Alert / Warning Sunday, February 10, 2013

I feel sorry for the Paramedic that shares your name. The LOL after your insult to hard working Paramedics does not erase it or make it fun maybe if someone was a close friend but when you post that insult you better hope you do not need a paramedic. I do not think you could handle any part of the work that is done by Paramedics. And we are not perfect and know it alls like you. I feel bad for the guy that plows the road and trys to keep it safe and you throw digs at him too is there anyone you get along with. Not smart posting your phone # as maybe all the Paramedics might be calling you and tell you how rough there day was. I wont go into the Awefull details of dealing with a fatal accident etc. just hope it is not you some day Please think before you hit enter.

Posted by: George H

Tet road needs chains and 4x4sTet road needs chains and 4x4s
Alert / Warning Sunday, February 10, 2013

Warning Tet Road is getting badly rutted from people not using chains and not trying to spread there tracks out. Still many people refuse to put chains on. And one 2 wheel drive car drove past the top of Quary hill and had sense to park in wide spot. Please chain up or there is no point in plowing the road. I am deadly serious Why should I chain up the plow if you won't chain up your 4x4s. Engage your 4 wheel drive as soon as you leave the pavement so you do not chew the road up it is easier on your drive train and the road Put chains on around Quary hill. Try to spread tracks out I know it is hard now as they are so deep.
If people feel they do not need chains then the road does not need to be plowed then when it does need it the road will be to far gone to plow it again.

Posted by: Snow Man

Dakota Road Please SLOW DOWNDakota Road Please SLOW DOWN
Alert / Warning Sunday, February 10, 2013

Speed limit is 30 kmph this does not mean you do 30 when you pass another vehicle. Please slow down when approaching other cars. Road is narrow and hard to see around corners Please slow down to 10-15 when passing or less. You might have to stop if road to narrow to pass.
The road crew has down a great job yesterday but only so much they can do. Use your common sense the ditches are close to the edge and snow melting shoulders are soft. Many potholes and soft spots and trees and limbs sticking out. Do not bunch up there is only room for 2-3 vehicles in pullouts at a time. Spread your tracks out road is getting soft gravel is turning to mud in spots as day warms up.

Posted by: Snow Man

Beautiful day at Dakota RidgeBeautiful day at Dakota Ridge
Current Conditions Sunday, February 10, 2013

We arrived early on Sunday morning. The sky was blue, the snow was soft but ungroomed. We headed out on the Squamish loop. We could see the Lions and Mount Baker above the clouds. There were lots of jackrabbits and their parents when we returned to the warming hut. The parking lot was quite full. The road was mostly bare. A great day.

Posted by: Scouter Karen

Mt steeleMt steele
Current Conditions Monday, February 11, 2013

Wondering what the conditions at the cabin and the trails up and down were as well as the lakes ie. frozen? Any info would be helpfull. Thanx

Posted by: canvasman

Tetrahedron Prov Park Lost skinsTetrahedron Prov Park Lost skins
Current Conditions Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hi all,
I took my skins off near the bachelor hut turnoff and skied down to the parking lot. In that time I lost my skins from my pack.
I hiked back up and had 6 other friends ski down as well after losing them. None of us found my skins.
They are Black Diamond skins (orange) in an orange Black Diamond bag.
If you find them and would be so kind as to return them I would be so appreciative.
Many thanks,

Posted by: Daniel

Family Day Mt Steele conditionsFamily Day Mt Steele conditions
Current Conditions Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Our group of 4 snowshoers was up at Steele cabin on Sunday/Monday and conditions were superb. What a sunset!

The trail was well broken and easy to follow, taking the summer route to Edwards Lake. The lake seemed well frozen and the broken trail led across it towards Edwards cabin. From there the trail markers on the trees are all visible, so even if the latest snow fills in the track, route-finding should still be straightforward. The only thing to watch for going up to Steele is to take the left fork just after crossing the creek beyond Edwards cabin. I didn't see any signs, but I know from hiking here in summer that right goes to McNair. There are 3 markers on the tree here though, so there is a clue that a decision has to be made. Bring an annotated map and it should all be clear.

There were 13 sleeping in Steele cabin on Sunday night, with another 8 or so outside in tents. I'm ashamed to admit I inadvertently left some garbage behind - to whomever packed it out, I'm sorry and thank you :-)

We parked our CR-V just before Quarry Hill, though we could have made it to the parking lot. An extra half-hour of walking made no difference to the trip really. The road was better than I expected, though the ruts were challenging even for us, which is why we erred on the side of caution with our parking.

A big, big thank you to Snow Man for all his snow-ploughing effort and to the Tet Outdoor Club for maintaining the cabins. We'll definitely be back.

Posted by: Andy

Long WeekendLong Weekend
Current Conditions Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Two of us spent 4 days and 3 nights skiing up on Mount Steele (1 night in the cabin, the other 2 nights camping on the snow). 8 of our friends came up for 3 days/2 nights, and they also camped on the snow. There were 5 people total on Friday night, 18 on Saturday night (10 camping), and perhaps up to 24 on Sunday night (10 camping). I also believe others chose to not stay up there as they had heard it was too busy. Be prepared to turn back or camp on the snow (which is not straightforward), as 14 appeared to be the physical limit for the cabin(s) for bodies and floor space.

Had a great time: great skiing and great views.

4WD with clearance and chains was required to get to the parking lot: otherwise, you'll create big ruts, get stuck, and make Snow Man's plowing impossible.

Thanks again Cavin for the help!

Posted by: Saltwedge

2WD & Chains2WD & Chains
Current Conditions Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hi there,
Just a quick question ...We're thinking of heading up this weekend but only have a 2WD with chains. Do you think we can make it?
Mrs M

Posted by: Mrs M

Reply to Mrs. MReply to Mrs. M
Current Conditions Thursday, February 14, 2013

For the Dakota Ridge, if the road has been plowed AND you have front wheel drive AND you are not too low to the ground, 2WD and chains should be OK if you have experience driving on snow. For the Tet Road, forget going any higher than the Quarry just after the Bridge. This will give you a 1/2 hour to 1 hour walk up to the end of the winter road.

Posted by: John C.

Mount Steele delightMount Steele delight
Current Conditions Thursday, February 14, 2013

I was part of a big group of 10 that headed to Steele hut for the long weekend. We had an amazing time and conditions were great. Here are some details of our logistics:

Cars: We had 1 4WD car with good clearance that we used to shuttle the rest of us up to the start of the winter trail. It would have been a good 45 mins or so of hiking if we didn't have the 4WD. Our other cars had snowtires and chains but low clearance and only 2WD.

Hike in: A few guys had already broken the trail and 2 of our friends worked on it after them, so by Saturday it was smooth sailing up to Steele hut.

Skiing/Snowboarding: Great conditions and a bluebird day on the mountain. Our group and most of the others were well equipped with avi gear.

Sleeping: The hut was completely full both nights we stayed there, but our group had already planned on camping so we set up a little tent city, with a snow picnic bench for outdoor dining.

A fantastic trip all around and I'd love to check it out in the summer time as well. The view from the hut is amazing.

Enjoy your time in the park everyone!

Posted by: zibba

Lost down coatLost down coat
Current Conditions Thursday, February 14, 2013

I seem to have misplaced my black down coat somewhere along the trail. It was in it's stuff sack making it a small puffy black bag. The actual coat is a women's black down jacket from a company in Sweden (I don't recall the name).
Please let me know if anyone found it this weekend.

Posted by: zibba

bachelor cabinbachelor cabin
Current Conditions Friday, February 15, 2013

nice tour, good packed trails, full cord of wood, great stay

Posted by: robin

Tet road   4x4 a must past Quary hillTet road 4x4 a must past Quary hill
Current Conditions Friday, February 15, 2013

Road is in not bad shape please try to spread your tracks out. Drive on the high spots and pack it down. In the afternoon road might get soft be prepared shovels and chains a must to have. You might get up with out chains but be prepared if needed.. Always parking out and slightly down hill so you can get going with out to much going back and forth. I still say 1 set of good chains on front the best and safest way to drive that road. Please just dont dig ruts.

Posted by: Snow Man

Please post a trip report after your tet visitPlease post a trip report after your tet visit
Current Conditions Saturday, February 16, 2013

Things like snow depth temps, any new snow how was the trail and road etc. Take some pics and share them with us here or on Facebook Tetrahedron Back country. You can also go back into the archives as far back as Jan 2006 and see how things were back then.

The more info about the road the more it gets plowed. Check out the website Jason has done a ton of work plotting trails on to Google earth.
Dont Forget with Temps warming up fast in daytime Lakes might no be safe to cross soon. Use extreme caution and you own judgement do not trust anyone elses opinion when you live is involved. What was safe yesterday or last week might not be NOW.
Have fun play safe dont forget the sunblock and TP.

Posted by: Snow Man

March 1 - 3 - large groupMarch 1 - 3 - large group
Current Conditions Sunday, February 17, 2013

Coming up with a group of 12 for the weekend of March 1 - 3 to stay at Mt. Steele for some skiing.

Posted by: John

Great Snowy DayGreat Snowy Day
Current Conditions Monday, February 18, 2013

Four of us were at Dakota Ridge today, Feb.18. Nice new snow falling all day, 3-4 inches of fresh at the top of the Ridge, about 2 inches at the Quonset Hut. Road from parking lot B and up is ice with fresh snow on top.... we used our chains.

Posted by: Rec Skier

Any info from the TetAny info from the Tet
Current Conditions Tuesday, February 19, 2013

There must have been tons of people up we are planning to go up friday and could use some info on road and trails etc. So if you have been up there please post some info be great for others to help plan there trips too.

Posted by: Frank J

Tet road lots of snowTet road lots of snow
Current Conditions Friday, February 22, 2013

I tried following someone elses tracks and just about got stuck there tracks stopped above the Quary hill. I got stuck trying to turn around. Road has well over 40cms of snow on it. Hope they plow it soon was snowing heavy chains a must. went to Dakota that road was plowed had great ski.

Posted by: Frank J

High Avalanche risk in Back countryHigh Avalanche risk in Back country
Alert / Warning Friday, February 22, 2013

With large amounts of snow and changing weather patterns snow is very unstable. Any steep areas should be treated as high risk Check info on website before going to the Tet park.

YES! AVALANCHE HAZARDS EXISTS IN TETRAHEDRON PROVINCIAL PARK! IF YOU INTEND TO TRAVEL TO MT. STEELE you should know what the current avalanche conditions are and make appropriate decisions. High winds create unstable slabs all around Mt. Steele and its interconnecting ridges. A very significant avalanche hazard exists in the west-facing bowl between Mt. Steele and its lesser peak to the southwest.
For current avalanche info go to the Canadian Avalanche Association's website and consult the SEA-TO-SKY and NORTH SHORE bulletins.

Posted by: Snow Man

Feb 22 BlizzardFeb 22 Blizzard
Current Conditions Saturday, February 23, 2013

I was up at Bachelor for the evening of Feb 21. Cabin was in great shape. Blizzard overnight, an easy foot of new snow in some places. Was worried that I wouldn't make it down the road so i skipped a tour and went straight to the parking lot. The snow on the road was up to the bumper of my Delica, but owing to it being downhill, and some cable chains/ 4 wd no problems.

February, 2013 Archives<br/><a href='/outdoor-reports.asp'>Go to Recent Reports</a> image 1

Posted by: Shaggy

Tet Road was plowed sat morningTet Road was plowed sat morning
Current Conditions Sunday, February 24, 2013

Thanks to Shaggy for his great report. I think I was heading up in my van as he was trying to come down I was plowing snow with my bumper and turned around 2 kms for lot. He sure did push alot of snow with his bumper. Thanks to him 1 SUV made it up friday afternoon. There were around 8 4x4s at lot sat after I plowed was hoping someone would post some info on trails and cabins etc.
Please post some info like how much snow was there at Edwards and Steele. I was thinking there should have been around 4 ft of new snow up top in last week.

Posted by: Snow Man

Lots of new snow over the weekendLots of new snow over the weekend
Current Conditions Sunday, February 24, 2013

Road good and we spread out our tracks as per the Boss.
About 18' new snow over the last two days, with a trace last night. Didn't make it past Victor's Landing but saw a party of 7 and a party of 2 heading out as we went in.
The sign at Victors is completely buried and the sign at the Y to Bachelor has about 6' before it's gone too. Parks guys should think about putting them higher. The snowshoe track is now about 2' deep so skiing down is a luge run.

Posted by: landcruiser

Group of 7 overnight at BachelorGroup of 7 overnight at Bachelor
Current Conditions Monday, February 25, 2013

Our group of 7 headed up on Saturday morning. We were lucky enough to follow the snow plough up (it was nice to meet you Cavin!) so the road was in great condition for us, and with snow tires and chains on our 4WD we had no problems. We left one of our cars without chains at the bottom of the first hill and ferried our hikers up to avoid any problems.

We stayed the night at Bachelor Cabin, we were the only campers there and it was really lovely. Don't forget the TP and look out for the mice, we hung our food up at night but the little critters still managed to get into our packs to get at some food wrappers! The large snow melting pot at Bachelor has a hole in it and was leaking water. We estimated that the wood stock under the floor at Bachelor was about half full.

We headed back down to the car park on Sunday morning (via Krazy Karpet!), there had been a little bit of snow overnight but we could still follow our tracks from Saturday.

Lovely weekend, thanks again to Cavin for his excellent snow ploughing :)

Posted by: Kate

Group of 7 overnight at BachelorGroup of 7 overnight at Bachelor
Current Conditions Monday, February 25, 2013

I should have mentioned, our group of 7 were all snowshoers/extreme Krazy Karpeters :)

And also, at Cavin's request, we knocked some of the snow off the roof of the outhouse at the carpark with our shovel. The outhouse has a fiberglass roof and if you notice loads of snow on it and you have a shovel, push it off to protect the roof.

Posted by: Kate

Tet road plowed another 6 inches last nightTet road plowed another 6 inches last night
Current Conditions Monday, February 25, 2013

-2'c at lot 3 crazy guys went up skiing today 1 guy had a combination snow shoe and ski. he said it does not sinkl as far in snow and works as brakes coming down steep hills. cool invention..

Road plowed but getting narrow hard to move snow banks over now. Have fun stay safe.

Posted by: Snow Man

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