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Issued Canada Privacy Privacy Statement does not collect personal information about visitors without their knowledge.

Visitors may make use of various services such as posting events, classified ads, outdoor reports, or the contact us form. Completing each of these forms requires the collection of personal information. This personal information is not shared with any third parties or used for any other purpose then the delivery of the service being accessed. Form fields are clearly marked as to which information provided by the visitor will be displayed on the internet as part of the service being offered, and which information is kept privately by

If you would like a report of any of your personal information in the possession of, please contact David by phone at 604.886.9044. will remove your personal information upon request. However, information contained in web site usage logs will not be removed.

Web Site Usage Logs maintains web site usage logs. These logs may contain information such as the visitors IP address that could be used to identify the visitors. uses the information in these usage logs to prepare aggregate reports such as the number of visitors on a given date and does not use the information to identify visitors personally in the normal operation of our business. employs a third-party for the collection and analysis of usage log data you can access their privacy policy here.

Visitors Submissions
Visitors who take advantage of our many features that allow them to publish information on this web site (classified ads, outdoor reports, and others) will have their email addresses and IP addressed logged in the database along with their submission. Visitors are reposnsible for their submissions and this information may be used by the courts to personally identify them in cases involving copyright infringment, defamatory statements, or other circumstances as the court decides.

Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act A Guide for Individuals

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